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John Boyd b. 1761 N.C. m. Mary Roberts abt. July 1, 1784 Surrey Co. N.C. Mary was born June 30, 1766. John died Jan. 6, 1840 Hendricks Co. Indiana. Mary died after 1845. They are buried in Clayton or Danville Indiana. They had the following children

Alexander Smith Boyd died in infancy
William Boyd b. Feb. 22, 1787
John Boyd b. Nov. 20, 1788
James (Jeames) Boyd b. Oct. 15, 1790
Martha Boyd (twin) b. Aug 18, 1792
Matthew Boyd (twin) b. Aug. 18, 1792
Elizabeth Boyd b. Apr. 30, 1794
Spencer Boyd b. Feb. 19, 1796
Joshua Boyd b. Oct. 15, 1797
Jane Boyd b. Oct. 4, 1799
Susan Boyd b. Apr. 1. 1801
Elisha Bowman Boyd b. July 11, 1804
Hugh Boyd b. Oct 1. 1806
Matilda Guana? Boyd b. March 30. 180?
unnamed child b. 180?

Hugh Boyd m. Mary Dudley in 1829 Tennessee. Mary was born 1794/96 Mt. Airy, Surrey Co. N.C. Hugh Boyd died October 12, 1876 in Indiana and is buried at Siloam church Cemetery, Morgan Co. Ind. Mary died Sept 10, 1850 and is buried Siloam Church Cemetery, Morgan Co. Ind. They had the following children

James Boyd b. June 12,. 1830
Dudley Boyd b. 1831
Jonathan Boyd b. 1832
Alexander Boyd b. 1836
Eliza A. b. 1837
William Hardin boyd b. May 24, 1839
Elizabeth Boyd b. May 18, 1841

After Mary Dudley Boyd's death Hugh married Anna Branningburg, they had the following children

Joseph W. Boyd b. 1852
Wilbern Boyd b. 1853

After Anna Branningburg Boyd's death Hugh married Martha A. Young, they had no children.
William Hardin Boyd married Cynthia Ann Hendricks. Cynthia was born March 4, 1839 Switzerland Co Indiana. They were married December 18, 1860. William Harden Boyd died August 14, 1905 and is buried in Thurman Cemetery in Thurman Iowa. Cynthia died December 14, 1914 and is buried in Thurman Cemetery in Thurman Iowa. They had the following children

Sarah Ellen Boyd Sept 30, 1861
Edward William Boyd b. March 2, 1863
Hugh Boyd b. Jan 26, 1865
Lonzo Boyd b. Feb. 23, 1867
George Boyd b. Jan. 11. 1869
Lula Loretta b. Feb. 12, 1871
Orville Boyd b. March 8, 1874
Clara Jane Boyd b. July 30, 1876
Mary Elizabeth (Minnie) Boyd b. Aug. 23, 1882

Edward William Boyd m. Francis Hannah (Fannie) Williams Dec. 25, 1888 at Percival Iowa. Francis Hannah was born April 14, 1867 in Kent Ohio. They had the following children

Larsh Hillary b. Nov. 9, 1890 d. Mar. 11, 1964
Fred Curtis b. Aug. 22, 1892 d. 1968
Blanche Berdena b. July 26, 1895
Jesse Dwight b. April 29, 1898
George Edward b. Feb. 19, 1902
Carrie Marie b. Dec. 11. 1903
Bert Beryl b. Oct 20, 1906


Jeremiah (Jerry) Hillary Williams was born Aug 24, 1845 in Royalton, Ohio the son of Thomas Williams and Margaret Shirley.

Thomas Williams was born March 12, 1812 in Berkeley Co. Virginia, today it is in West Virginia. He married Margaret Shirley February 2, 1836 in Hancock Co. Ohio. Margaret was born July 26, 1821 Berkeley Co. Virginia, the daughter of Daniel Shirley and Ann Flynn. Daniel and Ann Shirley are buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery Jackson Co. Iowa. Thomas and Margaret Williams had the following children.
Charles E. Williams b. april 7, 1837 hancock Co. Ohio died during service in the Civil War June 7, 1862 Rankin Co. MS.

Edmond Edward Williams b August 5, 1839 Hancock Co. Ohio d. December 1, 1922 Coffey County Kansas m. step sister Mary West - Several Children

Nancy I Williams b. July 24, 1841 Stark Co. Ohio married Jake Mulford, 2 children.

George E. Williams b. May 14 Stark Co. Ohio. d November17, 1922 Coffee County Kansas m. Catherine Yates, several children
Jeremiah Hillary Williams b. august 2, 185 Royalton, Fairfield County Ohio d. Feb. 26, 1922 Percival, Fremont Co. Iowa m. Mary S. (Francis)Hineline June, 1872 four children

William Williams b. and d. July 1848

Alonzo Williams b. September 21, 189 d. November , 1905 m. Aurora Jackson

John Williams b. April 2, 1852 Jackson County Iowa d. August 11, 1910, possibly CA, Married Phynettia Clark 1882 Fremont County Iowa, Several children, most all of this branch ended un in California.

