Hello and welcome to my site. Here you will find a list of Halloween sites which are run by people who don't really care about the Halloween series, and it will list their email address to email them.

Now, you must be asking how I know that these people don't really care about the Halloween Series or the fans? I know because I am a true fan of the series, and because of this I know that people who don't spend much time working on their sites, or taking pictures from other sites, don't have the time for the Halloween series.

I guess you could say that this is a site that boycotts those crappy Halloween sites, and people out there on the internet. So please, if you are going to vist these horriable sites, please leave a nice (sarcastic, come on why would I want you to leave a nice message!) message in their guestbook and/or message boards.

Below are links to these horriable sites, and below those links are my thoughts on that site and the way that I feel about their crappy site. Enjoy! And if you feel the need to leave a message, I will have a guestbook up, and maybe some message boards.


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 Michael's Coming 

Why I think Michael's Coming sucks


Why I think CANUCK'S site sucks

 Halloween 8: The Website The Night He MAY Come Back

Why I Like the Halloween 8 site

Average Town: Haddonfield

Why I think that Average Town site sucks

Yvette's Tribute To Halloween

Why I think that Yvette's site sucks