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And With Liberty For All.

The Basic

Reasons and Understanding


The Separation of Church and State

All the Universe is in harmony within itself. It unites its galaxies,
solar systems, stars, suns, worlds and moons in their own times.
The seasonal movements through the solstices and equinox, and
the cycles of the moon are the only schedules of time Creation
has given to our world. Mankind in his liberty chooses his own
cycle of time, based on the limited understanding and truth he
perceives. He is out of step with the rest of Creation,
for he has forgotten his Creator.

...Since the chase for human souls had crossed the Atlantic from the Eastern to the Western Continents, self serving religions have tried to establish them- selves as the law of land by using a controlled government to secure their goals. The Founding Fathers of this country, America, knew this and set up a government free from the controlling influence of one dominating religion. They wrote the Constitution and its Amendments to protect this country's occupants from what had transpired in the past to other nations. As all great religions seek to dominate and control as much of the world as possible, their influence was shielded from this country.

...The champions who established this new Republic were aided and protected by God and his Angelic Hosts while under the inspiration of our Creator. Their mission was to organize an administration that would protect its citizen's liberties and freedom of worship.

...Even as the foundation of rights for the American people was being established, there were those who sought ways to use the new republic to their own advantage. The same can be said for today. Through time and the changing of the many generations, the rust of forgetfulness has dulled that once brilliant dream.

...There have been those from the beginning of this country who have stood watch over this new country, even though they were severely outnumbered. Packs of scavengers have sought to take down these vigilant guardians, distracting and draining their goodness and light, so the darkness of domination can reign once more It has been witnessed that the beast of religious domination is on the prowl and hunting its prey in our land. It has been slowly and silently working its way into our Founding Father's garden, seeking to devour our children once again. The gate must be closed and strengthened and a fresh watch put on guard if our country's future and destiny is to be secured.

...The Creator's future generations in this land will want to be unabridged in their liberties to grow and experience life unhindered. They will seek their freedoms of individuality, expression, spiritual unfoldment, worship and an unconditional love and acceptance without the fear of oppression and domination.

...On a broader scope, America's destiny lies in establishing the world as one people. This country is made up of all the world's people and by its amalgamation, resides in all places of the earth through the genetic lineage of its occupants. This world and its people belong to America as America belongs to the people of the entire world.

...It is far from the truth that just one religion is the choice of all the many different people that live in the United States. If this nation were to acknowledge one specific established religion, it would send a message to the rest of the world that America has become prejudice in its thinking and had dismissed the basic fundamental laws it was founded on. It would put this country at spiritual odds with other nations that have different religious ideals. It could sever close relations with other nations, complicating communications and international trade. History has also taught us that the largest, longest and bloodiest of wars have been fought over religious indifference’s. America should be spiritually unbiased and open to all people of the world reguardless of race or religion. We must hold true to the ethics of the Constitution of the United States if we are to fulfill our destiny as the World Council Chamber and Meeting Grounds for all the nations of the Earth.

...The final levy must be completed to insure the spiritual growth of this country. The walls that protect us from religious domination need to be inspected and reinforced. The final act of the "separation of church and state" must be completed. In doing so, this country we call America will be able to fulfill its destiny as the Creator and His Angel Ambassadors have planned.

...As most of us well know, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States has insured out freedom of worship and the liberty of each and every individual in this country to choose what spiritual belief system is best suited for them. From the beginning of this new republic, Christianity has tried to be the dominating religious force in this nation. Through time, the Christian religion has been able to establish our nation's work weeks by having its days of rest and worship and its holidays of religious observances to be recognized and sanctioned by the federal and state governments. By the agencies of the US government closing their doors of business on Sundays and legalizing specific Christian religious days of observances as holidays reveals a dominating influence of an established religion controlling the American government to some degree. This demonstrates that the 'separation of church and state' is not a true reality.

...The American government should not be controlled by any established religion in any way, form or fashion. This is a direct violation of the United States Constitution. In addition, by the government sanctifying Christianity's religious days of observance as the time schedule of the American people, the rights of other Americans with different spiritual beliefs and religious days of observance have had their rights of spiritual equality violated. Their rights under the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States have been breached.

