The Secrets of the Self

Take your pick with what you call me: Belle or Annie - I answer to both
I'm an actor/singer/writer - jack of all trades, really
I live in Melbourne, Australia - a country that I plan to live in for always, as I love it so much.

So, you want to know more about me, do you? Either that or you stumbled onto my page by mistake and have decided to stick around and have a bit of a look. What a voyeur!

Well, what can I tell you that you may want to know? I'm 24, 5'6", pale and freckled, with blue eyes and long red hair. I'm a bit of a mad thing, really - okay, I'm a LOT of a mad thing. I laugh at things that others would freak out at - like kids falling over and things like that. My sense of humour is rarely above the navel and I tend to find something crass in anything that is said. Hey, that's one thing that makes me so lovable and endearing!! (Well, that's what I'm told...)