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The Light, the Sea, and the Ascension


On the shore of forever's time, the ocean's breath beats
Anticipation of the unknown, an ancient question to complete
The transformation of man, on the wake of All does ride
The stirring white caps rise, on the waves of endless tide

From the depths of the sea, they lay in their calm
Complacency now settled, in their darkness too long
To grow into change, they give up their right
They drown in their depths and give up their flight

From the heights above, this ocean that's vast
The wind has changed, a new direction is cast
From higher still, a bright light does fall
The ocean's depth illumined, must heed to it's call

From darkness to light and cast to the shore
Broken free from the whole and sleeping no more
Aware to the truth, of that where he's been
Now knowing he's separate from his ocean of kin

The Sea called out loud, it's tides changed their course
To pull him back under and take him by force
"Dream the deep dream and sleep the dark sleep,
You're no more than I and I will you keep."

The crystal shore gleamed as he took to his flight
Away from the Sea and it's dark empty might
On through time's sand, he struggled to run
Up to the high cliffs, at the base of the sun

Still the Sea called out “Why break from the past.
We are alike, from the same mold are we cast.
Closer now to the steep cliffs, he remained on his course
“There must be something better. I'll be free and never yours."

Up the shining sands, in the distance he sees
Two objects standing, seen in the sun's gleam
Side by side standing and yet out of reach
Still farther up the shore, strangely beckoned by each

The Sea bellowed once more," You cannot escape me.
I am a part of you and with me you'll be.
There's nothing more in all of time, nothing more than I
My Darkness can't be touched by the Light from the sky.”

At the base of the cliffs, from the sea he rejected
He halted in amazement, as he found his objective
One was a great staff to aid a path protected
The other was a sword, with a power that projected

The sword was adorned with sultry lavish jewels
Of black and orange and deep crimson red
Thrust into the earth, it looked like a cross
It's legions uncountable, once alive now all lost

A tool of power to shape and mold men
To the bearers stern will, a slayer of kin
Inscribed on it's crossed guard, by these two words it’s known
Righteousness and militant are the strengths that it's shown

By the side of the sword stood a staff straight and long
To aid in the path, the sage spiritually strong
It's gems green, blue and purple and topped at it's crown
Is a bright shinning clear crystal, it's light heaven bound

Inscribed on the staff is the symbol of life
The Great Spirit's name and the triangle of light
The circle, the cross and the leaf it does bare
The strength it contains is the love and the care

As he stood there gazing at the opposite two
A voice from the past called, a voice that he knew
“You cannot escape me, you're mine and your bound.
You shall be as always, in my darkness you'll drown."

“Through time I have held you deep in my depths
As now through forever, you'll always be kept
Just as all the others, I have you in my grip
Through my net of deception, none of you will slip”

“I keep you blind and sorted, turned against one another
You small insignificant one, in my body with all others”
His taunting went on and finally struck to the soul
And turned the one rising away from the high goal

“You shall never have me, I'd teach you if I could
By the might of my strength, I'll force you to be good
I'll be the master and not be your slave
I'll turn you by might, away from your dark ways."

Blinded by rage, forgetful of the sage
And the staff that he carries and the light of it's way
Pulling the Great Sword up from the crystal sand
Feeling it's powerful ray as he held it in his hand
It filled him with might and a strength of ten fold
An invincible feeling that heated his soul.

Fierce lighting lit the sky as the thunder rolled loud
He looked to the sword and it made him feel proud
With a power in his anger to put an end to the Sea
To be clear of it's cold depths, at last to be free

The blade of the Great Sword, grew bright at this thought
He looked at the Sea and the wrath it had brought
By the power of the righteous and this sword in my hand
I’ll silence you forever, you're voice from this land”

He clutched the Great Sword as he ran for the Sea
Down the crystal shore to fill his blind need
He entered the dark ocean with rage in his heart
Slashing at the great waves, the battle did start

Time seemed to stop as the fighting raged on
The might of one soul against an ocean so strong
To change the Great Sea, it's depths cold and dark
One person cannot alter the tides from their start

The Sea then swallowed the seeker and the sword
It's rightful prize claimed, with laughter it roared
The raging waters calmed and battled no more
As the Great Sword reappeared on the bright crystal shore

The calm of the Sea, lay deep once more
The dark now far from the bright crystal shore
Assured of it's victory of might over light
The souls of the many still kept from their flight

The blue of the sky grew bright once again
Brighter than before, it's power did begin
The Sea started to stir, the white caps did form
Lightning flashed with power, the wind fiercely stormed

The Light spread across, up high in the vast sky
Then pulled to a point and down it did drive
Penetrating the Sea, even deeper than before
The waters boiled up to the sands of the shore

With whisps of steam, the spirit did stir
Now free from the Sea, one walked as before
Up the crystal sands, protected by the love
Another soul freed by the Light from above

The Sea came alive, with rage it lashed out
To recover it's victim and leave him no doubt
That the might of the Sea and it’s darkness within
Is greater than Light or where it begins

A great wave rose high, up from it's dark depths
Crashing to the shore, it's victim is met
The strength of the Sea's grip, below did return
Without the bright soul, on the shore he stood stern

Turning towards the cliffs, he started his climb
The path that was once taken by another now blind
Away from the cold sea, on the crystal sand he walks
Where the light gleams brightly, where the wind seems to talk

Through the sands of time, this path now worn
The souls great quest, to that we are born
From darkness to light, an everlasting rise
Forever on the path, a search for paradise

The Sea called out loud, to turn him from his path
Trying to find a weakness and cure it's own great wrath
The sage looked towards the light, turning not to the sound
He thought to himself quietly," To the Sea I'll be not bound."

