Hypnosis Abuse Confirmed

····¶ I have often wondered why people who ordinarily are fairly intelligent express odd behavior when confronted with the realities of hypnosis and how it is currently being abused in our world. I've noticed that any one who even begins to discuss the subject is interrupted or ignored, as if the very thought of what hypnosis can do brings such overwhelming horror and dread to them that even the possibility entering their mind would cause them some permanent brain damage. At this point, I have to ask myself, "What are they so afraid of? Where is the horror in discussing the uses of hypnosis? And why when facts are presented about what it can do does it receive deaf ears? Or, who are they protecting?"

····¶ So far, I can only guess since no one, despite their seeming intelligence, has offered any kind of an explanation. But what I do know is that hypnosis was used to force me to forget that I witnessed a murder. I forgot about it for over 30 years and I know hypnosis is the agent which brought this about. It was used to help cover the guilty and enable them to avoid the punishment of justice. That it can do this, I have no doubt, because that is what just happened. Why anyone would deny that it has this ability would either mean 1 of 2 things: A. They have no idea what the blazes they are talking about, or B. They are covering the butts of the guilty party. There is no other possible explanation, because everyone who has even read an introductory paragraph about hypnosis knows that it can be used to help people forget traumatic events in our lives. Denial is neither healthy, nor an option when murder is involved, but that's what we have here. I have said before I have no way to understand why someone would do this or why everyone would help them get away with it, but again, that's what we have here.

····¶ Any time anyone wants to explain otherwise, I'm more than happy to hear any other theories about why people wilfully deny facts about the world around them. If it's just to drum up some business for psychiatrists by forcing everyone to go crazy, it may just work, but whatever money you steal using this method won't go with you when you die and give an account to Jesus Christ for why you chose to do it. (Romans 2:6, 14:12; 1 Peter 4:4-5)

····¶ Does this mean there should be laws regulating this practice and sources of help for the few victims of its abuse? I think this question is best answered by the fact that hypnosis was first introduced into the world in 1235 A.D. by a member of the Society of Jesus named Ignatious DeLoyola. This means that hypnosis has been in practice (usually by the rich, but not exclusively) for over 760 years. Since one year is sufficient to compose working laws regarding this practice, allowing some time to discover there is a large problem of abuse, this means there is a 700 year period of wasted time. These laws could have easily been formulated over 700 years ago, and the period intervening could have refined the policing process down to where by now, little or virtually no abuse would be happening anywhere on the face of the earth. The only thing I can think of to account for this shortcoming is that humans must think that chasing balls back and forth and clapping hands together is more important than securing the "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" for all members of society, and not just a select few who use "Doctor's Priveledge" to allow them to get away with raping and molesting as many people as they want. But since chasing balls is so much more important, I will stop writing about this right here. 700 years of neglecting responsibility indicates a larger degree of apathy than any human can successfully combat with any hope of prevailing in less than a millennium. Any who content themselves to sit by idly and do nothing, yet think they are in the Lord's will are in fact under nothing more than a "strong delusion" and do in fact "believe a lie."

"God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
2 Thessalonians 2:11

July 13, 2002