About Me!

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The Basics

Name: Jami Lynn
Age: 24
Birthdate: April 25
Birthplace: Ottumwa, Iowa
Grew up in: Bloomfield, Iowa
I now live in: Ottumwa, Iowa
Employed: I work at Corporate Auto. I'm a secretary there.
Family: Terry and Gale are my parents and my sister is Traci (20) and my brother Travis (18)


Food: Pasta! Mama's home cookin'! Tuna Helper!
Drink: Ice Tea, Water, Coke, Pepsi Edge
Book: Confessions of an Ex-Girlfriend but i have a hundred favorites!
Movie: I like "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days" but there are more that I like to. It all depends on my mood.
Song: I like "Figured You Out" by Nickelback, "Used Cars" By Maggie Brown, "Bride" By Trick Pony" "cross My Heart" by George Strait. There are TONS of these too.
Author: Janette Oke and Laurine McDaniel
Actors: Josh Harnett, Richard Gere
Actresses: Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs, Iowa Cubs, North Carolina anything, Bulls, Dallas Cowboys
Color: Dark Blue and Dark Green
TV Shows: WWE Raw, Friends, Gilmore Girls, and Sex in the City


Worst Quality: I'm Stubborn and Sarcastic
Best Quaility: Honest and Loyal to a Fault
Nicknames: Queen Jami (you heard right, bow down! Thanks to KT for that one), Jamilla (from Carl), Retirement (from a customer at work), Trouble, Jam-a-licious Jami (thanks to Mags)Peanut, Girl, Shortie, Jaym, Candi, Fruck (given to me by Amanda, Candace and Lori), Jams (given to me years ago by Aaron), Snickers (given to me by Tim), J-me, J, Little high one (don't ask me where this one came from) Rainbow (given to me by William), Mistress Manipulative (given to be by Bob), and Bug-A-Boo (given to me by Jeff)..and no it doesn't mean the same thing as it does in the Destiny's Child song! Jamison (given to me by Tim) Tricky Tricky (given to me by Tim...I don't know why). Mini Meanie (given to me by Jim)
Biggest Fears: Bugs, Spiders, Heights, Getting hurt emotionally

Email: music_luver3@hotmail.com