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Eternity's Touch

From the beginning of Man and the path that he's tread
The footsteps he's left one day will be read
Through the Universal dust and the places he's been
Unknowingly guided by the forces unseen

Who were these guardians of man through the ages
The unseen messengers of prophets and sages
Guiding the race of man down through time's pages
Directing the countless eras and man's different stages

Of the untold galaxies in their universal flight
Each with their many systems and their own drive of light
Each to their own path and their own destined time
Bringing forth the life the Great Architect designs

As the Earth and it's family cycles it's great roadway
Moved by the currents of it's galaxy's vortexian wave
Transversing the starlit highway and it's elements within
Each step closer for it's life to begin

While in it's first eras when the Earth was still young
It coursed with it's family in a galactic orbital run
Being built on by design for the beginning of it's life
Traveling in life giving fields, the final touch before light

As this solar system sped forth through this cellular field
The Earth's currents clothed itself, itís barrenness soon to yield
For the substance of which all the living is made of
Stands ready for the touch of the Father's Living Love

By the will of His Presence He caused to come forth
The life He designed in this earth's planetary course
The plan was now set and put into motion
Man's star was complete and all life in progression

All things He created each unto it's own
Combining not two, to become just as one
Each to grow forth in it's own special way
Man descending man, becoming the man today

In his beginning while man was an infant
The Father brought guardians in numbers sufficient
They descended from the heavens, their skills most proficient
To help raise the children and one day their descendants

While in that time the Father summoned forth
One from a high heavenly station
An Arc Angel and his traveling hosts
To enjoy this the Father's new creation

For the angel hosts of this most high holy elder
Had died young unknowing what life was all together
They were brought to this earth to find who they truly are
And finish their education of life on a living star

For in that time the air was quickly teeming
With light and substance and life forcefully streaming
That the angels took the material and wore it as clothing
Now seen just as man instead of as nothing

They were then introduced to the man of this planet
To teach him and raise him the way the Creator planned it
To teach of the earth and the way of the land
To teach him of the heavens and the way he must stand

But the plan was more than what they new
To them unknown was their destiny true
For the creation of man is only half the plan
To raise him into the heavens is the completion of man

For the Father had designs to give man a soul
To make him eternal with light to help him grow
For his body was created but lacked the final spark
Of everlasting continuation away from the empty dark

To unite the two realities, the heavens and the earth
To grace man with the continuation of life after his birth
To pass into these heavens even after his death
To live in the etherean worlds the Father created and blessed

The Earth is just one cell from which we all must start
The spirit must be given to be whole not just a part
Man's plan of destination to be one with the angels
Intertwinement with the forever, man must become entangled

For the plan had come in time to that stage in which to complete
To bring the newborn earthman, his predestined design to meet
To give him his eternal touch away from that which is mortal
To be everlasting as the angels and pass through the infinite portal

The angels were commanded with man not to cohabit
And bring forth no heirs and keep their races separate
Least they loose their lofty freedom and their high heavenly home
To be bound unto man and on the earth where he roamed

As some of the young and the innocent do have a way
To fully experience the moment of the day
They began a new race as they laid down with man
For this was the new race the Grand Designer had planned

Now there's two races that live and share the land
One facing the heavens , the others toward the ground
The angels had descended and planted the seed of light
Some were born to darkness, the others to eternal life

Of the angel parents, to those that were born
For six generations, to the earth they were bound
To help raise the new man to a higher state of mind
To teach him the higher way and the heavens he must find

All this was done to a design thus laid forth
To complete the new man and set him on his course
For the Earth's solar system had moved into new fields
And to relinquish their bodies, the angels had to yield

For the substance that made life quick and pliable
Cleared and disbursed now making man liable
To stand on his own, he must now rise to try
From sight the Guardians vanished...

but watched from the Heavenly Skys.