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As the many galaxies travel, whirling through their own universal roadways,
all life created in their wakes of fire are left in the peaceful ethean seas,
as calm embers glowing, wherein the higher universal realms of heaven reside.


C o s m i c .. O f f s p r i n g

Children of the Living Light


Mankind should know the true destiny of life and thus align the path traveled into
the heavens. This Earth can be enjoyed without being drawn into darkness and death.
Academic institutions can be designed to link mankind with the True Heavenly Hierarchy
and so be raised into the heavens unhindered, knowingly from birth onward and upward.


...In our galaxy's cycle in the universe of some nine million four hundred and eighty four thousand years ago, our solar family came into being. It was designed and given its birth out of the One Great life-force and Giver of Light with the help of the planetary engineers, many of whom are older than even the thoughts of our own worlds design.

...In the Great Mechanism, where solar systems are born, great ancient beings help in this labor of love. Some are older than our galaxy. Some are as old as our universe. Yet, each had their humble beginnings, just as you and I. They were born of a planet, lived a mortal life, died and grew up through the many heavens that are forever upward. As they grew and evolved through these many realms of heaven, they learned to control the many elements of their surroundings and add to the beginnings of the unending creation.

...During the birth of our small planetary family, the design for mankind was already complete. This is not the first world where life has existed nor will it be the last. There are ancient skilled laborers on all sides of the galactic roadways where planets, just as ours, have been traveling for untold eons of time.

...These solar systems are guided and assisted through their life span as they generate the uncountable number of souls that now and will in the future inhabit the many heavens in etherea. These numberless souls that were born and have risen into these emancipated ethereal heavens are technicians of a greater design. There are many skilled facets of expertise needed in this living entity we call our universe.

...After the completion of our own solar system, it was set forth in its own galactic roadway. Its galactic orbit runs a complete cycle every four million seven hundred thousand years. Our system is now one hundred and fortyfour thousand years into its third cycle around our galaxy.(4,700,000 x 2 + 144,000 = 9,484,000 yrs.) The measurement of travel through the cevorkum or galactic roadway is set in three thousand year sections. Our solar system completes one orbit of the galaxy after traveling through one thousand five hundred and sixty seven sections.(3,000 x 1,567 = 4,700,000 yr.) As with our solar system, so are there many other solar families of suns, planets and moons traveling in their own orbit around this same galaxy. Also, as our galaxy travels in its roadway through the universe, so are other galaxies traveling in their own roadways in this same universe.

...There are many different densities of materials, on the earth, in the earth's atmosphere and in the heavens beyond. In these heavens, away from planetary bodies, there reside the many different etherean homes where angels live. As there are many different densities of materials on the earth so are there many different densities in the heavens. Different ranks and grades of these souls inhabit these varied heavens according to their age, accomplishments and resurrections.

...As the many solar systems and planets travel their roadways, they pass through these heavens. As a world passes through these heavens, ancient etherean angels are informed of its status and receive all pertaining information as to its atmosphere, its planetary surface, its varied life forms and the mortal inhabitant's evolutionary grade and enlightenment. These elders then organize themselves in councils, debate and decide what the next best action should be taken to help those of that world to a better, higher lifestyle, paralleling the life on that planet with its planned heavenly outcome.

...Our Earth has a two fold character. One is corpor ( mass ) and the other is spirit ( light ). The spiritual life of a world has a layered intelligence. Its gross and dense to the center and more refined and subtle at its extreme. Mankind shares this existence with other life forms of this planet except in one aspect. The life that comes up out of the earth belongs to the earth and is confined and bound within its own life force or aura. The Earth and its plant and animal kingdoms are of the vortexean life currents and the condensed nebulous materials our planet is made of. Once the demise and dispersion of the Earth takes place, all of its life forms return to their original creative energies and materials.

...Mankind on the other is given more. His destiny lies beyond the limits of the Earth's design. The one characteristic mankind has that the earth kingdom does not is an eternal soul and an awareness of his own awareness and personal being. Mankind was created with an infinite ability to acquire knowledge and skills through experiences, not only on this world and its intermediate heaven but through all of time, as he rises forever higher into the emancipated ethereal heavens and beyond.

...This earth experience we perceive is but a birth place of our spirit and soul. As we were brought forth in our mother's womb into this world, we still as yet occupy a womb called a physical body. Our spirit and soul is still being nurtured, protected and educated as it grows up towards its next new existence, which is in the heavens above. In time and with our earthly experiences, we leave the corporeal and once more, we are reborn into the next level of life, the atmospherean.

...This new atmospherean life is much the same as the corporeal life lived on the earth, except it is a more refined existence. Our spiritual body takes an a new outer structure made up of the gasses that surround our planet. Remember, all solids have their effervescent counter part. All that our planet is made of was once nebulous clouds in the ethearean firmament. As our planet traveled in its galactic roadway, the earth's vortexean field ( gravity mechanism ) pulled this space material to its center and layer by layer built the outer structures of this world by condensing these gasses, into solid form.

...To better understand how the atmospherean heavens are created you have to look at the structure and formation of our world and its atmosphere. As the Living Light penetrated the physical universe, it structured the many diverse materials, gathering and combining each unto its own kind. The space that all galaxies, stars, suns, planets, moons, nebulous gasses and other heavenly materials reside in is a ratified substance known as Ethe. Ethe exists externally as well as a penetrate into and through all corporeal mass in this universe. It separates and holds all heavenly bodies in their places. It is also the disemulative element which breaks down and separates corporeal and atmospheric substances into their original molecular and atomic structures.

...As the Unseen Force brings these two opposing forces together, light and mass, it also brings forth the inner mechanism of the All Motion.

...The All Motion can be better understood as vortexean currents. The currents of vortexia pull to the center and push outward to its external perimeter at the same time. The vortex is a main factor in the creation of our world, other planets and moons, suns, galaxies, and the universe itself. All smaller vortices are created and reside within larger vortexean currents. The universe itself has a central vortex. Within these currents, galaxies are moved in their circuits, cycling the great universal roadways. As the galaxies travel their pathways, they spiral, creating currents or roadways that the many solar systems move in. The sun is the central vortexean force in our solar family. As our sun travels its cevorkum (solar roadway ), it creates a wake of currents ( solar winds ) that its planets and our world travel within. Our world, as with all other planets, contains a vortex which emits currents that cause it to spiral. Our moon even spins around our planet because of the vortexean currents that are produced by the Earth. Also, the winds, sea currents, the weather, the seasons, plant and animal life are all under the influence of the Earth's vortex. The power we move by and even light and sound can also be termed vortexia.

...The purpose of vortexia is life. It is the generator of life from the inner to the outer, from the smallest detail, accumulating and growing into the unlimited boundaries, forever.

...The All Motion is performed and controlled by the Great Unseen Power, our Creator. By the Unseen Power is the All Light brought forth by producing the friction of vortexia. This friction of vortexia illuminates the Universe through its galaxies, stars, suns, planets, moons, nebulous areas in etherea and all other atomic and sub-atomic structures in its vast firmament.

...All things created come from the unseen and all created things sooner or later return to the unseen. By the power of the vortex are galaxies and worlds formed. By ethe are all things corpor dissolved back to their original structures. Life exists in the balance between the two. All the living are brought forth and then seem to perish. All life is born and all life dies. As with the planets created, the ethe slowly dissolves them back into the firmament. The effervescent part of the earth's materials rise up into its atmosphere while the heavier carbon ash is pulled to the center of its vortex.

...Man is also a created product of the universe. His nature is two fold. One is the evanescent, the spirit, the other mass, the outer corporeal flesh structure. Upon its release at death, the spirit rises upward into the heavens while the physical body is taken back to the elements of the earth.

...All materials of the earth are created, live, grow and in time die and decay. In the decaying process, these once living materials are broken down to their original compositions. In this process, heat and gasses are released and rise up into the atmosphere. The heavier elements are returned to the earth. These different gasses that rise up from the earth are of different atomic weights and so rise to different altitudes where they combine with other like materials. There are many stratas of materials in the atmosphere. All materials on the earth are also found in the atmosphere but in less density. The same laws also apply to the spirit of mankind. When the spirit is released from the physical body, it will rise to a plateau in the intermediate heavens according to the grade and enlightenment the mortal had attained while on the Earth. Also, others of like nature will reside on that same level of ascent and will be their companions.

...The high raised guardian angels of man use these gaseous materials that rise up from the earth into the atmosphere, much the same way man uses the materials of the earth. There are atmospheric oceans over the oceans. There are earthen plateau over the different continents.

...As plant life grows, it gives off effervescent vapors much like a flower's fragrance or the gasses that the leaves of plants release. Even as the different types of plant life dies and compost, the evaporating materials rise up into the atmosphere. The same can be said of whole forests and vast farmlands. All materials of the earth are evaporated sooner or later according to their molecular density. The more refined evenesescent materials that rise up into the varied levels of atmospherea are used by the higher angels to build their heavenly kingdoms in the intermediate heavens. Also, the effervescent atmospheric part of edible plants, vegetables and fruits are gathered by these atmospherean spirits and used as their food source.

...The atmospherean heavens surround our planet and being confined to the earth, travel in the same revolution and space, above the surface of our world. They are formed by the evaporative and effervescent materials of both solids and liquids, and reside over that from which they came from. ( land over land, ocean over ocean, etc..)

...The habitable atmospheric heavens are of different densities. Heavier and darker at the surface of our world and more refined and brighter at its extreme elevation. The grade and degree of spirit a mortal contains will determine the level of ascent they will rise to in these heavens. Those more grossly related to the earth in their habits, appetites, manners, actions, thinking, behavior and in general, being of a selfish nature will rise little or not at all. They will be the same in the afterlife, just as they were before they died.

...Those that have lived a higher life of love and giving, thinking and doing more for others than themselves and subsisting on the purer elements in their diet will rise to a higher spiritual plateau in the heavens. They will also be of the same spiritual grade they were before they died.