...In the Thirteenth Amendment its stated that slavery and involuntary servitude shall not exist in the United States. If one dominating religious organization sets the time schedule of work, days of rest and worship and legal holidays of spiritual observance, they are forcing the rest of the country's population to follow their one particular schedule for religious observations. Other spiritual groups with other different religious views do not recognize Christianity as being valid and cannot sanction their ideals of worship. What has occurred is a psychological enslavement to observe Christianity as the choice religion of this nation and to physically follow their schedule of religious observances. By the government sanctifying this in closing their doors of business on Sundays and legalizing holidays based on Christian observances, the Thirteenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights has been breached.

...The Fourteenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights states that all naturalized citizens of this nation that come from other parts of the world will have the same rights as those who were born in the United States. The people who come to America from all different parts of the world have a variety of religious beliefs. The dominating Christian influence in the US would have them believe that since they control the scheduled days of work, rest and worship and observed legal holidays of religious observance, it is the guiding belief system of this country and must be followed. Through this oppression, immigrants feel that they must act accordingly if they are to be morally accepted as a US citizen. They give over or act as if they accept the Christian religion and struggle with the spiritual oppression and guilt of not being true to their own inner convictions. This oppression is then passed on to their future generations, planting the seeds of fear and inferiority. They do not come forward, united with the rest of the country but become factions within our nation. Their rights as citizens have been abridged from the start, not openly, but by the psychological framework set up within the time schedule of everyday life. No matter what their spiritual belief system is and what ethnic group they belong to, even if they are a minority, their religious rights in accordance with the Fourteenth Amendment must be protected. As it stands today, their rights stated in this Amendment have been abridged.

...This quiet, underlying, dominating force is influencing the future generations of America at very young ages. This is done through the public educational system. By the US government allowing and sanctifying these days of work, rest and worship and observed legal holidays, they are programming America's children towards the Christian belief system.

...The parents and children of other religious beliefs have no desire for Christianity's influence. They are left to struggle with their inner convictions, having little choice if they want their children educated. A crude attempt by the school system has been made to allow the children of these families to take off their sacred days of observance. In doing so, the children pay the price of a secondary education. In some schools, the days they miss go without credit and can't be made up. Others allow these days to be made up on Saturdays. They are kept in a 'study hall' environment with no set schedule of tutoring and without an educator. They are being intellectually punished for their different spiritual beliefs at the cost of an inferior education. Their rights as citizens of the United States have been violated.

...By the US government allowing and sanctifying such a Christian based routine to be established, those that have no particular ideals of worship can be swayed and guided to accept Christianity's religious belief system. The daily to weekly routine that leads to the Christian Sunday day of worship makes the common people believe it is the correct way of worship which leads to eternal salvation. They have not been made to think for themselves, being little more than potential subjects of a religious power that wants to dominate and control them. Such a people are of little value to a strong nation where all should think, act and stand for something they believe in, not what someone else has devised for them. To take away such a self serving, dominating influence on a people will make them to think, reflect and decide what the truth is according to their own point of light. This is the first step in the emancipation of spirit in mankind it develops his individuality and growth as the Creator has planned.

...To resolve this spiritual and psychological injustice, the final steps in 'separation of church and state' must be taken. To give to all equal rights in their religious belief systems, The United States government must abolish all set days off that pertain to work, rest and worship and legal holidays of religious observation. This includes Christianity, any and all other established religious organizations and any humanistic orders of philosophy including the government itself. The Federal and State governments and all their funded associate agencies, including the public educational system, to be open seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. All employees of the Federal and State government, all their funded associate agencies, the public educational system and the entire population of this nation should once again be re-established in their right to choose their own work schedule, religious days of rest and worship and holidays of spiritual observances. By doing this, it will eliminate any controlled time schedule a religious organization may have on the United States government and all the American people. It will dismiss any thought that the US government is partial to, panders or is controlled by any one established religious organization. If the US government recognizes and sanctions the belief system of one particular religious order over all others, it has breached this country's basic foundation of existence. if left unchanged, it will eventually be this nation's shortcoming in fulfilling its destiny. It will create an unhealthy, factioned society and in time will lead to civil unrest, anarchy and rebellion.

...It is agreed that a nation and its people would be more unified in strength and harmony if all believed the same in spiritual matters and sanctioned one established religion. Until that time comes and all the world's people, who are citizens of these United States, agree on one belief system, each and every individual citizen of this country will continue to be protected equally and to the utmost as stated in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our liberties and freedoms in this country should always be.

( note: When our Constitution was written not only were the colonists breaking away from a tyrant government but also from the established religion that controlled it. We should not forget how this country was established and why. The same mistakes should not repeat themselves.......again. )