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In the Eye of the Mind

Spiritual Flight

Through endless space
The light travels on
Your soul’s brought forth
On the everlasting ride
Keys to endless doorways
Transcending paths of time
Still another Universe
The Architect designs

From beginningless time
Has the race been run
Of countless strides
And how far we’ve come
Transmissions received
Lights from beyond
Spiritual wings soar
On life's eternal song

Elevation eternal
The souls of all ride
One level to the next
As ageless time resides
In the eye of the mind
Of those who learn to rise
All is seen, all is known
To those of eternal sight

In spiritual flight
Our souls do soar
Higher than the dust
Where we’ve been before
Energy patterns radiate
Rays of heavenly light
To wake the earth born children
To that of eternal flight

Truth from beyond
You cannot resist
What comes from the Source
That radiates this bliss
Releasing man's soul
To rise up and soar
To heavenly heights
Never reached before


Echoes of Light

Mysterious world
We stand upon
Floating in the midst
Of eons of time

Reality’s feelings
Our hearts are resigned
Echoes of Light
Our lives are designed

From the inner heavens
The Light travels on
To the outer realms
Where worlds are born

Our world is designed
Thoughts from a high place
An echo of Light
In this dark space

All things created
In this world of stars
Are echoes of Light
From this Light we are

Echoes of Light
Are what we see
Echoes of Light
We’re created to be
Echoes of Light
In this Universal Sea
Echoes of Light
Our reality


Without Love

Of all the thoughts
And ideas conceived
Of why there’s life
And what to believe

Why is there
All that we see
Why we’re here
And our destiny

Love is the answer
For all you see
For love we’re created
For love we’re conceived

Love is the answer
Love sets us free
Its the reason for all
Or we wouldn’t be

Without love
What would the world be like
Without love
Where would the planets be

Without love
What would we have to share
Without love
There wouldn’t be

. ..

Patiently Waiting

We're so sorry
Sorry we're late
The line’s been drawn
In chosen debate
To know who we are
Where we all stand
Of what we desire
The course of our plans

What's wished of the future
Our children's soon fate
Their lives our decisions
A balance we create
Today's actions halt
The dark steps of shadow
Opposing life’s hope
In Light's endless battle

Remember back when
Dreams were quite clear
A child's future look
To a world with no fear
What's wished for them
Is wished for you
A wish wished for all
Makes dreams come true

A wish for light
A wish for life
A wish for dreams
To come true
A wish for all love
A wish for all truth
A wish for heaven
To come through

The line’s been drawn
To know where we stand
The sides now chosen
The fruits of our plan
Show our true self
Our wish for the land
Our children's fate forced
By the will of our hand

So sorry we're late
But now we are here
To give you our love
A direction that's clear
To lay the foundation
The Almighty’s design
Of Heaven on Earth
You’ve prayed for to shine.


Cycles of Change

The cycle’s been broken
Some payed the high price
Wrong paths were taken
Out of paradise

The children are crying
Our family in pain
What's done to our lives
The answers are plain

We’re tired of destruction
We’re tired of the tears
We’re tired of the darkness
For many dark years

It seems our worlds dying
All due to the touch
And caress of the darkness
The sins are too much

Our children are crying
Our world is in pain
All due to the madness
And corrupted insane

On this our Earth world
One family, one tree
What’s done heres taken to
Our afterlife's reality

The cycle is broken
The wise paid the price
To get us on path
Back to paradise



Paradise is a place
We all live in peace
Where madness and war
Where all hate has ceased

Who will be the ones
To leave their sinfull fun
The call is on the wind
Your path on you depends

The vision can be yours
Open your inner sight
Take that fateful step
And rise into light

Leave the dark behind
Start out from anew
Those who will not change
Will have to pay their dues

Those who will not change
Will be left behind
The paradise that we seek
A place we’ve yet to find

Those who look for paradise
Will find it in time
They’re Seekers of the Light
The rest are left behind


Nursery of the Gods

The world is changing
They're clearing off the old
The world is changing
Just as foretold

To free the Earth
Release Man’s soul
To break the bonds
Of darkness long ago

This garden's to be
Readied for the new
The new light descends
The Ancient’s time through

So understand my Family
The earth’s change to Light
To free the new souls
To rise to higher life

So let me tell you
Theres more to be told
Of an age old secret
Hidden long ago

The reason for this world
It may seem some what odd
For the planet that we ride
Is a nursery of the Gods


Spiritual Thoughts

Look inside
All you see
Mystery of all
Do we believe
Spiritual thoughts
We perceive
And wonder
What’s to be

Believers in Myth
Believers in Light
Believers we are
Believers in life

Mysterious world
We’re set upon
Where are we headed
From here when we're gone

Transcending pathways
We travel in time
Leading us where ?
In time we will find

What is the meaning
What is the song
What’s the reality
Where we belong

This mysterious life
We ride upon
Leading us to where
And then we’re all gone

Mysterious veil
Of the life untold
What hidden secrets
Will you have to unfold

Speak to me mystery
Speak of your soul
Speak to me secrets
Of mysteries unknown


Soul’s Price

All that you see
All that you feel
All that you are
All that is real

Is what you think
Is what you are
Is what you do
What’s in your heart

The truth that we live
Writes life’s story
Forever on souls
Our darkness or glory

The illusions of life
Are not worth the cost
Of one soul’s pain
And the love that is lost


Life’s Dance

Through empty space
We all travel on
The dance of life moves
To the Universal song

In life’s beginning
We start our travel
Destined to journey
As the mystery unravels

The life dances forth
On our great journey
Filling the Heavens with
Souls of eternity

Rising into heaven
Away from our earth
Remember the journey
Your miracle of birth


Sea of Life

We are the miracle
In a planetary sea
Life is the mystery
Given so freely
We are the miracle
Some still can't see
We feel, we move
We love, we breathe

Life’s the mystery
We’re the miracle
Open your heart
You have the key
Universal Children
All souls on this Earth
Miracle of miracles
All life given birth

We are the miracle
Life is the mystery
What's been created
Is here for you and me
Holy, holy, holy,
The name our Creator
Blessed are all children in
This Universal Sea


Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes
You Children of Light
Open your eyes
And Realize

Open your eyes
To Eternal Light
Soon you will see
How life is to be

Your all Light’s Children
The Great Spirit’s own
The Light is descending
On our Earth home

Open your eyes
To what will be
You Children of Light
Will all soon be free

The promise is kept
The High Light descends
The angels are coming
The dark will soon end

Open your eyes
You Children of Light
The new light is dawning
Our new world begins