Pictures From My 20th Birthday Party (April 20, 2001)

Wood Water Inc.

On April 20, 2001 I had my 20th birthday (fitting, isn't it?) Anyways, here are the pictures from the blessed event. Oh, and there are 20 pictures to load up, so please, be patient. Thanks! ~Jami~

Here is a picture of my beautiful birthday cake. And yes, that is an N Sync sugar picture on top. See, I always told you that they were yummy!

Here is a picture of me holding the darling cake. Can you tell what I'm thinking? I'm thinking, "I hope I don't drop this thing on the floor." Oh, that and "Dang, Justin looks scrumptious" *L*

Here is one of my gifts. A Bopit! (and that's my friend Vicky behind me)

Another gift: A gag gift, it's the video "The Brave Little Toaster"

Again, me and the "Brave Little Toaster"

Another gift, it's a ROCK t-shirt. What a man!

Here I am with the "IT" video. Can't sleep, the clowns will eat me!

Another gift, it's a frame that says "NO DUMPING" on it. 2 guesses to whose picture is in that one. =)

Here's a stuffed rabbit that I got for my birthday. Also in this picturea re Vicky and My sister Traci (she's the one in the chair)

In this picture it's me (in the orange), Justin in the brown coat, Bob in the black shirt and Tim in the yellow shirt.

Another group shot. This time it's Corey on the bottom step in the black shirt, Travis in the white shirt, the headless guy is Jim, the guy sitting on the top step is William, and the girl in the picture is my sister Traci.

Another group shot. Ryan is the guy standing up in the white shirt. Lori is sitting on my car in black, Erin is next to her in white, Lonnie is the guy sitting on my car and the girl with half her face cut off is Amanda. And that car is my old car. =)

Somemore guys at my party.

Here's Ryan (in white), Justin (in brown) and Lori

Again, people gathered on my car. Ryan has half his face cut off, Lori is in black, Erin is the one leaning down, and Lonnie has the cap on. The other guy on my car is my brother Travis.

Here is the group watching a movie. Erin is in gray and covering her face, Felicia is on the couch and covering her face. Lori is on the other end of the couch, I'm in orange on the floor. Marcy is next to me. And Marelia is the little girl on the floor.

The last group shot. This is Travis (and not my brother Travis either) and a few of the guys at the party.

Here is a picture of Michelle (in the white) and Mary (laying on her back in blue). Amanda and Jim are also in this picture.

Another picture of Mary and Michelle with Jim and Amanda in the picture.

Here I am showing Amanda my new frog candle holder.