My theory of death: stuff happens

You have been alive before.
Seriously, I am not kidding.
You decide who you are going to be before you are born.
You decide who your friends and family are going to be.
You decide where you are going to live.
You decide your major life decisions.
You then drink from a fountain or river and forget all of this.
You are then born into flesh once again.
If you are lucky or something you remember this and your life makes a lot more sense.
You get born and die and the cycle continutes until you have no bad karma.
You go though life and die again.
You travel to another dimension and meet with jesus aka buddha aka spirit guide, family, and friends who have passed before you.
You discuss and judge yourself on your life with your spirit guide/jesus/buddha (whoever).
You are punished aka taught a lesson from karma if you do bad, bad stuff happens back to you more and worse.
You are rewarded by karma if you do good stuff.
You decide what people that you enjoyed being around and that you will want to be with again in another life.
You dink around for awhile and get born again, until you are perfect.
It is really that simple.
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