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ARC Volunteer Services Pins

These enameled pins are 15/16 inch (24 mm). All except for one (NQ-VOLS-1946-10) say "American Red Cross Volunteer" around the edge . The pins were revised in 1946 to meet graphic standards. The Services were disolved in 1967, pins were available until supplies were exhausted, but after 1967 were not to be worn on uniforms .

id # type year description pix
NQ-VOLS-1923-01 pin 1923 Administration pic
NQ-VOLS-1923-02 pin 1923 Staff Assistance pic
NQ-VOLS-1923-03 pin 1923 Nurse's Aide type 1 (gold) pic
NQ-VOLS-1923-04 pin 1923 Nurse's Aide-type 2 (pewter) pic
NQ-VOLS-1923-05 pin 1923 Hospital & Recreation pic
NQ-VOLS-1923-06 pin 1923 Canteen Corps pic
NQ-VOLS-1923-07 pin 1923 Motor Corps pic
NQ-VOLS-1923-08 pin 1923 Production-sunburst pic
NQ-VOLS-1924-01 pin 1923 Home Service Corps pic
NQ-VOLS-1936-01 pin 1936 Braille Services pic
NQ-VOLS-1943-01 pin 1943 General Enrollment-cloth pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-01 pin 1946 Dietitian Aide pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-02 pin 1946 Staff Aide pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-03 pin 1946 Canteen Service pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-04 pin 1946 Social Welfare pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-05 pin 1946 Arts and Skills pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-06 pin 1946 Grey Lady pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-07 pin 1946 Nurse's Aide pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-08 pin 1946 Motor Service pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-09 pin 1946 Production pic
NQ-VOLS-1946-10 pin 1946 volunteer-1" pic
NQ-VOLS-1948-01 pin 1946 Entertainment & Instruction pic
NQ-VOLS-1948-02 pin 1948 Production & Supply pic

This is a small portion of the ARC National Pin Checklist, which is under construction

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