...There is no magical transformation at death. You just pass over to the other side the same person you re before you died. A major difference though, is you will have companions of your like nature around you instead of a diverse number of individuals.

...Another change experienced in the after life is your outer spiritual body. The vortexean life force your soul generates will always be a part of you through eternity. While on the earth you were surrounded by an earthly body, at death you pass into the atmospheric heavens. Your life force draws to itself another outside body of the materials that surround you. These materials are of a gaseous or atmospheric nature. Thus conceived, an atmospheric body. The clothes you wear, a food you eat, the structured habitats, plateaux of atmospheric lands and mountains, bodies of water, companions, etc.., will all be of this more refined material. The same also applies when you rise up away from the Earth and all its influences.

...Going beyond the Earth’s vortexean field you will go through another change or resurrection even more refined. This change will be of an etheric nature. Beyond the ethereal transformation there are even more refined levels of life, each brighter and higher than the previous, continuously and forever.

...In the rise up away from the earth, each density has an intelligence and there being many plateaus from the earth upward, there are any levels of thought and enlightenment. As one learns what is needed in each level of life, we also learn to control the surrounding elements much in the same way we do here on the of this planet.

...Some seventy two thousand years ago, mankind was touched by the eternal and the seed of everlasting life and light was planted on this world. This line of Light has guided man down through time as a beacon of salvation. This line of Light was carried by a race of people that could see and converse with the ancient immortals. In fact this race was their descendants. This sired race of the angels were taught by the ones above. All that is of heaven and of the earth was given to them that they may know how to live on this world. Mankind on the otherhand, was as a child and needed nurturing, guidance and direction. The descendants of the Light were brought to this world to help raise man and add to his development, being teacher, priest and prophet to keep mankind on the path of eternal life.

...In the Earth's design, these children of the immortals were destined to be taken back into the heavens when mankind reached a certain age. As the Earth and its solar family traveled into the higher lights in the galactic roadway, some of the Children of Light ceased to regenerate and the remainder were absorbed into the race of man and seen no more on the surface of our planet. The seed of light had been planted and the higher ethereal lights of heaven, where the earth was traveling, took the place of the people who had been carrying this light for man in the early days of his childhood.

...The written laws, given by these prophets of Light, had been completed and man has used them to build his social structures. In the many generations down through time, these written laws have become second nature in mankind’s subconscious. These laws being written more so in man's mind and not so much in his heart and spirit, have forgone much of their genetic teachings and practice a selfish behavior. As the Light and inspiration of the heavens increase, those that attune themselves to it and follow its direction will rise to a higher level of life and enlightenment. The Living Light of our Creator will flow through their being inspiring them to goodness, love and truth. Those who except this Light will be lifted into the ever increasing levels of enlightenment and awareness, their souls being filled with the Living Love and thoughts from the higher heavens. Others that do the same in such a concerted effort, will increase this higher light from heaven to this earth and eventually bring forth to our planet's surface the "Kingdom as it is in Heaven".

...Those that deny and turn away from the Light will proceed into darkness and death as will their descendants if unchanged. The Living Law cannot be experienced and received the same as the written. The Living Light comes directly from our Creator to our souls through acceptance, prayer and meditation. From the Living Light there is no concealment of your morals, intentions or secret sins. You are transparent with all of your flaws revealed. These obstructions of Light will deny your ascension until they are corrected or removed. The rise into the higher realities of live is not a random ascent. It’s a very orderly and organized mode of development. Mankind, as he is on the earth, cannot survive in the higher heavens without evolving into a higher life form.

...In the very early stages of mankind's development, a heavenly council in the spiritual realm was formed to oversee his upbringing. This council organized a structured hierarchy to assist man on the earth, during his ascent through the intermediate heavens and his indoctrination into the emancipated ethereal heavens.

...The Chief of the council remains in the balance between the corporeal earth and the ethereal heavens. As our solar system orbits its galactic cevorkum, it encounters various densities of elements and resident heavens where the emancipated angels dwell. The Chief stays abreast of all the information where the earth is traveling, who's in control of what sector of ethereal what heavens are available for the earth's harvest of souls and obtaining, assistance of those higher raised angels in securing the emancipation of mankind up away from the earth. The Chief also has the knowledge of the rates and grades that man should ascend to on the earth, in the atmospherean heavens and what needs to be accomplished to further their education, evolvement and enlightenment.

...The Council's Chief is also known as God of Heaven and Earth. He is the chief executor of the council, governing the many aspects of the earth, the life of and on the earth, the intermediate heavens and mankind's path and journey from the earth into the higher emancipated ethereal heavens.

...Mankind's growth and development is governed by an intricate organic association of angels. These spiritual beings can be many centuries old and can be acknowledged as our elder brothers and sisters. They have taken a path in their lives that has prepared them to be at one with the Ever-present Life-force, the Creator of All, That which is Seen and Unseen. The God-head or Heavenly Hierarchy that oversees man's rise into higher levels of life, are angels that have volunteered for that purpose. The different official positions held by each individual angel can be transferred to another angel of the same degree. All the different positions that angels hold do in fact change completely over a certain amount of time.

...Within the galactic orbits of our solar system there are smaller cycles that have a beginning and end. The beginning of a smaller cycle which is known as a hi-dan, is a time of intense illumination and increased enlightenment. A doorway between the two worlds of the corporeal seen and the spiritual unseen is opened. Angels and mortals converse directly with each other without much difficulty. It is a time of setting mankind's evolutionary direction for the next three thousand years or so. These time periods have fluctuations of light and darkness peace and war, abundance and famines, faith and anarchy, learning and denial, creation and destruction ... etc. Each three thousand year cycle is basically the same as the previous and the cycle yet to come will also be much the same. Each cycle is a milestone that mankind crosses in his overall evolution, much like the growth years of a person on the earth. Mankind is now twenty four cycles old.

...Each three thousand year period or sub-cycle has a different design for man's growth. Technicians of varying skills of expertise assist in the upbringing of the human child. Some angels work directly with the people on the earth while others work with those that have crossed over into the spirit realm.

...After mortal death the infant spirit is known as an es’yan. According to the life that person had lived on the earth, their guardian angels will take them to a place in the lower heavens which is best suited for their resurrection and advancement. If the spirit had refused an ascending lifestyle and any help or inspiration from above, the guardian angels will have little or no influence or authority in persuading them towards the upper heavens. If the spirit refuses to chose ascension, they will wander about on the earth in the lowest atmospherean heaven ( hada ).

...The spirits that have chosen not to rise into the heavens become bound fast to the earth and eventually sink lower into the earth's lower vibrational planes. This results in the dissipation of the holy spirit in the individual and increases their lower base nature that is connected to the earth's vortexean currents.

...If a mortal has rejected a heavenly path of ascension and clings to the lower vibration of the earth, they are known as a druk. In the spirit realm they are known as druj. The druk has no spiritual knowledge or understanding and has no desire to attain such. The druj is a spirit of a druk after mortal death.

...Through time, if unchanged, the drujian spirits sink even deeper into darkness and death. The higher frequencies from the heavenly realm that keep the spirit alive are too weak to sustain their soul. Receiving no nourishment from above, these spirits engraft themselves onto mortals and live off their substance and life energies. These are known as fetals ( vampires ).

...The lower base nature of man and spirits have seven characteristics or personalities. These dark realms of influence are known as the tetracks and are responsible for all such evil dispositions in man, on the earth and in the spiritual world. Each personality has many levels of identity, from the seemingly harmless to unspeakable depravity. These seven base personalities are as follows with a few of their names they have been known by :

...Dibbah and Owow - The enticing evil. That which plays for our attention to draw you away from the Light and righteousness. A slandering mind and tongue that reports or tattles of the evils or shortcomings of others. It is the gossiping darkness, demeaning and destructive, the opposite of good speech and praise. The speech that poisons the mind and spirit.

...Ra and Hissce - The flesh evil. Sensuality, carnal desires, debauchery, drunkenness, the incurable wickedness, gluttony and those that have desires of the earth only are its characteristics. They have no desire for the ascending life and since there is no desire for Light, darkness and death ensue. These people and spirits take delight in being evil, causing others misfortune and grief and inspiring others to do the same.

...Zimmah and Ugs-ga - One who avoids truth. Those that constantly lie. At times they themselves believe the lies they, tell, preferring falsehood over truth. This personality is also known as the joking evil. Since the truth in life is beyond them, they make fun of or joke about those that are on the ascending path. They are persistently stubborn in their thinking and actions. They delight in role playing and take on any name or character that suits them, trying to deceive those around them. This character can be either mortal or spirit. If a spirit, they come to those mortals who, pray to or channel spirits and take on a personality of some grandeur telling their lies for a selfish end.

...Belyyaal and Hoe-zee - This personality is of the worthless nature, being of no good to themselves or others. They do not progress, they degenerate and are retiring and lazy. They instill no positive influences into any one or anything. They burden those around them, living off of their labor and life energies.

...Aven and Uk - This is the spirit of vanity, self centeredness, conceit, bigotry, ego and selfishness. They have no thoughts of putting others before themselves or helping someone else without receiving something in return. They always have to be first. They think they are better than others and deserve more, if not everything. They have spoiled and catered to and generally live off the substance of others.

...Anash and Bow-hiss - This personality takes delight in destruction. War and the disintegration of civilizations are their lively hood. The tools of their trade are the wicked evil inventions of death, destruction and misery. They have no desire to create for life's sake. They are destroyers, spiteful anarchists and revengeful. They generally serve kings, governments and war mongers in the conquest of others. They care not who they serve, often playing the middle ground, being mercenaries, munitions manufacturers and arms dealers..etc.

