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TentativeOral Argument Press Summaries
June 29, 1999

The following summaries are drawn from briefs and lower court judgments. They are meant to provide a general idea of facts and issues presented in cases, and should not be considered official court documents. Facts and issues presented in these summaries should be checked for accuracy against records and briefs, available from the Court, which provide more specific information.

These cases will NOT be available via satellite

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Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Arrive early. Times & order of appearance are tentative and subject to change with no notice. Cases may be postponed due to exigent circumstances.

Case Time Facts & Issues Place of Origin
Thomas H. Provenzano v. State of Florida

No. 95,849

9:00 Provenzano was convicted and sentenced to death for the January 1984 courthouse murder of Orange County Circuit Court bailiff William Arnold Wilkerson. He also was convicted of attempting to murder bailiffs Harry J. Dalton and Mark L. Parker. On June 9, Gov. Jeb Bush signed a death warrant authorizing Provenzano's execution on . Orange County
Allen Lee Davis v. State of Florida

No. 95,845

9:40 Davis was convicted and sentenced to death for the May 1982 murders of Nancy Weiler and her two daughters at the Weiler home in Duval County. On June 9, Gov. Jeb Bush signed a death warrant authorizing the execution of Davis, now scheduled for .

(Note: Chief Justice Major B. Harding is recused from this case because he was the trial judge who sentenced Davis to death.)

Duval County

PLEASE NOTE: The time for arguments to commence has been changed from 9:30 to 9:00 a.m. Briefs in the cases have not yet been filed as of this release. As in all death warrant cases, the times, dates, and order of cases on the calendar are tentative and subject to change with little notice.

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