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Original Debates

What Started It All . . .

My sister Earth Princess and I have always had differing opinions about Touga and Saionji. It should be obvious by now that I like Saionji but dislike Touga. Earth Princess, however, has the opposite opinion. The Utena site that we created together, Rose Revolution, provided a forum for us to share our opinions with the rest of the fan community. One morning I started arguing with Earth Princess about Saionji's merits as a character, and she suggested that I write down my arguments. So I did, and posted my articled on Rose Revolution's opinion forum. No sooner had I done so than Earth Princess wrote an article in response, and also posted it. That was the day that I decided to create Search for Eternity.

So, for your entertainment, I've decided to include copies of the original arguements that my sister and I wrote. These articles were what inspired me to create this site. They were both written sometime during July or August of 1999.

Kotetsu's Rant: Pobre Saionji

Es verdad que Saionji es un pobrecito. It's true that Saionji is a poor little boy. Reviled by most fans, hated by Utena, despised by the other Duelists, and generally portrayed as a jerk in both the anime and manga. As I write this, Earth Princess whispers an obscene comment about Saionji into my ear. Stop looking over my shoulder, Earth Princess!

But doesn't Saionji have his redeeming moments? What about his gentleness towards Wakaba? What about his yearning to be a chivalrous knight, like Touga? Isn't it true that Saionji's brute-ness is only skin-deep? (Is brute-ness a word?) Saionji's behavior stems from years of jealousy towards Touga. And Touga doesn't seem all that sympathetic towards his "best friend." In fact, he almost takes advantage of it! In episode ten, Touga clearly knew ahead of time about Saionji's letter from End of the World and the resulting actions that Saionji would take (as evidenced by his phone call to Utena). Instead of talking Saionji out of it or trying to understand his feelings like a true friend, Touga used this opportunity to "save" Utena from Saionji. This made him look good and Saionji look bad at the same time.

In addition to all that . . . I still think that he's more handsome than Touga! I'd rather have those deep purple eyes and gorgeous wavy hair than Touga's good looks any day.

The point of this rant is that Saionji is underrated among Utena fans. While some fans express opinions on their websites that reflect Saionji in a more positive light, there is a serious lack of Saionji shrines or Saionji websites (witht the exception of a section in Gentlemen, a shrine in the Utena Network.) Would you guys like a Saionji shrine? What do you think of him? I would love to hear people's opinions about Saionji. Do you love Saionji, or loathe him? Would you like a UFO doll of Saionji so that you can sleep with him at night? Would you like a Saionji UFO doll so that you can throw darts at it?

I'd like to create a Saionji shrine someday. Earth Princess, who is STILL looking over my shoulder, is threatening to kill me if I do so. Yeah, like you're really qualified to threaten to sabotage it. I mean, come on, you like Touga.

Earth Princess's Rant: Down with Saionji!

After reading my sister's rant, I had to make mine a direct debate with it! Saionji is portrayed as a jerk because he is one.

First of all, Saionji isn't the victim of his relationship with Touga. It's not like Touga made Saionji jealous of him. Touga can't help it if he's so top-notch, so Saionji should just get over the fact that he's nowhere near as cool as Touga. Also, Saionji couldn't have been Vice-President without Touga as President. So who's taking advantage of who? Saionji should be thankful that Touga has so many connections...otherwise, Saionji would just be the ugly Kendo team captain who wears a "skirt". And don't even get me started on who's more handsome...

Second, what gentleness toward Wakaba? He humiliated her in front of the entire school! Then there's his "gentleness" toward can he seriously abuse someone he claims to have eternal love for? He's obviously a bit "confused" about love. So Touga isn't manipulating fact, Saionji has been manipulating the people around him! Had it not been for Touga, could it be possible that Saionji would never have become Vice-President? Not only that, he treats Anthy like property. This shows how he treats his friends and "lover"! The point of this rant was to prove just how rotten and manipulative Saionji can be...not how he's the sad little puppy in the middle of all of this! So quit feeling sorry for him...we should only feel sorry for him because he has Barbie hair. Yes, he wears a ponytail like Retro Barbie!

By the way, if Kotetsu ever plans to make a Saionji site...who wants to help in the revolution about that?

Search for Eternity