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Universal Suggestions







After The Great Flood The Lord Said:

“From these My seed, will I people the Earth over in all the divisions thereof. And that after generations for thousands of years may know the work of My hand, I gave them a sign which is My covenant to them and their heirs forever:

Which is My crescent in the form of a rainbow, and whatsoever people bare this, My sign, shall be as a remembrance to Me and My covenant. Nor shall they be destroyed from the inheritance which I have given unto them."

The Lord of the Living Light, has called and is calling these, His Children, to be gathered into a continual association and brought together for a fraternal community, to be a separate people away from those who are not His.

The Heavens are organized and work in unity from the most high to the surface of this world. A scattered people have no strength or purpose until brought together to establish a foundation on this planet from which the higher heavens can work through and manifest it's light continually.

From the inner and outer most of creation, the All Light calls to come forth and live in harmony, His Chosen Ones, the children who have chosen Him.

You have prayed for 'Peace on Earth'. You have prayed for 'the Kingdom to come as it is in Heaven'. Your prayers have been heard. That is why this message has come to you. Come and set the foundation. What was in the past was to awaken you. What is now is the life you have prayed for.

Accept it. Release the life you've created in the material world, the Uzian world, where spiritual light is dismissed and mammon, idolatry, man worship and false religions reign.

As it has been in the past, the same shall be in this day. For when darkness reigns strongest in the cities, the sons and daughters of Light leave in search for a higher way of life. Those that stay are drawn down and their goodness is dissipated and absorbed by the evil. Those that separate themselves and go forth with faith in their Creator to build anew, grow and prosper in the Light, rising higher and higher in wisdom and purity , peace and liberty. The cities left with no light or direction from the Heavens, are swallowed up in darkness and are eventually lost from the face of the world.

For a community to thrive and be prosperous, certain suggestions have been handed down through the ages so mankind may live a fuller more joyous life, not to be experienced as restrictions or punishment, but as a guideline that all may be a glory unto their Creator. Life was given not to be lived on this world only. This Earth shapes, molds and tempers mankind's spirit, a starting point or birthplace, a nursery star if you will, to grow henceforth forever through various degrees of heavenly plateaux, each more refined and brighter than the previous. To pass from the lower to the higher one must realize, observe and practice these, ......



Universal Suggestions and Reminders


Jehovih, the I Am, the Great Spirit, the All Light, the Everpresent, Father of Heaven and Earth, Creator of All; was, is and forever shall be. He is the All Life that you see in Earth and in the Heavens. Even the unseen worlds are His very Person. He is the Whole. Nor is there anything in all the Universe that is not a part of Him.

With Him all things are possible and all things good.

He created the whole of the Universe. He created the heavens, etherea, wherein all galaxies reside with their suns, stars, planets and moons, each to course their own circuit by the power of the All Motion, where heavenly kingdoms of light reside away from the darkness of corporeal worlds.

He created all that live and all that have ever lived and died and all that have ever breathed.

He created life, to all a life to live, a right to live and die. Out of His Very Person, He gave to all life and death.

To be all pure, all good, all wise, all holy and to do all good works is to hear the voice of Jehovih.

To be all bad, all foolish, to be all evil thinking, to do evil works is not to hear His voice.

To the All good, good is alive and evil is dead.

To the All evil, it is alive to itself only.

The All good is the Creator, the All Light.

The All bad is darkness, the opposition to the All Light.

For man's understanding what is good you shall call good, what is evil you shall call evil.

To your Creator there is no good or evil, but the ripe and unripe.

With the ripe there is light, with the unripe there is darkness.

Without the unripe, there can be no ripe.

Without the darkness there can be no light.

All creations are good. All or any light or life is good no matter in what degree.

The time of creation is a time without measure, thus there shall be forever created creations.



Jehovih, the One Great Person, which is incomprehensible, matchless in wisdom, truth, power and unity of purpose is Creator and Ruler over all in Heaven and on the Earth and on all other worlds, seen and unseen. 

Love and worship the Creator above all. 

You shall have no other God, lord, savior, idol, man or angel to worship forever. 

Serve not any god, lord, savior, idol, man or angel, and swear against such. 

Make no image of the Creator out of anything that is in the heavens, on the earth or in the waters. 

Do not bow down before idols or images or anything having the form of anything in the heavens, on the earth or in the waters. 

Do not worship or call on angels for council on the affairs of worldly gain. 

Covenant yourself to your Creator every day and search for His expressions in all things on the Earth, in the waters and in the Heavens. 

Complain not against Jehovih for anything that happens. All are His and He accomplishes in His own way for the good of all. 

Cut not yourself off by making yourself seem greater than your Creator. 

Build altars unto your Creator for it enforces the thought of worship to Him. 

Speak not Jehovih's sacred name in public, or give it to idolaters or lovers of evil. 

Remember the sacred days and keep them holy. Six days shall you labor but the seventh day is the sabbath; a day of rest and worship.



The star of light within each of us is the Creator. 