...Satan - This personality is the desire for leadership for self gain only. To be the ruler, having absolute authority over others and reveling in its so called glory, is the delight of this retracts It assumes the place of the Creator to separate and control man and angels. This is done in many ways and on many different levels of thought, both on the earth and in the spirit world. It is the deceiver and trickster of the young and uneducated and those who are born or brought into A position of power. Satan is the captain of death and the leader of the other six tetracts and they in turn take great delight in its power.

...These are the seven faces of darkness and death that have influenced mankind in the past and will continue to do so through his mortal life and into, and through his spiritual life in the intermediate heavens. Mankind could not live and survive on this planet without this external structure of the animal man or beast. There has not been anyone born on earth that doesn't have this nature in them to some degree. When this structure is bred out of man, he loses his taste for corporeal life and ceases to regenerate his species on this planet.

...Once born, the desire to live is great and the tetracts push mankind on in life, regardless. Once awakened to the factual realization of the beast nature, many want to rise up away from the lower vibrations to a higher, more refined existence. This turns the thoughts towards heaven and a desire to live a purer, enlightened angelic lifestyle.

...In contradistinction to the tetracts, mankind is also endowed with another influence. As the tetracts are the lower structure and the dark forces of influence, the aspiration that lifts man to higher levels of enlightenment and consciousness has in the past been known as ASHA. This is the Light of man, the good spiritual angel in man that leads to life eternal. ASHA is also known as the Cosmic Order, the Wheel, immortality, the Right, the Truth, and all that is good, progressive and creative. ASHA can be understood as a light penetrating the spiritual structure of man to open his awareness to the higher life up away from the darkness of corporeal worlds. It can also be thought of as the Best, of All Good in Man. As our Creator shines His Living Light on man, one side is illumined and is known as ASHA. The shadow of darkness that is cast on the opposing side can be understood as the tetracts.

...The tetracts have seven distinct personality traits. ASHA also has seven. As one is of heaven the other is of the earth. These two separate characters in man have been revealed down through time, even from the ancients, and have been stated:" Some are born of the spirit and some are born of the beast."

...The seven personalities that are the good, higher spiritual nature of Mankind, known as the Forces of Light or ASHA are:

...Vohu Manah - This personality is ‘The Holiest’ and 'The Good Mind'. It is the true and right path of thinking. It is the friendly breath of peace acquired through the ear. It is the speech that gives happiness to the soul. It is more powerful than all other creatures and its presents inspires others to the same. It is the worker of good whose name is Peace, Strength, Unity, Deliverance and Welfare.

...Ameretat - This personality gives the ability to see spiritual immortality into the heavens and beyond. it inspires and teaches that there is more to life than the corporeal worlds. Its light and inspiration makes the world to grow and increase. It is the true spoken speech that gives the soul joy. It is the inspirer of Guardians and Protectors who contribute to the growth of plants and the wooded areas of the earth and all the life therein.

...Asha Vahista - This is the personality of 'Truth and Righteousness'. It is the best of 'All Perfection'. It is the bestower of the 'Holy Blessings'. It is the -"Fairest and Most Holy Divine Order'. This trait is the opposite of druj, druk or darkness. It stands as a High Raised Angel surrounded by intense Light.

...Khshathra Vairya - This characteristic of Light is 'The Realm of Divine Will' that directs mankind in his advancement on the earth and his rise through the intermediate heavens and beyond. It is the desirable lordship of mercy and charity. This Light moves the angles and man to lift others up and help them in their resurrections. It is as a parent that oversees and guides their childs development and growth.

...Spyenta Amaita - ‘Humility and Piety’ is this personality’s character. Beneficent devotion, benevolence and the true piety in believers gives sublime glory in the submission to the Creator. Through submission, the path of Light is opened and the attainment of higher consciousness and enlightenment will begin.

...Haurvatat - This Light is of 'Perfection and Plenty'. It is the inspirer of laborers and producers and moves them to contribute to the prosperity of the seasons and their harvests and manufactured goods. They are the guardians and protectors of the water's purity and all the life therein.

...Sraosha - This is the ‘Light of Obedience’. It inspires the 'Cosmic Order' its Laws and wise conduct. It is the guardian and protector of the Light and Creation. It is the contender of evil. It is the Master of Holiness and is rich in good thoughts, words and deeds. It is the ‘Ambassador of Peace and Harmony’. It is the ‘Guardian of Corporeal Worlds’ and the continuing influence of the Light to All.

...All good Thoughts, Words and Deeds, are thought, spoken and done with Intelligence.

...All evil thoughts, words and deeds, are thought, spoken and done with folly.

...Let the men and women who think Good Thoughts, speak Good Words and do Good Deeds inhabit the Heavens as their home.

...Let those who think evil thoughts, speak evil words and do evil deeds abide in chaos.

...For all who think Good Thoughts, speak Good Words and do Good Deeds, the Celestial Realms, the Best Worlds, doth belong.

...Within the Cosmic and Planetary Kingdoms, the influences of Light and Darkness are in constant struggle for the control of our world and its inhabitants. Light over darkness is the constant. The Light fluctuates in intensity and illumination. When it comes forth in power, life flourishes and darkness decreases. When the Light decreases, the Darkness overshadows and death insues. In this balance of power, there are sixteen realms or kingdoms in which the forces of Light and Darkness have their influence. These realms are either in a progressive and flourishing state as our Creator makes them or in a declining or decreasing state when the Light and Life-force is withdrawn.

...These realms or kingdoms have two natures and are :

...1.Creation and Destruction. 2.Preserver and Spoiler. 3.Eternal Life and Death. 4.Wisdom and Ignorance. 5.Work and Idleness. 6.Love and Hate. 7.Peace and Violence. 8.Power and Weakness. 9.Sun and Darkness.
...10.Water and Impure Water. 11.Air and Impure Water. 12.Fertile Earth and Barrenness. 13.Food and Impure Food. 14.Health and Disease. 15.Man and Inferior Man. 16.Joy and Sadness.

...The forces of Light and Darkness have their influence on the earth and in the spiritual world. As mankind is neither of the Dark or the Light, but a product of both, the influence they have on him has an impact on his evolution.

...Man is the only creation on the Earth that is born blank. Although he has genetic memories through his ancestral lineage he watches and learns from the parental and peer examples set before him. All that is seen and happens to a person writes upon their soul and forms their character.

...The two extremes of Light and Darkness have their effect on each individual and the worlds population until they have reached and completed the third resurrection, rising into the emancipated heavens in etherea. These extremes create the 'Wheel' that mankind rides from the earth into the heavens.

...When all the traits of Light are acquired, one is able to overcome the lower aspects of earth and rise higher into the emancipated nature of the ethereal being. When one chooses to rise to this higher frequency of spiritual light, others who remain stationary or in a declining state of spirit will neutralize their efforts of ascension. The environment, one's living conditions, surroundings and diet also have their influence on the rise into the higher spheres of intellect and awareness. Those that, surround themselves with others of the same aspirations will find it much easier to rise up away from the earth's vibration and align themselves with the frequencies of heaven.

...The overall balance of ascension into Light as opposed to the declining nature of Darkness will determine the spiritual outcome of the nuclear family and it's future generations. The same holds true for a community, a city, a nation and the world as well.

...People of the earth are generators of mental and spiritual levels of awareness and their energies. The influence of a highly spiritual person of light and goodness can lift and enlighten and through conduction, transfer the same sight and elevation to others. In retrospect, the darkness can also devolve the spiritual person and influence those around them until all light and goodness are consumed.

...Mankind, as a whole, is one family among the stars. He is born of the earth to complete his individuality. All the influences of Light and Dark mold the entire character of man, polarizing to the extremes. Those that choose to rise and put forth their spiritual energy to do so, will grow into the ethereal heavens. Those that refuse to release their dark ways will cling to the earth's energy, vortexea, and will eventually be drawn into the center spheres within our world. These are the evil influences, void of spiritual light, that inspire souls to their wicked ways. In time, as the Earth's life force extinguishes itself on the exterior, the darkened souls will retreat inward, following what's left of the world's life currents. They will be confined within the earth's grip, until at its extreme, the world novas. With the outer crust gone, the remaining vortex will draw an atmospherean world around it. The many souls that were entrapped are released and having no anchor in corpor, are weaned of their darkness and begin their rise up through these nebulous heavens and eventually etherea. None shall be lost. All shall be resurrected.

...Unseen to mortal eyes, the influences that control mankind are beyond his earthly comprehension. The many forces that direct his life are inperceivable to the physical senses. Before mankind was born from the vast pool of Cosmic Life, the feeling of oneness was paramount. The journey we've taken into this corporeal world separates us, sculpturing our individuality and consciousness, to the extremes. We can feel separate, lonely, isolated, misunderstood and at odds with the rest of humanity. The journey back home, to become one with our Originator is an excessive trek in time and space. The rise from this orbiting sphere into the heavens and the higher realms of reality is not an unguarded, haphazard, from chaos comes order situation. It is a well structured, organized nursery from which the children of the universe are born.

...From the beginning of time, souls have been brought forth into the heavens from the many created worlds in etherea. Not all planets are birth stars. The souls that are generated from planets and born into the cosmic sea from the nursery stars are vast. (approx. eighteen billion per one hundred years for this planet.)

...Mankind is not alone in this universe. There are countless planets within the untold number of galaxies that also give off life such as our own. Mankind is not alone on this world. Spiritual guardians from the higher heavens are assigned to mortals at their birth. These guardians stay with such mortals through their lives even until after their death. They stay with them day and night, inspiring them to do during the day and influencing their dreams at night. These angels guide mortals to meet each other, go where they go, act as they act, building and creating the world around them as they are inspired to. These guardians are volunteers that want to help mankind to rise up away from the earth and grow into the heavens. These angels work in an organized, organic structure from the surface of this planet, through the intermediate heavens and into the ethereal realms. They are the midwives, teachers, educators, administrators, and in time, close companions, brothers and sisters. These guardian angels who oversee mankind personally on the Earth are known as Ashars.

