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One Hundred and One Devotions for Moms and
One Hundred and One More Devotions for Moms by Jackie Wellwood -
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Information and Resources

National Home Education Network
BrightWord Creations
Resources for Unschooling's Homeschooling and Learning Specialty Page
BibicallyInept Homeschool Resources
Jon's Homeschool Resource Page
Heart of Wisdom
Home's Cool
Homeschool Central
Homeschooling Sites by States
Learn in Freedom!
Christian and Homeschooler Resource Center
USA Regional and Worldwide Homeschooling Laws and Support

Homepages of Homeschoolers

Home Education Page
King's Harvest
Home for School: Shannon Christian Home School
Praise Through All Things
Homeschool Oasis

Homeschool Message Boards

Homeschool Christian