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Dr. Larry H. Kelley Consultant/Manager

Kelley Assessment &
Planning Services, LLC
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Dr. Larry Kelley has been involved in educational planning, assessment and accreditation support for nearly 30 years. Since summer 2002, he has conducted over 230 workshops on assessment of student learning outcomes and has provided on-site assistance in planning and assessment to numerous institutions throughout the United States.

Professional Consultation

I will work with your faculty, administration and staff to accomplish the following:

Develop measurable learning outcomes at the institutional, program and course levels.

Map institutional outcomes to program outcomes to course outcomes, content and experiences.

Develop and implement annual assessment plans (academic, gen. ed., administrative & educational support).

Link all assessment plans to the College's mission and goals.

Use assessment findings to improve student learning, teaching effectiveness, administrative services, etc.

Use assessment results in the budgeting, strategic planning and resource allocation processes.

Satisfy suggestions, recommendations and requirements of various accreditation agencies.



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