...Ashars watch, oversee, protect, guide and keep records of a person's life while they are mortal. The history of their genealogy, activities, their strengths and weaknesses, habits, diet, surroundings and all other influences of the individual are recorded.

...The work of these guardian angels is on the cusp of the individual's light and dark sides. The adversity that is encountered is the tetract influence on both the physical and spiritual realms of life. The guardians have a strong influence, on the mortals they watch over but they are not alone in the spirit world. Others of the lower nature that have passed over can also have an influence on their wards. These lower spirits of immoral habits seek out mortals who have a love for the same indulgences they have. As a mortal experiences such indulgences, they give off a certain life vibration and vapors (auric emanation) and the spirits around that mortal absorb and experience the same feelings and pleasures. If a spirit enjoys a certain indulgence, they will try to persuade or inspire mortals to those certain habits. One mortal indulging in a specific vice may have more than one spirit enjoying the same activity. If a mortal doesn't have any bad habits, vices or indulgences, the lower spirits will have no use for them and seek their pleasures elsewhere.

...One of the main goals and work of the ashars is to influence their proteges to a higher light in the spiritual realm. When a guardian angel is successful in redeeming their mortal ward to the light, together they are generators of goodness and so inspire some of the drujan spirits that are around them to the same. The mortal's actions also influence other mortals on the earth plane to a more enlightened way of life.

...When an ashar receives the spirit of a mortal at the time of their death, the newborn es’yan and the records of their earth life are delivered to one whose position is known as Asaph. The Asaphs have control over where the es’yans will begin their spiritual education. If the es’yan is deranged, ill, incomplete, wild, morose, incoherent, etc ... they are taken to the nurseries or hospitals situated to bring them back to health and awareness. After they have completed their rehabilitation, they continue their education in the spirit world and so rise up, outward and finally away from the planet.

...The different levels of entry into the heavens vary per individual. The grade of the spirit is determined by their faith, parents, life, surroundings, aspirations, morals, selflessness and selfishness, and in general all thoughts, words, actions and deeds. Their grade is also influenced by their diet, attitudes and the companions they had while on the earth. The grade of the spirit determiners where the individual will go after leaving the mortal coil. How you prepare yourself on the earth will determine your first steps into the afterlife.

...There is no magical transformation in turning into an angelic being, full of light and power. You're basically the same after death as you were the last day of your earth life. You just simply transfer to the other side. Light and Power are added to you when you have rightfully earned them. If while on the earth you lived a life of a gross corporeal nature, your entry level into the heavens will be close to the earth. If you were selfless, working for others who were less fortunate, aiding in their salvation, your elevation will be high in the intermediate heavens.

...The heavens are unified in both life and action. A great work is done by the multitudes of angels when it comes to lifting mankind up out of the earth and beyond. The link that elevates goes beyond the intermediate heavens, connecting man to his emancipated home in the etherean heavens.

...Think not that mankind's growth and development is unattended or unguided. The whole of mankind as an individual has a predetermined pattern of growth. Man has a birth, a childhood, adolescence, genius, maturity, old age and finally dotage and death. Through all these phases, man's genetic structure is overseen and guided by a group of angels who provide for his prenatal conditions. This group of angels are known as Loo’is, Masters of Generations. They bring together certain mortal men and women to produce specific offspring of different quantities and for many different reasons. When certain changes in mankind's destiny are required, the loo’is bring about designed individuals to accomplish such. These masters of generation work directly with the upper echelon of angelic hosts who see far into the destiny of mankind's growth on this planet.

...Throughout the many generations of man, guardian angels have led them to build villages, communities, towns, cities and nations. As the tribes of man grew in number, the larger areas of land were divided proportionally and additional guardians were added to watch over and guide man's advancement.

...These angels that oversee these larger numbers of mortals and es’yans, and coordinate and direct the ashars and asaphs in their labors are called Lords. The Lords work directly under the authority of God of Heaven and Earth and as advisors and administrators to the angels who deal directly with mortals and the newly dead.

...The lords and their angelic entourage abide in a heavenly kingdom in the lower atmosphere, close to the earth. Hospitals, nurseries, educational centers and the manufactories of needed goods are part of their dominion. The newly dead (es’yans) are brought to these plateaus to start their indoctrination into the spiritual world.

...The Lord is a god of the earth, next lower in rank to God of Heaven and Earth. The first exalted rank an angel receives in heaven is Ashar, the second is Asaph, third is Loo’is, the fourth is Marshall, the fifth is Lord and the sixth is God. Marshals are rather vice-lords and are not titled. The first title in heaven is Lord. The second title is God. God of Heaven and Earth sometimes appoints a lord to a single city and at times appoints one to a state or one to a country or nation. In the first days of man, God appointed one to a continent. A lord's minor dominion is one hundred million angels and a major dominion, several thousand million. A lord must have past beyond the second resurrection before they become eligible to the title.

...God of Heaven and Earth has a singular kingdom, situated in the outer perimeter of the Earth's vortexean currents. When the es’yans of the first resurrection have advanced through the lower heavens sufficiently they are received into the lord's heavens. In this heaven they are prepared to rise even further into God's kingdom. While in the lord's kingdom, the es’yans are weaned of their singular individuality and indoctrinated into group consciousness. The individual spirits become part of the larger family and strive with these others to attain the Oneness with their Creator. In passing from the singular consciousness to group affiliation, one passes from the first resurrection to the second resurrection. The first resurrection is of the lord's kingdom. The second is of God's kingdom.

...In God's plateau their education continues to prepare them for the ascent out away from the earth's rotating heavens into the emancipated ethereal heavens. This is the third resurrection. God's position is intermediate between the Earth and the Ethereal Heavens. He watches over and directs the advancement of mortals to es’yan, and the rise of the es’yan from the lower heavens into the higher heavenly kingdoms.

...From the upper kingdom, God, and his Council keep a watchful eye on the roadway of our solar system as it journeys its orbit in the galaxy. There are many diverse sections of light and darkness within our galactic cevorkum. Each has a great impact on the evolution of our planet, and all the life on and in it. In the periods of light, our planet is unobstructed from the light and life force from the center of our galaxy or has entered an arc of light that has been constructed in the paths that solar systems travel. The Earth and all on it is in a state of evanescence or giving away. It is releasing its substance which is evaporating and rising out away from the surface of our world. This is a period of enlightenment for mankind. During these periods of light man is more spiritual, giving, peaceful, intellectual. He dwells into the secrets of life and aspires to be a higher, more enlightened individual. Towards the end of these periods there are droughts and famines. Man is less productive and produces less offspring. It is a time when all has become depleted.

...In times of darkness, the Earth and its solar family roll into thick nebulous regions in the cevorkum. This nebulous material is pulled onto the earth by its vortexean currents. In this period of absorption, the earth replenishes itself of the materials it had given away during the period of light. It is a time of reestablishing the outer material structure of life. During these periods, mankind becomes more stately, assimilating unto himself. He becomes influenced by the earthly tetracts more than the inspiration from etherean realms. Man becomes self center and egotistical. It is a time of plenty and less effort and labor is spent growing and harvesting sustenance. Man has more time to build up his earthly kingdoms and create new civilizations. Unfortunately in these times of darkness, man is more aggressive and warlike and such is the savage in pruning his own kind. Look back through time, notice the many cities and nations that have come and gone. The periods of darkness build up and become strong. Yet, in the turn of Light, they disappear, evaporating, never to be seen again on the surface of this world.

...In the vastness of this galaxy that our solar system travels, there are untold numbers of souls that have been generated into existence. The emancipated heavens are filled with ethereal homes for the souls of these eternals. The universe has many levels of life, from the corpor to the ultrarefined and beyond. As mankind is brought away from the earth and its influences, they are taken to a heaven that is best suited for their future growth. God of the Earth is in communication with those living in these higher, more refined ethereal heavens. The Earth's harvest of souls are passed on and delivered, timely and in vast numbers from God’s care and the Earth into these higher heavens and within the protection and care of those known as Orian Chiefs.

...Orian Chiefs oversee vast areas of heaven that have the many roadways that our and other solar systems travel through. Along these cevorkum paths are the many heavens that differ in densities and substance. They know well in advance when a soul generating planet is to pass through their sector. They prepare and make ready these heavens for the birth of the millions of souls from this womb, the Earth and other nursery stars, that are predestined to live in the universal heavens.

...Within the Orian Fields, on the many solar roadways, there are stationed those that are known as Shrevarhs. These council, debate and execute certain actions that arrange and purify a planets surface and atmosphere, so that life will be more productive, increasing its quality of life and the grades of mortals.

...When the multitudes are born out of the earth, they are taken to an ethereal heaven of a certain density that is best suited to their level of growth. Gradually and in time, these souls are graduated into higher and more refined densities until they enter the Nirvanian Heavens. [ Mankind, when born on the earth, subsists on corporeal substances and assimilates it to his growth. As corporeal man reaches an apex in his physical life, he grows more on Living Light than mass. Spiritual growth depends on the accumulation of this Light that is the essence of the Ever-present Living Light and Life-force, our Creator, Jehovih. As mankind grows out away from the darkness of corporeal worlds, their outer structure changes from mass to light. Their outer body and all of their surroundings increase in this light through time, as they grow into the higher heavens.]

...The Nirvanian Heavens are ultra refined crystalline light structures impreceivable to the human eye. The souls that live there must be pure and wise suited to that existence. As the Earth's heavens are to the Nirvanian heavens, so are the Nirvanian heavens to even higher, more refined heavens beyond.

...This life structure we are born into is forever and without end. The heavens that we ascend to are also without end, each higher and more refined than the previous, forever.

...Beyond the nirvanian heavens of rest and paradise, the souls are educated to become co-creators in the uncountable phases of universal activities. This includes the building and setting into motion, the star families that travel the galactic highways. These great souls of power and light are known as Oe’teans. Beyond still, are others known as Eons. They travel in the higher surveys of etherea. They notify the Oe’teans of the conditions of the solar roadways, where new solar systems can be created and where old exhausted systems need to be dissipated into the materials from which they were created.