All men are created of the same light and spirit. 

Love your neighbor as thy self, for they are your brothers and sisters created from the same. 

Do good unto others with all your wisdom and strength, for this is the highest religion. 

Good works are the key to salvation. 

What one does for others on the Earth shall be done for them in heaven. 

Look for the good in all, and forgive what is not. Do not criticize, censor or find fault in them for they are the Creator's, and it is between them. 

Return good for evil and show them the way. 

The soul of man is immortal and everlasting, and shall ultimately attain the peace and joy in the heavens of the All Light. 

All people should rise up in their own might to embrace the Creator, to practice good works and promote love to all; and by charity and independence elicit the protection, the pride and the glory of the Almighty.



Speak truth only, and be truthful in all things. 

Be aware of your speech. 

To talk of good things, delights, loves, the Creator and His wonderful creations, of life and death, of everlasting life and happiness. These are good speech and give the soul great happiness. 

To talk of dark deeds, of one's neighbor's shortness, of disgusting things and words, these bring darkness to one's soul. 

Make your neighbor rejoice in thee. 

Cultivate joyous hearts, rejoice in your own life, sing and dance respecting the rites and ceremonies so all things may be orderly before Jehovih. 

Deal with all men, women and children justly and kindly, and with great love.



All men shall have liberty. 

This is the age of reason in which all men should be inspired to read and think and judge with their own judgment, and not through any priest, church or savior. 

One man's judgment shall not be binding to another, for all have their own point of view. 

Do not argue for opinion's sake. 

Respect the opinions of others, for you may be in error. 

Speak little of yourself and your possessions, for all have a history. 

Make yourself compatible in righteousness with others. 

All men are equal in the eyes of the Creator. Death comes to each, the high and the low. 

Be self righteousness above no one. 

Keep your thoughts pure. 

Inflict no evil or harm. 

Raise up those that are cast down, and help them in the way of their salvation.



Nothing belongs to any man, for all things are Mine, saith the Creator. 

Provide for the spirit first, and then the body. 

Be not vain in possessions. That which you possess on the Earth shall possess and bind you in heaven. 

Use what is needed. Own or possess nothing under the sun, and steal not. 

Give all that is in no use to the poor. 

Desire no more than what you will give. 

Hold and care for all things in common. 

We are just passing through this Earth. That which is material gained will eventually be as the wind. 

God said; “To him who saith: This is mine, I have not spoken. To him who saith: My house, My lands, I have not spoken. For in as much as these things belong to them, such men belong to such things, and not to Me."



All life is sacred, for it is the life of the Creator. 

Kill not what is created alive. 

The star of light; the life, the spirit, the soul, is given at the conception of birth and is most sacred.

Keep holy the body, and be pure and clean. 

Inoculate not your flesh with poison and corruption to save it from the same, for it is to use the battle ax of satan. Man shall learn the higher law, to save by virtue instead of vice. 

Be observant of what you shall eat and drink and where you dwell by day and sleep at night and who you commune with, for all things shall write upon your soul their character and kind, being either good or evil. 

Every living thing that groweth up out of the ground shall be food for you. Of all things that are flesh and blood, wherein is the breath of life and spirit, you shall not eat, for thou shalt not kill. 

If thou would be gentle like the lamb, non-resistant and docile, so you may obtain great knowledge and wisdom, feed on herbs and fruit, nuts an cereals and your blood shall be pure and cool and charged with food for thy spirit in peace and love. 

But if you would be ferocious like a carnivorous beast, feed on flesh and fish and your blood will be hot and your spirit will be stirred with passion and anger and contention and tattling and war and jealousy and love of vengeance. 

For what so thou chargest thy blood with, shall be charged upon thy spirit. From your blood shall your spirit be inspired according to what your blood contains. 

As through corpor, the corporeal part is nurtured, so through the gaseous atmosphearian part, is thy spirit nurtured. 

Man according to his diet, desires, thoughts, words and actions, being either good or evil, shall dwell in spirit in the first heaven, on a plateau either near the earth or high above to which he has adapted himself during his earth life; resulting in light or darkness, joy or unhappiness, having companions of the same.



Honor thy father and mother. Pay reverence to your grandparents and ancestry. 

Marry only once. 

Commit not adultery. 

Marry not on the impulse of the flesh, but consider the spirit of each. 

Take not a spouse of unclean habits. 

Be circumspect as to marriage, that your offspring Incline towards spirituality than to earthliness. 

Multiply and adorn the Earth. 

Seek to bring forth heirs to be a glory to the Creator. 

The young are your angels, given to you by the Creator, and you are as their God. Your example will be their guideline. Consider what kind of kingdom you will have. 

People of chronic ill health or deformity or hidden sickness should bring forth no heirs. 

Respect the times of women. 

Do not have sexual relations with your wife during pregnancy. Give her no heavy burdens and do as she asks. 

Abnegate one's self for the peace and good of the family, be it opinion, desires or possessions. 