On roared the Sea as the seeker reached the cliffs
“There's no better way, what you've heard is a myth
The path of the higher way is much to steep to climb
Come back to my comfort, there's nothing more to find."

The seeker stood at the base of the cliff gazing at the sword and staff
Then looked up to the highest ledge and saw the untread path
The way of the sage is clear the sword is the way of death
Then pulled forth Life's Great Staff and began the higher quest

A soft quiet fell around the seeker and the path
No longer could he hear the Sea or feel it's angered wrath
A penetrating light lit the way to an arch with 'Liberty' inscribed
‘To those that are truly free, goes the ability to rise up high'

On through this great arch, the path was narrow and straight
Upward through the rocky cliff, he wondered of his fate
Until he came to the next great arch, it's inscription with truth did ring
'With strength and oneness of discipline, One can accomplish most anything.'

Looking deep within, he gathered spiritual strength
The arch passed behind him, it's wisdom as a drink
Reassured, refreshed and revived, his weakness began to subside
And continued the higher journey up towards the endless sky

As he came to the next great arch, the carved inscription did read
‘Unity is the strength of All, and all can accomplish with ease.'
Weary as he looked at the staff and leaned to it a bit
"Together we'll make the journey, together we'll accomplish it.”

Further still he did push on, staff in hand did he rise
Higher into the cliffs he went, following the path of the wise
Until he discovered the next great arch, inscribed at the top with great care
‘The talents at birth that are given, are to be nurtured, perfected and shared.’

This great arch was the last on the path
The steep cliffs gone, the land leveled flat
Walking through the archway, a bright sight he did see
A book on a crystal pillar, a shinning great book indeed

Approaching this bright, clear pillar, and the book that brilliantly glowed
The high cliffs edge looked out across the vast dark Sea far below
He reached forth his sure steady hand and opened the eternal book
And read from it's living pages to the Sea from where he looked

‘These high ideals are given to you
For your own well being and a joyful heart
Heaven will be your home in time
From the Earth you begin your start’

‘These Universal Suggestions
And Reminders given together
Are from the ancient, for the now
And into the infinite forever’


Jehovih, the I Am, Great Spirit and All Light
Ever Present Creator of Heaven and Earth
Has been and is and forever shall be
The All Life creating from the time of the All Birth

His very Person is all there is
The unseen, the seen He is the Whole
Nor is there any thing in all the Universe
That’s not a part of His very Soul

He has and is creating the Whole of this Universe
Wherein galaxies travel their vortexian whirls
Where Heavenly Kingdoms of Light reside
Away from the darkness of corporeal worlds

He has created all that has ever lived
And all that has ever had life's breath
From His very Person He gives a right to live
To each He's given rights of life and death

To be All Good, Pure, Wise and All Holy
To do good works His Voice does persist
To be all bad, foolish and evil in thought
To do evil works, His Voice they do miss

The All Good is Creator, giver of All Light
The All Bad darkness, the opposition to All Sight
To the Man of the Earth there is the good and the evil
To the Creator there is but the ripe and unripe

Without the dark there can be no light
All light is good regardless of degree
The time of creation is a time without measure
Forever in time shall creation forever be

The One Great Person, Jehovih, the Great Spirit
Is matchless in wisdom, incomprehensible
With truth and power and unity of purpose
Creator and Ruler the Almighty Invincible

Love and worship your Creator above all
Having no other to worship before Him
Serve no other nor make any false image
Call not on the angels to grant earthly whims

Bow not before idols, images or forms
Covenant yourself to Him everyday
Search out His expressions in all that you see
Listen for His Voice and discover His Way

The Star of Light within is the Creator
The soul is immortal, we’re created the same
Ultimately attaining to peace, joy and light
Rising into the heavens, proclaiming His name

Do good unto others with all truth and wisdom
Love one another as if you were one
Do unto others as you would have them do
Heaven shall bless you and what you have done

Return good for evil and show them the way
Look for the good in all and forgive what is not
Embrace your Creator and ask for Heavenly Light
All glory be Jehovih’s and His way that we’re taught

Speak and be truthful in all that you do
Speak only good words, let Light fill your soul
Rejoice in life given, receive His Living Light
To be One with our Creator should be your high goal