...Beyond still are others, makers of galaxies and organizers of ethe, creators of light and corporeal substance, and all other substances that universes are made of. The All System of Life is but one life entity, intergraded from the lowest to the highest, giving life out of itself, that in time, will once again, become one in the same. This universe sustains all within it, co-existing and in harmony with all the other uncountable universes of the same order and life structure and being one in the same, forever.

...In mankind's trek through the earth into the heavens he has two choices. One is to aid life's plan and become one with the will, action and growth of the universal flow of life. The other is to be at the will and mercy of the unseen forces that move all and influence the total outcome of the earth's plan in the universal fabric of life.

...At some time in our life we are given this choice and we consciously choose the path we take. The Light calls us to the door of decision. For some it is but a faint glimmer. To others it is as the sun itself, unsetting. Some are blinded and cannot move. Some just go back to sleep, forgetting that it ever happened. Regardless, we are all eternal and travel the degree of light we choose.

...The path we choose here on the earth, determines the path of ascension we rise through into the heavens. One path is to the Godhead. The other is to the lower spiritual soul mass.

...Down through time, the Great All One has inspired and directed certain preconditioned souls to deliver instructions to mankind that would help him on the earth to prepare them for the life in the hereafter. Those that accepted and adhered to the messages were watched over, guided and protected by the many guardian angels assigned to them. These prophets have come at different times to different continents and nations to help those people in their particular development.

...New revelations are given to mankind in the beginning of a three thousand year cycle.( 1848 has been the most recent.) It is a time of new light and new instruction. It is a time when the Lord calls Jehovih’s children to come together and establish a new foundation from which the higher heavens come through and manifest its Light on the surface of this corporeal world.

...The higher Light attracts its kind and new civilizations are created. Those civilizations that are in darkness and reject the Light are eventually dissipated and lost because of the prevailing evil within them.

...For the new civilizations to thrive and prosper, the new revelations from the heavens and the reminders from the previous prophets should strongly be considered. These written guidelines should not be thought of as restrictions or rules to punish by, but accepted freely and practiced willfully so that all may be a glory to their Creator, giving each a fuller and more joyous life here on this earth and in the hereafter.

...Most of these written guidelines have been much the same, and if combined would be as such:

...Universal Suggestions and Reminders Jehovih, the I Am, the Great Spirit, the All Light, the Everpresent, Father of Heaven and Earth, Creator of All; was, is and forever shall be. He is the All Life that you see in Earth and in the Heavens. Even the unseen worlds are His very Person. He is the Whole. Nor is there anything in all the Universe that is not a part of Him.

...With Him all things are possible and all things good.

...He created the whole of the Universe. He created the heavens, etherea, wherein all galaxies reside with their suns, stars, planets and moons. Each to course their own circuit by the power of the All Motion. Where heavenly kingdoms of light reside away from the darkness of corporeal worlds.

...He created all that live and all that have ever lived and died and all that have ever breathed.

...He created life, to all a life to live, a right to live and die. Out of His Very Person, He gave to all life and death.

...To be all pure, all good, all wise, all holy and to do all good works is to hear the voice of Jehovih.

...To be all bad, all foolish, to be all evil thinking, to do evil works is not to hear His voice.

...To the All good, good is alive and evil is dead.

...To the All evil, it is alive to itself only.

...The All good is the Creator, the All Light.

...The All bad is darkness, the opposition to the All Light.

...For man's understanding what is good you shall call good, what is evil you shall call evil.

...To your Creator there is no good or evil, but the ripe and unripe .

...With the ripe there is light, with the unripe there is darkness.

...Without the unripe, there can be no ripe.

...Without the darkness there can be no light.

...All creations are good. All or any light or life is good no matter in what degree.

...The time of creation is a time without measure, thus there shall be forever created creations.

...Jehovih, the One Great Person, which is incomprehensible, matchless in wisdom, truth, power and unity of purpose is Creator and Ruler over all in Heaven and on the Earth and on all other worlds, seen and unseen.

...Love and worship the Creator above all.

...You shall have no other God, lord, savior, idol, man or angel to worship forever.

...Serve not any god, lord, savior, idol, man or angel, and swear against such.

...Make no image of the Creator out of anything that is in the heavens, on the earth or in the waters.

...Do not bow down before idols or images or anything having the form of anything in the heavens, on the earth or in the waters.

...Do not worship or call on angels for council on the affairs of worldly gain.

...Covenant yourself to your Creator every day and search for His expressions in all things on the Earth, in the waters and in the Heavens.

...Complain not against Jehovih for anything that happens. All are His and He accomplishes in His own way for the good of all.

...Cut not yourself off by making yourself seem greater than your Creator.

...Build altars unto your Creator for it enforces the thought of worship to Him.

...Speak not Jehovih's sacred name in public, or give it to idolaters or lovers of evil.

...Remember the sacred days and keep them holy. Six days shall you labor but the seventh day is the Sabbath; a day of rest and worship.

...The star of light within each of us is the Creator.

...All men are created of the same light and spirit.

...Love your neighbor as thy self, for they are your brothers and sisters created from the same.

...Do good unto others with all your wisdom and strength, for this is the highest religion.

...Good works are the key to salvation.

...What one does for others on the Earth shall be done for them in heaven.

...Look for the good in all, and forgive what is not. Do not criticize, censor or find fault in them for they are the Creator's, and It is between them.

...Return good for evil and show them the way.

...The soul of man is immortal and everlasting, and shall ultimately attain the peace and joy in the heavens of the All Light.

...All people should rise up in their own might to embrace the Creator, to practice good works and promote love to all; and by charity and independence elicit the protection, the pride and the glory of the Almighty.

...Speak truth only, and be truthful in all things.

...Be aware of your speech.

...To talk of good things, delights, loves, the Creator and His wonderful creations, of life and death, of everlasting life and happiness. These are good speech and give the soul great happiness.

...To talk of dark deeds, of one's neighbor's shortness, of disgusting things and words, these bring darkness to one's soul.

...Make your neighbor rejoice in thee.

...Cultivate joyous hearts, rejoice in your own life, sing and dance respecting the rites and ceremonies so all things may be orderly before Jehovih.

...Deal with all men, women and children justly and kindly, and with great love.

...All men shall have liberty.

...This is the age of reason in which all men should be inspired to read and think and judge with their own judgment, and not through any priest, church or savior.

...One man's judgment shall not be binding to another, for all have their own point of view.

...Do not argue for opinion's sake.

...Respect the opinion of others, for you may be in error.

...Speak little of yourself and your possessions, for all have a history.

...Make yourself compatible in righteousness with others.

...All men are equal in the eyes of the Creator. Death comes to each, the high and the low.

...Be self righteousness above no one.

...Keep your thoughts pure.

...Inflict no evil or harm.

...Raise up those that are cast down, and help them in the way of their salvation.

...Nothing belongs to any man, for all things are Mine, saith the Creator.

...Provide for the spirit first, and then the body.

...Be not vain in possessions. That which you possess on the Earth shall possess and bind you in heaven.

...Use what is needed. Own or possess nothing under the sun, and steal not.

...Give all that is in no use to the poor.

...Desire no more than what you will give.

...Hold and care for all things in common.

...We are just passing through this Earth. That which is material gained will eventually be as the wind.

...God said; “To him who saith: This is mine, I have not spoken. To him who saith: My house, My lands, I have not spoken. For in as much as these things belong to them, such men belong to such things, and not to Me."

...All life is sacred, for it is the life of the Creator.

...Kill not what is created alive.

...The star of light; the life, the spirit, the soul, is given at the conception of birth and is most sacred.

...Keep holy the body, and be pure and clean.

...Inoculate not your flesh with poison and corruption to save it from the same, for it is to use the battle ax of Satan. Man shall learn the higher law, to save by virtue instead of vice.

...Be observant of what you shall eat and drink and where you dwell by day and sleep at night and who you commune with, for all things shall write upon your soul their character and kind, being either good or evil.

...Every living thing that groweth up out of the ground shall be food for you. Of all things that are flesh and blood, wherein is the breath of life and spirit, you shall not eat, for thou shalt not kill.

...If thou would be gentle like the lamb, non-resistant and docile, so you may obtain great knowledge and wisdom, feed on herbs and fruit, nuts an cereals and your blood shall be pure and cool and charged with food for thy spirit in peace and love.

...But if you would be ferocious like a carnivorous beast, feed on flesh and fish and your blood will be hot and your spirit will be stirred with passion and anger and contention and tattling and war and jealousy and love of vengeance.

...For what so thou chargest thy blood with, shall be charged upon thy spirit. From your blood shall your spirit be inspired according to what your blood contains.

...As through corpor, the corporeal part is nurtured, so through the gaseous atmosphearian part, is thy spirit nurtured.

...Man according to his diet, desires, thoughts, words and actions, being either good or evil, shall dwell in spirit in the first heaven, on a plateau either near the earth or high above to which he has adapted himself during his earth life; resulting in light or darkness, joy or unhappiness, having companions of the same.

...Honor thy father and mother. Pay reverence to your grandparents and ancestry.

...Marry only once.

...Commit not adultery.

...Marry not on the impulse of the flesh, but consider the spirit of each.

...Take not a spouse of unclean habits.

...Be circumspect as to marriage, that your offspring Incline towards spirituality than to earthliness.

...Multiply and adorn the Earth.

...Seek to bring forth heirs to be a glory to the Creator.

...The young are your angels, given to you by the Creator, and you are as their God. Your example will be their guideline. Consider what kind of kingdom you will have.

...People of chronic ill health or deformity or hidden sickness should bring forth no heirs.

...Respect the times of women.

