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Thomas Provenzano




Among the Lowest of the Dead: Inside Death Row
David Von Drehle


Format: Mass Market Paperback, 1st ed., 437pp.
ISBN: 0449225232
Publisher: Ballantine Books, Inc.
Pub. Date: July  1996
. Price: $4.79
Retail Price: $5.99
You Save: $1.20 (20%)  
In-Stock: Ships within 24 hours 

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Lawmaker suggests crucifixion for killer

who claims to be Jesus Christ

Naples Daily News October 8. 1999



Many prison doctors have troubled past

St. Petersburg Times September 27th 1999



Court uphelds use of electric chair

St. Petersburg Times September 25th 1999



The story of Old Sparky

St. Petersburg Times September 25th 1999



Electric chair staying on job

Miami Herald September 25th 1999



Florida high Court Again OKs Electric Chair

Excite News September 24th 1999



Florida Supreme Court upholds electric chair

CNN September 24. 1999



5 High court delays Provenzano execution to allow testimony

The Tampa Tribune September 24th 1999



Condemned killer waits on appeal

Tampa Bay Online September 21th 1999



Review Provenzano`s competency

A times editorial

St. Petersburg Times September 16th 1999



Judge: Inmate sane for chair

Miami Herald September 4th 1999



Trasher: Keep electric chair

Miami Herald August 31th 1999



Insanity hearing gives killer a chance

St. Petersburg Times August 27th 1999




He killed two bailiffs, left another paralyzed

The Palm Beach Post August 27th 1999



Editorial : Old Sparky goes first,

then the death penalty

Palm Beach Post August 26th 1999



Again, justices turn eyes to chair

St. Petersburg Times August 25th 1999



Judge upholds electric chair use

St. Petersburg Times August 3. 1999




Florida`s electric chair not unconstitutional

CNN August 2th 1999



Lawyers attempt to save man from chair

Miami Herald July 18th 1999



Electric chair has a troubled past

Miami Herald July 11th 1999



Court may be ready to rethink chair

St. Petersburg Times July 10. 1999



Bloody death in the chair

Miami Herald July 9 th 1999



Executions: Too fat, too crazy, too weird

St. Petersburg Times July 8. 1999



Florida`s first execution in new electric chair turns bloody

CNN July 8th 1999



Bishops ask Bush to spare 2 killers

St. Petersburg Times July 1. 1999



A flawed trip to the electric chair

St. Petersburg Times June 29. 1999



Inmate`s attorneys say refurbished electric chair faulty

St. Petersburg Times June 29. 1999



Bush orders 2 executed

Miami Herald June 10th 1999



Time to stop the killing

The Catholic Conference by Thomas A. Horkan Jr. April 8. 1999



Flames erupt from inmate`s mask during

Florida execution

CNN  March 25th 1997



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Terry Sims

Anthony Bryan

Allen Lee Davis


Florida State Prison

Deathwatch 1998

Valdez investigation

Electric chair

Foreigners on death row

Medical care in Florida prisons

Legal neglectance of death row inmates







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