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Final Fantasy III Game Genie Codes

Here are the great cheats: Game Genie Codes. Here is what I have now, there will be more to come. Credit goes to the Game Genie Code Creators Club for most of these codes. (Hey, am I really supposed to remember codes like this!?) If you want tons of Game Genie codes for any game for the SNES, visit them. Their URL is Game Genie Code Creators Club

Here are the codes that I have obtained, and my personal review of each code:

1793-54D8 This code gives you 5 Million exp. per battle. You really only need to use this once. (The best time is right at the begining) After Terra is at level 99, every other character will be the same level when they join the party.

AA94-E4D8 + AA94-EF08 + AA94-E7D8 These three codes will give you many random items and weapons and armor after a battle. The best part is that this code will also get you the Paladin Shield, the absolute best shield to have! Now you don't have to fight 255 battles to get it!( You can enter only AA94-E7D8 and you will get weapons items and armor constantly after every battle. Only one code to enter!:) The only problem is that you get no Paladin Shield. :( )

AADC-EF08 This code will make it as if you have the sprint shoes and a moogle charm equiped. (You move faster, and you will NEVER be attacked by a random enemy) The best code! Use it after you have learned all of the spells. To learn the spells quickly, use the next code!

CE17-77D6 With this code, all spells increase by 10% for every 1 magic point. (learn spells 10x's faster)

F194-EDD8 According to GGCCC, this gets you 99 of all items. They also said that it doesn't work on all games. It didn't work with mine. (After a battle, it said that I got Dirk X 0, Dirk X 0, Dirk X 0, and I got nothing). Try it with your game or tell me if I did something wrong. If you get it to work, tell me.

0D39-0766 This code will give you 1000x exp. and gp. every battle. Nuf said.

Have anything you want me to add? Mail me your codes, and I'll review them and add them. That's all here for now. These codes are the only useful ones that I can find. Like I said, mail me some if you've got 'em!

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