...Do not have sexual relations with your wife during pregnancy. Give her no heavy burdens and do as she asks.

...Abnegate one's self for the peace and good of the family, be it opinion, desires or possessions.

...Be as a father or mother to the sick and helpless, the orphan, the stranger, the widow and others who are destitute.

...Your Creator is your King, and no other. Be non-resistant and live under the law of Jehovih, for He speaks to the soul of all men.

...He has created the power in you to live without worldly kings. Disown and bow to none but Him, Jehovih.

...Man has a natural right above all kings, priests and sacred writings to serve his Creator in his own way.

...The king's people have not faith in the All Light; therefore, their souls will fall into darkness.

...Have nothing in common with the king's people.

...Take no part in the governments of man, kings, queens or dictators. Neither fight for them or against them, and enter into no treaties or alliances with them.

...It is better to live in tents in the All Light with happiness and life, than to dwell in a magnificent kingdom of lust and death.

...Engage not in war, nor aid those in the act of war, nor stand with those that are of the opinion that war should be waged.

...The All Light has said; "Those that would not kill because of their natural love for me and my created sons and daughters, the impress in service of war taking them from their kindred saying, ‘Come away from peace and kill; be a soldier of death for the glory of the King.”

...I commanded them in the olden times to kill not at all. My words were plain. But the kings commanded their priests to interpret My words round about whereby war might be justified.

...“I commanded them against taking that which is another's. My words were plain. But the kings commanded their priests to intemperate the meaning so the kings could extract tribute for their own glory. And so they levy wheresoever and whensoever they will, saying: 'for the defense of the king and the country.' Thus they have perverted My Commandments from beginning to end. But I declare unto you that in My sight, to kill one man, I will hold him and his accomplices accountable, and ten times accountable if they kill ten men, and a hundred times for a hundred, and even thousands. They shall not hide death and murder from My sight by the word war. Neither shall they excuse stealing by levying tax for the King or country's protection. For by this evil hath it come to pass that they talk about protection. Have I made a law that one king or country should protect itself from another? Seest not any man that these doctrines come from the flesh and not the spirit? “

...“Behold, I alone shall judge. My mark is upon all those that engage in war or who keep warriors, or who keep forts or arsenals, and use weapons of death; and upon all who kill, and upon those that eat the flesh of anything I created alive; for these are pagan and heathen in My sight.”

...“My kingdoms are not by violence or by war, but by liberty to every soul; and, whoso practiceth peace, love and liberty unto others are My chosen. They are on the way of everlasting resurrection."

...God hath said, “I come as an elder brother in the name of Jehovih. I show thee how thou canst live without governments of man. And how thou shalt live in order to join in my resurrections"

...Let not the faithist of this day say, "I will purify the government. I will leaven the whole mass!'

..."I say unto thee, thy God laboreth not in such method. The cure is, come out of Uz and be thou clean. Take with thee only things that have proved good, the rest, leave behind.

...Whoso hath faith in Uz, let him remain in Uz. Whoso hath faith in Jehovih, let him come into His Kingdom.

...To know thy Father in Heaven, O man, who hath learned this? They profess Him in words, but they belie Him in their behavior.

...Renounce them O my beloved, gather up thy household and follow my voice, which I speak into thy soul from the Almighty.

...Follow thou thy highest knowledge, and make thyself a glory in Jehovih's kingdoms forever and ever.

...Be not ascetic. Build communities within the world. Be an example that love and peace, plenty and happiness are possible on the Earth.

...Labor for the good of all, and not just thyself.

...Be not a master or servant to one another, but as brothers and sisters. In doing so, there will be no rich or poor.

...Discover your own gifts and use them to benefit all.

...Fall not into idleness. Be industrious, producing something good, and be rewarded in your efforts.

...Learning is as a gymnasium to the spirit. Knowledge is the strength of the soul.

...Whatever promotes the greatest harmony and wisdom between people is of the highest light and practiced in the higher heavens.

...If angels or men advise thee against these suggestions, they have little to offer, for they have not yet discovered the harmonious heavens of your Creator. Light is the freedom to all. To know this, is the beginning of wisdom.

...Jehovih hath said, "My children, even God, I have brought thee forth out of earth quickened into life everlasting. By faith I inspired you to do whatsoever you have done. Faith, I have given to you as the tree whereon all perfection is the fruit.

...By the faith within you, that nurtures the I Am unto perfection becomes My child, doing by the virtue of My Presence. According to your wisdom and love have I given you strength, and by that strength raise you up.”

...Have faith in the Everpresent, and you will have spiritual ascendancy.

...Whomever lives the higher laws will pass on to Nirvana and endless light.

...Every and all things come from your Creator. The universe, even your body, is the body of the Creator. All life therein, even your own, is the life of the Creator. All light that proceeds out of this life is the light of the Creator. Your soul, your spirit, your very being is, in fact, your Creator, given to you out of His very Person. All are the One, and the One is All.

Into your hands are you given the key to His heavenly kingdoms.Remember the password which admitteth thee to the all highest heavens:

Jehovih, the I Am. The Almighty, Everpresent, Great Spirit and All Light.

...Revelations have been past down to us about the rise into the heavens in past cycles. As each cycle is different from the last, according to the godhead of that time, we can ascertain approximately what the educational system in the heavens will be at the time we enter the afterlife. What was good for the souls in the past was given to them. What is good for mankind in this cycle will also be given to us.

...Paying close attention you will notice that some of the past educational systems have already manifested on the surface of this world and others are in the process. After their completion into this corporeal reality is achieved, the 'Kingdom on Earth' will be anchored securely and mankind will begin his educated awareness that the heavens are his home and the earth is just our birthplace.

...In the past, those that adhered closely to the teachings of the prophets and the Universal Living Laws, experiencing the Presence and Light of the Creator, rose into the heavens after mortal death and were educated as such :

...Upon entering the E’s world, the initial transformation from the corporeal to the spiritual world is experienced in the exterior. The outer structure that was earthen changes to a less dense material. The soul body had clothed itself in the material of the atmosphere.

...This atmospherean body differs in each individual according to the life they had lived on the earth. Some will have more density and some less. The more refined and enlightened will ascend into the higher intermediate heavens. Those of gross habits and who were influenced to the tetracts will reside in the lowest atmospheric heaven,( hada ), wandering about on the earth with those that are mortal. In most cases, these druj go about their lives just as before. They haunt the places where they had lived and worked. They also stay in the places they had enjoyed while indulging in their earthly delights and vices. These spirits will not start their ascension until they repent, giving up the earth and pray for the redemption of a higher existence.

...Those that do not change, follow the currents of vortexea from the earth, lose spiritual flux and enter the lower realms of darkness and death. This group is like a plague on the earth, infesting the life force of the planet. At certain times these spirits become an adversity to man's growth on the earth. They are then removed from the world's surface and taken to the hospitals and infirmaries in heaven for rehabilitation.

...In this new spiritual life there is much to know and much to discover. In the infinite rise out away from the planet, there are those who have volunteered to help the new es’yans in their new environment. These volunteers instruct and educate the individual spirits, singularly and in groups. The es’yans learn the same things and rise in concert, together. This educational process is structurally organized and has been developed since the days of the ancients and is well perfected.

...In past cycles, the deceased that followed the path of Light up through the God-head were educated thusly:

...Once a spirit had recovered their senses, healed of any afflictions, repented and had been fully resurrected, their ashar delivered them to those that had been prepared to receive and help them. For two years or so those spirits were as babes being born into a new world. Everything was new to them and they needed to be cared for until they could care for themselves. Their guardians who were in charge of them, showed them about, acquainting the newly born es’yans with their atmospherean surroundings and explaining the changes they had gone through and will experience in the future. They were also introduced to new modes of transportation, singularly and in groups. They were shown how to locate and travel to the different regions on the earth and in the realm of the first resurrection, the lower atmospherean heaven.

...Being of a different outer body, which is comprised of a gaseous or atmospheric nature, the es’yans were shown suitable spiritual food, complimentary to their new life in the intermediate heavens. As food grows from the earth, so does it give off vapors in its life process, in its decaying and when it is transformed by fire. There are certain vapors from vegetation that rise up from the earth into the different stratas in the atmosphere. From these stratas, suitable spiritual foods can be harvested. There is not an element on the earth that is not found in the atmospheric state. As much as man on the earth uses the different materials in a variety of uses, so do the angels use these atmospheric materials in their building, manufacture and harvests.

...Man on the earth sustains himself on corporeal food. The newly deceased or es’yan sustains their bodies on dense atmospheric vegetation. As the spirits progress into the higher realms of the intermediate heavens, their atmospherean foods become less dense and more refined. Beyond a certain point in the outer extremes of the earth's influence, the angels begin living on a substance that exists in the etherean realms and give up atmospherean food altogether. Their sustenance is the Living Light that permeates the fabric of the universe. Those that are graduated from the earth but are not totally weaned of it are taken to the nebulous regions in the Orian Fields ( a’ji’an fields and etherean swamps ) and begin their etherean lives. Here they gradually progress into the higher lights of the emancipated heavens.

...These es’yans did not labor for the first couple of years in the lower heavens. They were cared for and educated in their new environment.

...In the next two years the es’yans were entered as 'Apprentices in the First Resurrection'. Their lessons consisted of making clothes and providing food for themselves. They were also offered a variety of recreational activities, such as music, dancing, marching, painting and other artistic endeavors.

...In the next seven years, they served as 'Craftsman'. Here they contributed their talented skills to the building of the heavenly kingdoms. In their education, they furthered their understanding of both corporeal and es’yan knowledge from the spiritual point of view.