Be as a father or mother to the sick and helpless, the orphan, the stranger, the widow and others who are destitute.



Your Creator is your King, and no other. Be non-resistant and live under the law of Jehovih, for He speaks to the soul of all men. 

He has created the power in you to live without worldly kings. Disown and bow to none but Him, Jehovih. 

Man has a natural right above all kings, priests and sacred writings to serve his Creator in his own way. 

The king's people have not faith in the All Light; therefore, their souls will fall into darkness. 

Have nothing in common with the king's people. 

Take no part in the governments of man, kings, queens or dictators. Neither fight for them or against them, and enter into no treaties or alliances with them. 

It is better to live in tents in the All Light with happiness and life, than to dwell in a magnificent kingdom of lust and death. 

Engage not in war, nor aid those in the act of war, nor stand with those that are of the opinion that war should be waged. 

The All Light has said; "Those that would not kill because of their natural love for me and my created sons and daughters, they impress in service of war, taking them from their kindred saying, ‘Come away from peace and kill; be a soldier of death for the glory of the King 

I commanded them in the olden times to kill not at all. My words were plain. But the kings commanded their priests to interoperate My words round about whereby war might be justified. 

I commanded them against taking that which is another's. My words were plain. But the kings commanded their priests to intemperate the meaning so the kings could extract tribute for their own glory. And so they levy wheresoever and whensoever they will, saying: 'for the defense of the king and the country.' Thus they have perverted My Commandments from beginning to end. But I declare unto you that in My sight, to kill one man, I will hold him and his accomplices accountable, and ten times accountable if they kill ten men, and a hundred times for a hundred, and even thousands. They shall not hide death and murder from My sight by the word war. Neither shall they excuse stealing by levying tax for the King or country's protection. For by this evil hath it come to pass that they talk about protection. Have I made a law that one king or country should protect itself from another? Seest not any man that these doctrines come from the flesh and not the spirit? 

Behold, I alone shall judge. My mark is upon all those that engage in war or who keep warriors, or who keep forts or arsenals, and use weapons of death; and upon all who kill, and upon those that eat the flesh of anything I created alive; for these are pagan and heathen in My sight. 

My kingdoms are not by violence or by war, but by liberty to every soul; and, whoso practiceth peace, love and liberty unto others are My chosen. They are on the way of everlasting resurrection."



God hath said, “I come as an elder brother in the name of Jehovih. I show thee how thou canst live without governments of man, and how thou shalt live in order to join in my resurrections. 

Let not the faithist of this day say, "I will purify the government. I will leaven the whole mass.” 

I say unto thee, thy God laboreth not in such method. The cure is, come out of Uz and be thou clean. Take with thee only things that have proved good, the rest, leave behind. 

Whoso hath faith in Uz, let him remain in Uz. Whoso hath faith in Jehovih, let him come into His Kingdom. 

To know thy Father in Heaven, O'man, who hath learned this? They profess Him in words, but they belie Him in their behavior. 

Renounce them O my beloved, gather up thy household and follow my voice, which I speak into thy soul from the Almighty. 

Follow thou thy highest knowledge, and make thyself a glory in Jehovih's kingdoms forever and ever. 

Be not ascetic. Build communities within the world. Be an example that love and peace, plenty and happiness are possible on the Earth.” 

Labor for the good of all,  and not just thyself. 

Be not a master or servant to one another, but as brothers and sisters. In doing so, there will be no rich or poor. 

Discover your own gifts and use them to benefit all. 

Fall not into idleness. Be industrious, producing something good, and be rewarded in your efforts. 

Learning is as a gymnasium to the spirit. Knowledge is the strength of the soul. 

Whatever promotes the greatest harmony and wisdom between people is of the highest light and practiced in the higher heavens. 

If angels or men advise thee against these suggestions, they have little to offer, for they have not yet discovered the harmonious heavens of your Creator.”



Light is the freedom to all. To know this, is the beginning of wisdom. 

Jehovih hath said, "My children, even God, I have brought thee forth out of earth quickened into life everlasting. By faith I inspired you to do whatsoever you have done. Faith, I have given to you as the tree whereon all perfection is the fruit. 

By the faith within you, that nurtures the I Am unto perfection becomes My child, doing by the virtue of My Presence. According to your wisdom and love have I given you strength, and by that strength raise you up.” 

Have faith in the Everpresent, and you will have spiritual ascendancy. 

Whomever lives the higher laws will pass on to Nirvana and endless light. 

Every and all things come from your Creator. The universe, even your body, is the body of the Creator. All life therein, even your own, is the life of the Creator. All light that proceeds out of this life is the light of the Creator. Your soul, your spirit, your very being is in fact, your Creator, given to you out of His very Person. All are the One, and the One is All.



Into your hands are you given the key to His heavenly kingdoms.
Remember the password which admitteth thee to the all highest kingdoms:


Jehovih, the I Am. The Almighty, Everpresent, Great Spirit and All Light.