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My One World Family
War No More Forever

I awoke this morning
My mind in a dream
This dream I remember
This dream and what it means

The dream was of angels
Talking to me
These words they were saying
This they said to me

Donít go to war children
Fightingís no way to be
Destructionís not the answer
If you want to be free

This message we give you
A message from above
The time of warís over
Its time for world love

War is of Darkness
Life is of Light
Peace is the answer
Give up the Fight

Accept not the lie
Used through the ages
Killing is a madness
Suffered through timeís pages

War no more
Warís a cancer
War creates hell
Peace is the answer

To who will you listen
The givers of joy or pain
Whatís the answer to this dream
We live here on earthís plane

Give up the war
Or give up on life?
Give up on peace
Give into strife?

The children are crying
Our family in pain
All due to the madness
And corrupted insane

Weíre tired of destruction
Weíre tired of the tears
Weíre tired of the darkness
For many dark years

It seems our worlds dying
All due to the touch
And caress of the darkness
The sins are too much

Since time has begun
Many have sought
To control the world
Such miseryís brought

Their struggles continue
Each visions their reign
To control Manís destiny
And rewards in itís gain

Just pawns and puppets
With delusions of glory
Unseen powers guide
Our worldís future story

Plays for world power
Are guided and formed
Forging our world
Molded by storms

Through time governments
And the religions they ride
Cry out for the wars
Causing children to die

For wars on the earth
To cease, go away
All people must stand
Fight no wars... today

Donít fight for religion
Donít fight for the law
Donít fight for opinions
Donít fight for the war call

Donít believe in war
Donít believe in might
Donít believe in killing
Donít believe in their fight

Be lovers not warriors
Be builders of life
Make the earth grow
In happiness and light

The wars that are fought
The hardships we face
Are not of common men
Or the color of their race

World warís not the answer
Donít give into its call
World peace is the answer
World peace not world war

Create paradise
Where we live in peace
Where madness and war
Where all hate has ceased

Donít waste the life given
On Deathís War Machine
Use it for the living
On the Gardenís Heavenly Dream

Wake up America
My people, my land
Rise up my family
Take the free stand

Weíre all one people
Mixed blood of the earth
Within the stars of heaven
Giving hope and rebirth

Weíre not one religion
One creed or one blood
Weíre all the earthís children
Diamonds in the rough

This hope of the world
Uniting all souls
One nation of all people
A united stronghold

The world is America
Americaís the land
Where all the earthís children
Come together and stand

Oh say can you see
This land of the free
This home of the brave
Unites humanity

Our Creatorís Light shines
On the shores of this land
Where the people are one
Where the free people stand

All the world lives here
Americaís the land
The one world family
United we stand

Stop all the wars before they begin
This planet of children need to grow up in peace
The lives that are saved may one day be yours
Stop all the wars so the madness will cease

The Great Barrier lies in front of us all
To cross and return we can never again
Meeting one another on the other side
What we've done here we surely can't hide

The gold and glory and power of might
Turn men from light and against one another
Then they fall victim, heed to the war call
Creating the hells for themselves and each other

The ones who battle, touched by deathís stroke
Take up the same battle on the spiritual side
The larger the war their legions do grow
A spiritual war fought by the ones who have died

Stop all wars before they begin
Stop the madness, resist the great sin
This darkness will pass, Light will come forth
Hold to Life's Law which comes from the Source

Engage not in war nor aid it's act
Stand not with those thinking that war should be waged
They will entice you to be a killer of men
"Be a soldier of death... for the nation." theyíll say

The people of tyrants have no faith in the Great Spirit
The evil governments of men will fall
Fight for no reason, no treaties or pacts
Live not in dark kingdoms but in the Light of All

God commanded man in olden times
To kill or steal not at all
The worldly priests perverted His words
To justify tribute and war

Godís words are plane, their meaning clear
Theyíve twisted His Laws from beginning to end
For defense of the country they tax for the nation
They murder by war their family of men

Godís mark is on them, by God theyíll be judged
Those that wage war are blind to His sight
Heavenís not by violence but liberty to all souls
Practice peace, love and light, inherit foreverís life

The angels did tell me
Through this dream that I write
Godís message to all people
Lifeís sacred, do whatís right

World Love is the answer
World Unity the call
World Family awaken!
The One Spirit is All

Peace, Love and Light
One spirit of man
One world, one family
The Earthís Heavenly plan

Eternity now watches
You have itís decree
On which side will you stand
For peace ... stand be free.

World peace
Heavenís call
World love
No more war

World peace
No more war
World love
Heavenís call