...For the next three years the es’yans labored in the nurseries in heaven, assisting the asaphs. They witnessed first hand the problems of untimely births into the heavens, spiritual afflictions and deformity, crazed and chaotic spirits and those of a ripened old age, who had given up the earth of their own free will. The teachings of the es’yans were to learn to hear and see corporeally from a spiritual point of view. They were taken down to mortals on the earth and taught about fetalism, the obsession of mortals by drujan spirits ( vampires ) that they know and understand the cause of lying, stealing, tattling, racism, conspiracies, jealousy, sexual perversions, gluttony, addictions, contention and fighting, murder and wars. In general they were shown the effects and the nature of the tetracts, not only on mortals but on spirits as well.

...For the next ten years the es’yans will serve as the 'Assistants to the Physicians'. They were taught the restoration of spirits that were in chaos, crazed spirits, deformed and sick spirits, spirits afflicted with foul smells who cannot clean themselves, especially women who had committed abortions on themselves and all manner of diseased and distorted spirits. They were taught how to safely sever fetal spirits from each other and from mortals. (exorcism) They went into battlefields where mortals slayed one another and who were still in spiritual chaos, not knowing they were dead and still fighting. The es’yans would assist in taking those chaotic spirits away from that corporeal place of combat to an area where they were restored to sanity and then delivered to the hospitals and infirmaries for their rehabilitation. If any spiritual knots (vortexean spiritual hells in the form of a ball) were found , the physicians would show the es’yans how they were to be untied, mastered and delivered. Also if any other hells were found (anarchy and chaos) they were taught how it should be delivered and its spirits restored.

...After due examination and fulfilling the position of 'Physician's Assistant' the es’yans were promoted to the full rank of 'Nurse' and served in that position for the next ten years.

...After passing the examination of 'Nurse' under the authority of their lord or their lord's assistants, they were promoted to the full rank of 'Physician'. They served in this position for the next fifty years.

...In the following twelve years, after proving themselves knowledgeable of both the corporeal and the spiritual man, they shall be registered 'Entered Factor'. While in this position they enter a slightly different level of education. The es’yans learned to form and make fabrics for raiment and other useful, ornamental purposes.

...In the next twelve years the es’yans labored at gathering and transporting large volumes of food from the plateaus of atmospherean vegetation to the heavenly kingdoms they inhabited.

...After this and for another twelve years they did much the same, except they labored at managing, commanding with power and skill, large bodies of materials and carrying the same long distances from the different plateaus to where they stayed. These materials were used in the heavenly kingdom's factories, textiles and in construction.

...For the next thirty years they served as 'Creatif’. From an apprenticeship they learned to create with the elements of the earth (corpor), that which has length, breadth and width.

...In the following twelve years they lived in and learned of Uz. They learned to manipulate, disseminate and break down corporeal matter from its solid structure to its atomic nature. This can also be viewed as the skill of 'The vanishment of things seen into things unseen'.

...For the next five to forty years, according to their individual talents, they entered and were educated in the 'Heavenly College'. Here they learned to measure distances, rotations, velocities, magnetics (corporeal and es’yan), currents of velocities, roadways of vortices, how to measure vortices by their spiral force and how to find the center and outer perimeter of vortices.

...For the next eight years they worked in architecture. Entering as an apprentice, each learned the proficiency of building heavenly mansions and cities. This also included the furnishings, judgment seats and thrones which took another sixteen years.

...In the next seventy years they were educated in the 'School of Light and Darkness'. Here they learned the relative power of attraction and propulsion in theory and practice.

...In the following twenty four years they served in building and propelling heavenly ships and smaller atmospheric boats that coursed the intermediate spirit world.

...Then in the next fifty years they traveled and surveyed the atmospheric heavens, on the earth and the oceans of the earth, both corpor and atmospheric. This made them knowledgeable of the roadways and currents that were prevalent around the earth at that time.

...This completed the es’yan's primary education in the first resurrection in the lower intermediate atmospheric heavens above the earth.

...When the es’yans had completed their primary education of the elements and chose to continue a higher level of knowledge and understanding, they began serving two hundred years as an apprenticed 'Loolis'. In this first exalted rank they would become proficient in the knowledge of the procreation of mortals, their grade level at birth through their adult life and into the heavenly realms and at times bring certain individual mortals together to produce offspring of a higher grade through many generations of marriage. They learned to prophesy what certain offspring would become according to parentage, whether the spirit of that individual will be good or evil according to their flesh and inherent light and learn how the Es of the mortal governs the sex, ultimate size, health and strength of the offspring.

...To learn this the students were taken to the earth by the loo’is to thousands of mortals and they would make records of their observations. When making these records they would closely detail the births of the mortal offsprings. They gave close attention to the character of the birth, the foundation of the child, together with the conditions and environment that surround the mother and child. The student then follows that child until it is grown up, married, begets their offspring and continues to observe that family line to the sixth generation.

...This gave the student the insight on whether the mortal generations of certain lineage would prosper and continue or dissipate and go out of existence.

...After due examination by their Lord or one of the Lord's deputies and found proficient in prophesying to the sixth generation of mortals, the student was entered as an Ashar (guardian angel). For one hundred and thirty three years they served in this position, learning to have dominion over their mortal proteges, day and night, while keeping their spiritual presence unknown to them. These guardians of mortals taught them from their infancy through adulthood, talking to their spirits while they slept, guiding and inspiring them through the day, persuading them to enlightenment, the ways of righteousness and resurrection, truth and goodness.

...In the examination of the ashar, not only was the student examined and graded, but also their proteges as to their grade level when they entered the intermediate heavens.

...After passing the examination of ashar, the students were promoted to Asaph. They served in this position for sixty six years. In this rank the students became proficient in receiving and delivering the newly dead to the lower heavens of the Lord, where they were administered to in the infirmaries, hospitals or nurseries. Here again the examination was not with the asaph alone but of the work they had done and of the grade level of the souls that had been received through their position.

...For the next one hundred years the students learned to be 'Messengers'. The first lessons a messenger received was to read the waves and their velocities and the substances of light and sound, both corporeal and ethic. To achieve this they entered the 'Chapter of the Primary Soul'. Here they received instruction in the sounds of conversion. First they learned to listen to and distinguish the conversations of two individuals, then three, then four, five, ten, fifty, one hundred and then a thousand and so on. Upon hearing these conversations, the students analyzed the waves of the voices, not only close up but at great distances where no sound could be heard. Not only did they learn to know the words spoken but the kind of people speaking them. They then learned to read the waves of light emanating with the waves of sound traveling to them from singular and multiple people speaking.

...The students were then taken to a distance away from, a battlefield where mortals were in deadly conflict. They were not close enough to hear the sounds but as the waves of vibration came to them, they could read them and know the number of people involved in the battle, the kinds of weapons used and the cause of contention.

...After due training and examination the students were promoted to 'Messenger'. They then traveled between different lords, between the lords and different gods, and between the different gods and God of the Earth and from God to those that live in the ethereal realms, delivering specific messages. With the training they had received, they could pass over the earth, reading the waves of light and sound from the surface of the world and the lower hadan heavens. They could then ascertain what condition men and angels were in and where by reading the different waves of thought, prayer, speech, singing, activities, contentions, conflicts, battles, wars, and the different types of hells that had formed in the spirit world. When a messenger read these waves, knowing the location from where they came, they could report these different conditions to the nearest marshal, lord or god.

...At the end of the term as messenger, the student's lord or god examined their records and if proficient, promoted them to 'Marshall'. This term was for two hundred years, serving up to as many as forty lords and gods and in as many as twenty heavenly kingdoms. Marshall is not a titled position and is known as a vice-lord.

...After time spent as Marshall, some were promoted to Lord and held dominion over a city, nation or country of mortals and over the spirits belonging to such. The other marshals became members in the Lord's Council.

...As lord, one can serve up to as much as three thousand years, depending on the time of their birth in the cycles of the earth. At the end of a cycle, the harvest of souls from the earth is collected and taken into the etherean realms of heaven, away from the vortexean currents of the planet. The lords accompany these newborn etherean angels to their new home in the emancipated heavens. Here they develop and evolve into the next level of universal life.

...God of Heaven and Earth is chosen by those Ancients that have the power and control over our solar family and other systems like ours. There is only one God of Heaven and Earth and is chief executor and governor of our world. The position is permanent although the person who occupies the throne changes every three thousand years or so. That is to say, a new God of Heaven and Earth reigns for one complete cycle of our solar system. At the end of a cycle, God also accompanies the earth's harvest of souls to their new home in the upper heavens and a new God of Heaven and Earth is chosen for the next three thousand year cycle. And so it was for most of God's hierarchy, leaving behind those that chose to stay until the next harvest. Those that stayed kept the Earth's heavens structured so the many souls being born out of the earth would have a path to follow up into the universal heavens above.

...This was the end of the education for those that had faith in the Universal Great Spirit, our Ever Present and All Powerful Creator, Jehovih, the I Am.

...For those that didn't follow the teachings, advice and principals of the All Living Light, they were unsuited for the higher exalted places of labor and delight in the upper atmospherean heavens. These positions are given to those that have prepared themselves accordingly. Those unprepared and uneducated in higher spiritual matters shall not run to the Lord-head or to the God-head. Those that rejected the spiritual teachings and held fast to the earth shall not be a column in the Father's Building, nor an arch stone of great strength, but shall stand as a plane brick in the wall. Jehovih deems to those that have chosen the higher path to over- see His Dominions.

...The Ever Present Almighty looks far ahead as to who will walk the path, becoming the Lords and God of this world, its intermediate heavens and in time, ascending with their harvests into the emancipated ethereal heavens.

...To those who chose not to be Faithists in the Great Ever Present Creator of Life, at death were delivered to the asaphs, who entered them in the es’yan nurseries. They remained their for six years learning the elementary powers and expressions.

...For the next twelve years these es’yans became apprentices in manufacturing and in general labor, unless they had been previously instructed and trained in these fields while they were on the earth as mortals.

...For the next thirty years they learned measuring and surveying with and without instruments. They also learned the different kinds of effervescent and evaporative materials that rise up from the earth, what their densities were and to what altitudes they rose to.

