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In a message dated 10/23/04 01:54:42 PM, webring@C.webring.com writes:

The web site you submitted to Smash The System! Ring has been denied due to the reasons cited below by the RingMaster.

"Seems to be just a collection of webrings and links on a free server website with little other content, no identifiable main page and sorta thrown together or exisiting solely for the sake of exisiting. We are a group of advocates that are Neither Left-wing nor Rightwing but a brave new Third Way or Third Position politics. Some are National Anarchists or simply just National Revolutionaries. We seek to be proffesional in our sites and to do more then just have a site. We are a collective of folks working actively For The Community and Against The State! As for the "what is white nationalism" see www.folkandfaith.com/racnat.shtml FolkAndFaith.com is a member site and is one of the proud and few to be leading the way in North America and taking politricks out of the left/right games. We are advocates for Folk-centered communities and ethno-cultural separatism in the fight for true Diversity amongst men. Please take some time to visit the main site as well as just that article should you do nothing else. We spent a good deal of time at your site, so please spend a few minutes at one of ours. Regards- Smash The System!"

"Dear 'Smash,'

"I don't like your tone. New Yorker Magazine has a much more adroit rejection system. What a two dimensional Dildo you must be to include at such length so detailed a reason, but thank you for your efforts and time. Apparently, During your exhaustive investigation of my site, you missed this statement on my site and during your comprehensive, exploration, you must have totally missed that Hotel Bravo is an attempt to explore the many meanings of, 'The Medium Is The Message.'
Perhaps you have not yet experienced what it is to be up against the Volitility of a true Perfectionistic/Narssistic/Paranoid Personality with tendencies toward anxiety, panic attacks, short term memory loss that accumulate over time into huge defensive proportions that can only be evaluated on a Truck Scale, and terrors of impotency that lead to overly dramatic, histrionic expressions of bullshit and exaggerations of the aforementioned traits...or of the tendancy to dwell on the enormously overwhelming odds inherent in an indifferent universe being orchestrated by totally self-serving entities!

[Many instructions FOR GETTING AROUND HOTEL BRAVO are absent. This is only an artistic reflection of the reality of existence itself, and certainly true of anyone's tour in The Nam. So, it is purposeful that an apparent, maze-like quality exists as a feature on Hotel Bravo, reflecting that we are on our own, even at the tops of highest mountains or the bottoms of deepest seas within ourselves and in relationships, in spite of our tendency toward absurd superstitious beliefs, yet, maybe not as alone as we might feel if we give sentiment a chance...one soul to another...to another...in the dark...where differences like politics, color of uniforms or skin, one's sex or sexual orientation, age, creed, and ethnic background disappear from sight and only 'deafness' of one sort or another can deter one from 'hearing' the most basic commonalties between all humans and prefer to ignore them.... Whatevah...!]

--The Management

"P.S. In fact, Hotel Bravo, from the beginning, has been consciously constructed just as it is, individualizing itself as much as possible from mainstream ideals of style. You have not spent ENOUGH time here, or you are not able to grasp the significance of what you have so far experienced. You could not even find the Front Door from the RINGS page, though there are multiple links. So-called "professionalism" may not begin to comprehend Artistic Creativity. We seem to have been found wanting due to someone's limitations in theory of Form and Content. Ever experience, "The Medium Is The Message?" Sorry we could not reach a meeting of the mind.

"Have you played "Myst," "Riven," or "Exile?" In 1999, when I was deciding the format of my site and wanting it to mirror the ultimate purposes and functions of the Internet, but also function as a meaningful symbol of the nature of life, my second oldest daughter (now into her mid thirties) and I were playing "Myst." It occurred to me that a site that requires the visitor to discover the purpose of the site as well as how to navigate the site and form his/her own mental map, is a metaphor for The Nam as I knew it and for The World as I have come to know it. At the very top of my RINGS page, you may read, “Hotel Bravo is a "Quest;" "a Ride," not your ordinary "Steam & Cream!" NO Cheating!” Sorry if you didn't get it, but that is the way it is. Neither you nor I are likely to change this reality no matter how desperately we dream. Chaos rules! Utopianist gestations are always doomed to be still born into slavery or to become fascist States in and of themselves, who enslave others, AND must either accept defeat or embrace delusion that denies defeat and become defeated by force!

"Be it further known, I pay a bunch of money out annually for this so-called 'free site,' as you call it, without asking visitors to contribute, because I am working without commercial supports or charity at way more than twice the very limited size of the 'Free Version,' as well as paying exorbitant Fees to Bravenet for sometimes dubious service so I can have counters, a guest book, a forum, and a smattering of sketchy Intelligence about those who visit my site. Keeping Commercial advertising and Exploitation off my site is why I pay out of my pocket for the privilege of expressing my views publicly, because in this country, though it is supposedly legal to do so, expressing one's own views publicly, is not possible unless one has the money to buy off the Nazis in one way or another, or the balls to upbraid them and get jailed or shot in his/her driveway, or otherwise have one's character assassinated and reputation destroyed, therefore I use their money to confront them, as my only Personal income is from Disability Compensation from the Veterans Administration, or whatever this current bunch of yahoos are calling it...in their effort to discredit survivors by playing on the public prejudices about Mental Health issues that suggest what is really going on is mental weakness or scam!

"Perhaps you do not really have a useful or practical vision of what might BE that can eclipse what IS. Perhaps, your adolescent inability to get along with Authority and your Narcissistic self-absorption, profoundly cloud your vision. Perhaps, the only true way to your Utopia is through me, ...So it goes...! After reading much of the material on the sites in your Ring, it seems to me I must have stumbled into a clever (perhaps delusional) contemporary modification of archaic 'Klan' ideals, but I could be wrong...please prove me wrong. Whatevah!

" Or maybe, if you want to get into a pissing contest, you should pick on someone you are sure you can insult better than he can you, before you attempt competition! If you are going to blatantly risk insulting people you're incapable of comprehending, have the guts to sign your name, so at least we won't think you are a COWARDLY Jerk, as well as a Simpering, Spoiled BULLY, such as was Cousin Sid in Mark Twain's 'Tom Sawyer.'!!!

"I think you have only been scraped by the tip of the iceberg and do not fathom that you are sinking...but soon you, like the Libertarians who ground themselves in nothing but the ideal of being free from Authority, will be sinking and you don't have enough lifeboats! Better get started rearranging your deck chairs. And for chrisake, play some decent music...."


Ed Andrews (hoteldriver@yahoo.com )


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Why Does Hotel Bravo Link to the work of Jackson Pollock?
Maybe we consider Pollock's breakthrough work as an Abstract Impressionist to be instructively metaphorical and vital to the Visitor's comprehension of Hotel bravo's exercise of the meanings found in, 'The Medium Is the Message!'...


Our deepest Gratitude to TSGT James R. Pearson and the DOD, for the photo taken 1 April '86, from which the background image for this page is made. See the H.B. Credits page.