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E Komo Mai!! For those of you perusing my site for the first time, Aloha! I hope you enjoy your visit. Please sign my guestbook...I love that! I have many interests that I would like to share with you. Just click on a button below to explore my domain.

These opening graphics are of Pele-Goddess of Fire, a woman of mystery and beauty. The picture to the left is Pele on her great voyage to Hawai'i carrying her sister, Hi'iaka(Goddess of the Hula) and guided by her brother Kamohoali'i in the form of a great mano(shark).

The artist of these beautiful paintings is Herb Kawainui Kane. He is well-known for his depictions of Pele. You can see more of his artwork here. The painting on the right is called Pele Honua Mea, Pele of the Sacred Earth. She renews and cleanses the earth with her pure flame, giving birth to new land.

I have always been fascinated with her since childhood. Her fiery passion and mysterious nature is alive within me. May she bless all who are good at heart with her gifts of warmth and wisdom.

"If I feel hunger or thirst, the land will provide;
If my spirit is troubled, the wind and the sea will comfort me;
If I am afraid, Pele will protect me."

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