...These spirits also learned of the earth and the heavens by exploration and judging its balance of corpor and spirit by enumeration. Also in this time, they learned construct and navigate peidmazrs, otevans, arrowships and all other vessels used in the heavens to carry materials from one place to another.

...In the following thirty years, they worked in the nurseries, restoring and caring for the spirits in darkness (drujas), who were being rescued from the earth and the hells that had formed on the earth, by the captains, generals, marshals and lords.

...In the next fifty years, if the es’yans acknowledged and practiced faith in the Great Spirit, they were taught to manifest flowers, trees, clothing and other useful items used in the lower heavens. They were then instructed in the elementary lessons of music and expressions in the College of Creation. After their examination on this level of education, and if found to withstand the third grade of light, they were ranked according to their gender, Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. In this they became united, becoming as one with their Creator and after due time and preparation, they were taken into the emancipated ethereal heavens with their Lords and God.

...If the es’yan spirits had not comprehended faith in the One All Person and could rise no farther, they were granted their freedom in all the places they had previously served. They were emancipated from their lords and gods and from all such labor and education and honorably discharged to pursue whatever they desired in the lower heavens of the earth. Nor did any god or lord take notice of them other than due respect and honor. Although they had been granted their liberty, those that were not of the lord or god-head did not rise into the upper regions of the intermediate world; the second resurrection, where resides the throne of the True God of Heaven and Earth, Jehovih’s Son and chosen Chief.

...From those spirits that cannot or chose not to ascend into the higher atmospherean heavens and beyond, come the many false ones who claim to be high raised gods and even the very Creator of Heaven and Earth. They are the ones that have created all the false religions on this world.

...The false lords and false gods, being educated to some degree and highly skilled as to mortal expectations, have fooled the many millions into worshipping them and becoming willing slaves in their false kingdoms. Down through time there has been too many. The last four great false gods And their religions have run their course and have been put away. What they have left behind still imprints the earth, the intermediate heavens and still has an influential memory on the minds of men. There will also be others in the future that will fall victim to the same traps of self and set themselves up as false worshipful personalities. They rise to the heights in heaven but are still weak in spirit and short in sight. They lose faith and reject truth, set up their own false kingdoms in atmospheria and play out the role of the All Highest and glut themselves in all manner of self glorification. Even in doing this, Jehovih will make use of those impostors in His far reaching plans for raising up mankind out of the earth.

...The true God and his administration can only raise man by persuasion, giving him liberty in his own decisions. These less scupulous masters, the false gods, influence mortals into believing they have the only true kingdom in heaven over the earth. They promise that if mortals worship and sacrifice to them, at death they will be transformed and rise into their heavenly kingdoms. They also promise that if mortals reject them, the fires of hell will be their final outcome. When these duped mortals die, they are taken and made slaves in these lower false kingdoms. Even the lowest of drujas, who otherwise would never labor for themselves or any one else, are taken and put to work to sustain and support the selfish hierarchy of these inept lying spirits. In setting up these kingdoms, the false gods have unknowingly done a service for their Creator. For in due time, even the lowest of these spirits grow, seeking and questioning while laboring and eventually become aware of their situation. They want to rise to something better and wait for their opportunity. Jehovih’s emissaries, from time to time, search for such souls trapped in these lower heavens. When these spirits are discovered, they are rescued, taken away and registered with the asaphs and begin their higher education.

...Through time mankind has been growing and learning, much as a child develops into adulthood. The lessons mankind learns are suited to the age of his character when they happen to him. The lessons of the false gods and all antiquated religions have fulfilled their purpose and have come to an end. The earth has moved on into new fields of light in its galactic cycle. The Creator has seen fit that mankind should put away that which is no longer good for himself and stand directly under the Light and Direct Inspiration of His Ever Presence. Jehovih is as prevalent today in love, wisdom and power as was in ancient times. God, Jehovih’s Chief, has been preparing the way for the 'Kingdom on Earth' using the North American continent as its anchorage. The revelations given to man in the eastern continents will be completed in the western lands.

...The North American continent has been set aside so that no god, lord, savior or any other religious sect will rule or enforce itself on any of its people. The individuals of this land will not only be free in body but in spirit also. All shall have liberty to pursue the fullness of creation and worship in a way where they may become closest to their Creator. The Ever Present Great Spirit and All Light will press upon the souls of mankind and they will rise up by the thousands and receive the new revelations. These people will see and feel that there is a new era at hand and will be skeptical of the ancient doctrines of past gods, lords and saviors. The older order of religions will decline and a higher, new pattern of truth and life will triumph in all the world. This new nation of multi-ethnic, multi-race people will in time blend together and become the amalgamated culture that will overcome all racism and false religions which are at the root of all hatred and war.

...The people of the North American lands shall join together in the only possible link they all have in common and what they all believe to be true. This view is that all religions at their pentacle grasp and acknowledge a faith in their Creator, no matter by what name or verbal utterance each uses. All the different religions, sacred doctrines and beliefs that have been with mankind in the past were but different pathways leading each to their Creator. These many diverse beliefs that have been through time, contradict and contend with each other and so separate this planetary family of ours. All the different views and teachings of these religions are but lower plateaus beneath the experience of living the Ever Present connection that exists in the Universal Cycle of Life.

...The people in Jehovih’s new kingdom will realize and join together in unity on this higher cosmic reality of the Living Universe. They will establish a strong bond, linking their souls together in purpose. The reality and truth that all people born of this planet are but one family born of one Creator will bring about unity on this continent and in time will spread outward to all other points of our world. The genetic pool of life in North America will have its strain in all other parts of the world and will tie together all cultures and ancestral lineage.

...This new race of people will understand that we are all caretakers of this planet, owning nothing, sharing all, using only what is needed and observing the natural organic laws of Light and happiness. In this the world's life chain will prosper instead of being threatened. Paradise will begin to flourish. Mankind will look upwards and know that all that all that have gone before them have made the journey into the next life in the intermediate heavens and will be there to meet them when they passover. Knowledge will be handed down from the heavens and humankind will align themselves with the Cosmic flow of life from birth to death and beyond. The educational system on the earth will be as a primary school leading into the higher halls of learning that await them in the heavens.

...As the Great Cosmic Life Force surges forth into our corporeal dimension, all life flourishes abundantly. On the ebb, death's wake is sure to follow. It is no fault but the design of the circle. Death is given so we may rise upward and inherit the heavens above. The rise and fall of men and nations have their time in the Universal Garden.

...As there are seasons on the earth so are there seasons that cycle even on a larger scale. Planets come forth abundant in life and are tilled, bringing forth the harvest of souls that fill the endless heavens. Their cycles turn full circle and they vanish back into the unseen realms from which they came.

...In this our time , the Great Personality wishes to manifest goodness, purity, love and a caring awareness on the level of a united world consciousness. The Universal All Life has given away of itself so that all may have life. In doing so, it lives through all the living everywhere. All life on the earth and in the universe are but the expressions of its Creator. All that we are, our bodies, our thoughts, our actions, emotions and feelings and our expressions are but the expressions of our Creator. We are all the Cosmic Flow of Life expressed through this universe by the Great All One and Creator, Jehovih, The I Am.

...The expressions mankind is experiending, now and what he will experience in the future is on a higher plateau of evolution and enlightenment. This plane of awareness has never been experienced by this particular planetary race of man. It is a time when man, his physical world and the higher advanced technologies will be balanced with the awareness and reality of our Creator, the heavens and the social hierarchy of God and all other angels on and above the earth and in etherea. In this Kosmon Era, the solar system we travel within is moving into more intense fields of illumination. The actual solar and spiritual light will increase, penetrating all things in our solar family raising it to a higher frequency. All the darkness that mankind has been influenced by through time will dissipate. Some will shun this dark nature and let the light purify them. Others will reject this change and bury themselves even deeper into the darkness and perish in the higher light. There will be many generations that will adapt and prosper and there will be many other generations that will go out of existence.

...This change that our world will go through will not be sudden. It will happen over many centuries. In 1848 or so, our planetary system entered into the Kosmon Arc, a field of light in the solar roadway (cevorkum) we travel through in our galaxy. This was just the beginning of the Kosmon Era and will last four solar cycles or twelve thousand years. This is the seventh era in mankind's creation.

...Some individuals and groups have been made aware that we are on the cusp of change and are inspired to divert mankind's direction to a closer alignment with the Cosmic Structure.

...If you would, I wish for you to remember that all people on this planet belong to a special group of souls born into this universe. We are all one family in the midst of others born of other worlds. No other people on any other world or in any other galaxy will ever be born through this one planet of light we call the Earth. All souls born in this our time frame, will rise together through the intermediate worlds of spirit and reside together in an emancipated heaven in the ethereal Orian Fields and then beyond. Realize this and accept the fact that we are of one soul body born of one world, joining others born of other planets in this grand universe, the body of our Creator.

...Pray for inspiration and go straight away in faith and put your strength to the labor. Use what gifted talents you have been blessed with and help where you can. The time of practice is now. The time of action is now.

...Your spirit grows by cultivation, which is the practice of wisdom, truth, virtue, benevolence, affiliation and the labor you do unto others.

...As you embrace the Light, the Light shall also embrace you.

...As you assist life in its progression, you are in the way of your Creator and will be added to and blessed.

...Life takes precedence over death. The precious time of life on earth is short. Manifest the inspirations that make life wondrous. Once departed the afterlife is forever.

...Remember that the written laws of heaven will eventually be lost, for the words of man change and perish. Quibble not over the words written in corpor, look for the light that is contained within them, for the life is within the fruit and not in the husk that protects it.

...The life of our Creator is within us all. Seek to become one with the Ever Present Universal Living Light and Soul of All. Seek to read and understand all the expressions set before you, for they are the language and word of the Great Spiritual Author and Architect of Life.

So be it.
Jehovih’s Will be done.