All men shall have liberty in this age of reason
Using no one's judgment other than their own
One man's judgment should bind not another’s
Each has a point of view, a light of theirs alone

Argue not for opinions sake, respect that of another’s
Inflict no evil or harm, be self righteous above no other
Raise up those cast down and help in their salvation
All are seen as equals in the Eye of our Creator

All things are Jehovih’s, be not vain in possessions
Use what is needed, give the rest to the poor
First provide for the spirit, then the mortal coil
Own nothing of the Earth, be not bound for evermore

Desire no more than what you'll give
Hold all possessions in common
We're just passing through this world
Earth’s riches can't be taken to Heaven

To those that say "This is mine,
My house, my land." shall not be free
For those that own these earthy things
Belong to such things and not to Me

All life is sacred, this life of the Creator
Thou shalt not kill what is created alive
The soul is given at the conception of birth
Our Creator shall decide when someone shall die

Eat not what is created of spirit, flesh and blood
Keep holy the body and be pure and clean
Your food shall be that which grows from the Earth
Receive of this Light and the All Spirit will be seen

If you would be giving, gentle and kind
Obtaining great wisdom from those up above
Be only herbivorous and your blood will be pure
Your spirit will be charged with light, peace and love

If you would be ferocious like the carnivorous beast
Feed on the flesh and the blood and the fish
Your spirit will be stirred with passion and anger
Your harvest of hate and war will be rich

For what you eat, you charge your blood with
Your spirit will receive the same and in full
The corporeal part will build up your body
To that of your spirit the vapors will rule

According to diet, desires, thoughts and action
Being good or being evil in spirit you will dwell
On plateaus near the Earth or high up above
Residing in light or darkness or that of heaven or hell

Honor thy father and mother, to your ancestry pay respect
Marry only once in your life and consider the spirit of each
Multiply and adorn the Earth, the young shall be as your angels
As their god consider your kingdom and what to them you’ll teach

Your Creator is King, live under His law
He speaks to your soul and ever-present to all
Your created with power to live without kings
And serve your Creator in the way that your called

The people of the king have no faith in the Great Spirit
The governments of man in darkness will fall
Neither fight for or against, enter no treaties or pacts
Dwell not in dark kingdoms but in the Light of All

Engage not in war nor aid in it's act
Or stand with those thinking that war should be waged
They will try to persuade you to be a slayer of men
"Be a soldier of death for the nation." They’ll say

I commanded them in olden times
To kill or steal not at all
The nation's priests interpreted My words
To justify tribute and war

My words were plane, their meaning clear
They've twisted My Laws from beginning to end
For the defense of the country and taxes for the state
They murder by war their family of men

My mark is upon them, I alone shall be judge
Those that wage war are pagan in My sight
My kingdoms are not by violence but with liberty to all souls
Whoever shall practice peace and love shall inherit everlasting light

Let not My chosen of this day say
"I will purify the government, I will leaven the mass"
Thy God does not labor with those that aren't His
He calls to His chosen," Come build what will last."

Those that have faith in your Creator come forward
Those that do not remain in the dark lands
Be not esthetic people, build where they may see
That love, peace and plenty can be realized by man

Be not as a master or a servant to one another
As brothers and sisters there will be no more poor
Discover your gifts and use them for all
Produce something useful and receive your reward

Brought forth from the Earth into everlasting life
My Presence has inspired you to be what you've been
Have faith in the Ever Present and your spirit will ascend
Into the higher heavens where the All Light begins

Every and all things come from your Creator
The Universe, the Light, the Spirit and the Life
From His very Person the One becomes All
Jehovih, The I Am, Ever Present, Almighty...
Great Spirit and All Light.

The reading went on and more was said
Life's mysteries unveiled as the Great Book was read
The Light from High brightened as the books end was near
The souls that were sleeping now awake turned to hear

In the dark cold depths where the many souls sleep
Made aware by the Light and the high heavenly heat
By all were the words heard in their hearts, minds and souls
Their spirits stirred to resurrection in the darkness far below

As the timeless book was closed the heavens shook with sound
A brilliant light lit the sky a flash that was ocean bound
The whole of the Sea was filled with the Heavenly Light from High
Illumining it's deep, dark, cold depths reflecting the endless sky

First the few and then the many
Till the millions awoke to the call
And took to their flight in life's freedom
Towards the shore and the Light of All

As he gazed at the Sea's departure of souls
Through the shore's crystal sands, up to the cliffs far below
The Light from High lit an arch till now unseen
'Ascension’ it read, brighter than the sun's gleam

Stepping from the crystal pedestal, the work that was his now done
He walked over to the archway, it's light as bright as the sun
As he glanced once more back to the Sea and remembered from where he came
He turned and looked to his future and entered the arch with no shame

Into, onward and endless, even brighter archways rose high
An infinite and higher pathway, open to those that are wise
In knowing that there is forever still a higher heaven to rise
Eternity does beckon bright, forever from another...
higher heavenly paradise.