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Saionji's Fate

Saionji's Fate

What does the future hold for Saionji? What is going to happen to him after this eventful year of high school? Where does he go now? Speculating some of these questions, I decided on what I would like to see happen to Saionji after the series ends.

First, the whole friendship with Touga thing . . . I really would like to see this relationship returned to its original childhood state. However, for this to occur, I really think that several very unlikely things need to happen - First, Saionji must get over his jealousy of Touga. For this to happen, he must find some sort of contentment or reach his impossible goal of being a chivalrous prince. Also, it would be difficult for these two to ever be completely comfortable around each other because their very friendship is rooted in competition.

I wonder what career Saionji is going to enter. He'll probably get education after high school. He could be anything from a professional kendoist to a teacher to a doctor. Can you imagine Saionji teaching? I have trouble doing so. Maybe he'll become a prince like in Utena's original story, saving all the princesses of the world . . . . nah. But it's nice to imagine. It is sort of difficult to pick a career for Saionji - there's not a really obvious choice for him (unlike Miki whom I can easily imagine as a pianist or Touga as a politician or Juri as a fencing teacher.) I can envision him as a kendo teacher. But I hope that he doesn't end up teaching at Ohtori Academy! I hope that the moment he graduates, he leaves that school and never comes back again! The End of the World has scarred him so much already, it's about time that he broke free of its control.

Finally, The thing that I really want for Saionji (bracing myself for flames . . . ) I would like to see Saionji and Wakaba get together. I think that if Saionji can grow beyond his arrogance and agressiveness, as he has already sort of done while in her presence, the two would make a perfect couple. Wakaba's perky cheerfullness perfectly complements Saionji's serious somberness. The previous speculations seem unlikely, but this is something that I really want for Saionji. Saionji wants to become a prince, and he already has a princess who loves him very much. Now it's up to him to gain the chivalry that he so desires. In the end, he may be able to show Wakaba something eternal.

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