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Proses Berkhatan cara Clamp Menggunakan Alat TaraKLamp

Step 1: 
The penis must first be cleansed with sterilizing fluids, (i.e.- Betadine solution) Use a surgical marking pen to mark the level on the skin of the prepuce where the circumcision is to be performed. Place the TaraKLamp where the procedure is to be performed. This prevents too much pulling of the prepuce, and thus avoids the removal of too much tissue. 
Gently retract the prepuce. Free any adhesions, if they are present. 
Step 3: 
As shown, apply a surgical lubricant: 

a) To the inner and outer surfaces of the lower end of the tubular part and 

b) To the inner and upper part of the ring. This prevents the tissue from sticking to the device over the next few days.

Step 4
Place the tubular part of the clamp over the glans, so that the glans is covered 
Step 5:
The prepuce should now be pulled over the rim of the tube. Adjust the prepuce over the tube so that the level which has been marked earlier is just above the rim of the tube. 
Step 6:
After adjusting the level of the prepuce, hold the prepuce firmly with the fingers. 
Step 7:
Apply a grip-like pressure to the two arms. As this pressure is increased, the two arms are brought closer to the locking mechanisms on the tube. 
Step 8:
Resistance to further movement of the TaraKLamp arms is felt when they come in contact with the locking mechanisms on the TaraKLamp. Apply further pressure on the arms until two clicks are heard and felt. This means that the arms are locked and the necessary occlusion has been obtained. 
Step 9: 
With the tissue cutter provided, or scalpel,the prepuce that is distal to the clamping ring is cut away at the angle between the tube and the clamping ring 
Step 10: 
Although there is no bleeding, the tube is cleaned with a clean gauze and ointment is applied at the cut edge. Apply the ointment a few times daily, during the next few days. The device is allowed to remain on the penis for the next few days. Urine is easily voided through the distal opening. 



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