Andrew Williams twin to John b. d. 1852.

Jeremiah Williams married Mary Francis (Samantha) Hineline January 19, 1872, Fremont County Iowa. Mary Francis was born Feb. 26, 1847 in Kenton, Hardin Co. Ohio. She is the daughter of John Wilson (Thomas) Hineline and Sarah Hannah Bishop. Jeremiah died April 26, 1922 in Percival, Fremont Co. Iowa and Mary Francis died Sept. 29, 1935 in Hamburg, Fremont County Iowa. They had the following children

Francis Hannah Williams b. April 14, 1867 d. March 10, 1952
Ella Nora Williams b. March 14, 1873 d. January 8, 1875
Jesse Elmer Williams b. May 5, 1876 d. Feb. 16, 1920
Carrie Marie Williams b. Feb. 1, 1878 d. Dec. 10, 1868

Edward William Boyd m. Francis Hannah Williams December 25, 1888 in Percival Iowa.

Fred Curtis Boyd married Lucretia McMunn Dec. 21, 1921, they adopted Max Marvin Boyd b. 1924 in St Louis Mo.

Nancy and Curt Boyd, Curt's Grandmother Alma Knop, center
Bill and Michelle Boyd Great Grandchildren of Alma Knop
Picture taken in October 1995 at her 90th Birthday Party.
Grandma Knop passed away April, 1996 on Saturday before Easter.



In seeking the parents of Mary Dudley Boyd, I came across an entry in a database on the Dudley's. It gave Judith Dudley, sister to Mary Dudley, who married Simpson W. Snow, Surry Co. NC. died Freemont Ia. I, for the heck of it, looked up in the Cemetery Book for Fremont County Ia, the name Judith Snow and lo and behold there she was. In the history of Fremont County, Thurman Ia was once named Fremont/Freemont City, it was changed because there was already a town by that name in Ia. It was changed to Thurman, Ia. Further research found another Snow family, Fielding Snow and his wife E. Jane Bodenhamer daughter of D. G. and N. Bodenhamer. It turns out that Simpson and Fielding are brothers and sons of Fielding Snow and Sarah. They came to Iowa at different times and settled near each other in Scott Township, Fremont Co. Ia. Sadly Fielding Snow, his son and his wife all died within a very short span of time in 1868. One daughter, I believe named Nancy, survived.

Below is an account of the census records for both Snow families and the cemetery records for all the Snows buried in Fremont County Ia

1860 Fremont County iowa Census - Scott Township

Fielding Snow age 41 farmer NC
Elizabeth J. age 24 NC
David age 5 Iowa
Nancy age 2 Iowa

1850 Fremont County Iowa Census Scott Township

Simpson Snow age 35 farmer NC
Judith age 40 NC
Sarah age 12 NC
Robert age 10 NC
Clarissa age 10 NC
Mary age 9 MO
Emily age 7 MO
Elizabeth age 4 MO
Martha age 2 MO
Fielding age 1 MO

1860 Fremont County Census Iowa - Scott Township Clarissa age 20 NC
Robert age 20 NC
Mary age 19 NC
Emily age 17 MO
Elizabeth age 14 MO
Martha age 12 MO
Fielding age 10 MO
Victoria age 6 IA
William age 4 IA

Fremont County Cemetery Book, Index of all known buriels and Cemeteries in Fremont County Iowa.

Hamburg Cemetery Hamburg Iowa
Charles Snow d. 24 Sept. 1886 ae 25 yrs 8 mo (b abt. 1861)
Frank Snow d Aug. 19, 1887 ae 7 yr 9 mo (b abt 1860)
William Snow d 11 Sept 1870 age 8 yr 2 mo (b abt 1862)
Edward O d 14 Sept 1870 ae 1 yr 25 da (b abt 1869)
John d 24 Nov 1872 ae 1 yr 12 da (b abt 1871)
R.S. no dates Co F. 5th MO S M CAV

Thurman Cemetery Thurman Iowa

E. Jane Snow wf/o F. dau/o D.G. & N Bodenhamer (inscribed on tombstone) D. 1 Dec 1868 ae 33 yr 2 mo 22 da (b abt 1835)
Fielding d 24 Nov 1868 ae 59 yr 5 mo 28 da (b abt 1809)
David A. s/o F. & E. J. d 22 Nov 1868 ae 13 yr 4 mo 21 da (b abt 1855)

Robert D. d Dec. 3, 1875 ae 34 yr 3 mo 6 da (b abt 1840)

Elizabeth F. Snow d 7 May 1863 ae 17 yr 7 mo 28 da (b abt 1846)
Simpson d 19 Aug 1859 ae 62 yr 20 da (b abt 1797)
Judith wf/o Simpson d 2 Jan 1892 ae 82 yr 10 mo 20 da (b. abt 1810)

Sidney Cemetery Sidney Iowa

Fielding F. d. June 1890 ae 40 yr 10 mo 17 da (b abt 1849)
Troy s/o F & CA d 11 Mar 1885 ae 24 yr 1 mo 10 da (b abt 1883)

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