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Cosmic Pathway


Forever Shall The Path

Be Open To Thee

Already Have You Embarked

Upon The Cosmic Journey

A key to unlock the secrets of eternity
A path to the door to unlock heaven’s way
A serious act, staged in which to play
Produced and performed on Infinity’s Plane

As worlds are turning and galaxies flow
Centered somewhere in the soul of Man
The Angels are singing as Devils go scheming
All to play a part in eternity.

There has come at times
A message and a truth
From a distant past
With the future at hand
A revolution to secceed
For a more perfect Man

Of the struggling forces entrapped as one
Man as the center has always felt
From the beginning of time
To the ends of the Earth
The revolution of time
And the pains of birth

Look to the skys from where all things come
Look to the Heavens where all things return
Look all around you at that which dissolves
Back from which it was created and you will resolve
The final revolution is yet to come
When Heaven and Earth will again be as one

As a friend in the free life of long ago
Had come to face a way to go
A path to choose a direction to take
Standing at the crossroads of fate

Uncertain in decision, confusion had been reached
With the help from the Master in the Game of Kings
Unknowing guided by the one that rules
The Castle of Illusion, the Lord of Fools

It's sad to think of one that’s searched
Took the temptation instead, of love
And locked themselves behind the walls
In the City of Illusion and It's empty halls

But is this life my friend
A struggle in a flight upstream
To gain in inches what was wished in miles
The dreams of gold and glory, illusions all the while

Are you where you should be now
And can you find any good
With a sudden thought to be far away
No one is holding you, why do you stay

Where is your home and where does it lie ?
In a past heritage or in Heaven’s future lights ?

Let us fly home my love
For you know that our home
Does lie on eternity's realm
It's time for our journey begin

Come walk with me on the shores of time
Come walk with me to its edge
Come walk with me and then you'll see
My love for you will last eternally

From the Canyons of Misery, together we’ll rise
Over the Deserts of Despair, higher we'll fly
Across the Planes of Yesterday through the mountains of light
Above the Lakes of Reflection away from the forests of strife
Higher over the Oceans of Now into the skys of forever
Within the Space of Tomorrow we'll travel with love together
Let yourself go and come with me
We'll venture throughout these galaxies

Come take my hand and I'll show you the way
We'll follow the stars as we love and play
And through these times surely you will see
My love for you will last throughout eternity

Forgotten yesterdays of ages
Unseen tomorrows yet to be lived
Blind todays lost in time
Eternity's question outstretched in rhyme

Continuous time give me direction
Sweet Heaven give me a path of perfection
Open your heart and comfort me
Bless me with a sea of tranquillity

And Man was swept up
From the face of the Earth
Cast to the wind
With only a prayer
That wings would grow
Where feet once were
And clouds and light would replace
The confinement of his birth

Ride the waves of the free winds far
Ride your thoughts to the fartherest star
The skys are open and all things yours
Eternity is now as all things are

And the skys did open
With ethereal angels there
Friends helpful in the sight
Of a thousand years

Touched by the sight
Of a light from high
Burdens released and freed at last
Flowing to his destiny with a universal sigh...

Dream of a dream
In a wondrous place
Dream of a dream
And float into space
Dream a dream
And you may find
The dream your living
Is but a dream in time

A dream of all dreams
This Universe of ours
A dream thus conceived
Unending in hours
A dream of the Heavens
And never ending stars
Of galaxies and planets
And the way suns are

A dream of all dreams
Once dreamed in time
Are we not but just dreams
In our Creator's mind?

But what of dreams
And the things I see ?
Is it all just as real
Or Is it make believe ?

Are we not all children
Under one sun ?
Are we not all people
Created as one ?

From where does all this come ?
And where, if ever, will it return ?
What are the answers,
If you know not the rhymes ?

What if we're just thoughts
Imagined in time ?

And Man perceived the wisdom
That all was dreamed before reality
And looked at the world in wonder
Of who dreamed its totality

Who was the dreamer
Of worlds and. suns
Of solar systems and. galaxies
And, the path the Universe runs

Oh, Dreamer of Immaculate Dreams
What is the purpose of all I see ?
Where did it start and why should we be ?
If for what purpose did you dream of me ?

Where did we come from ?
And where will we go ?
What dreams do you have of the future ?
These dreams I would like to know

And as he spoke these questions
Of all true seeking men
His guardian angels did approach
And a story they did begin

A long, long time ago
Far from where we are now
When this solar system was yet undone
When the Earth was just a Dream of One
The Winds of Heaven began to move
By the unseen force the vortex His tool
Driving to the center the corpor of space
A world created to run the Human Race

And when your solar system was complete
It was set in it's pathway, a planetary street
All was in motion destined to meet
It's plan as a garden, it's harvest to reap

For Man as you know has grown from this Dream
A seed thus conceived, of love it does seem
To populate the Heavens, the Earth as it's means
From the Creator of All, the Father of Dreams.

When the Red Star's time was right
The Father called forth His Dream into life
And Man was created as a thought through this Earth
Helpless and unknowing, a naked soul from his birth

The stage was set
With performers complete
All Life in procession
The Eternal Play to repeat

For as you know certain stars are born
As others before, to bring forth the heirs
To rise into the Heavens, forever it's been
Forever from now, for time never ends.

When Man was quite young and crawling about
The angels descended to stand him upright
To teach him to know he's separate from all things
A creation himself from the Master of Dreams

Inspired at that time to fashion and wear clothes
To dwell in peace in the cities of old,
To multiply his race on the face of this star
To rejoice in knowing His Creation they are

And in this same time the Beast rose and stood
It cunningly bayed Man to veer from the good
Possess all things and other lies it did tell
Then Man turned from grace and to war he fell

Now death and destruction encompass the land
The possession of spoils had left blood on his hands
And Man’s heart was sick as he called to the Beast
“I tire of these wars please teach me of peace”

The Beast thus spake on these matters to Man
“To bring peace to the Earth is not part of my plan
To set you at variance I teach you nothing of peace
I bring you a sword so war will never cease”

Be carnivorous and eat what you will
Think not of tomorrow and live today’s thrill
And darkness came upon Man as he did all these things
No longer could he hear the Father of Dreams

The Beast then divided itself into four heads
And Man fell to worship and do what the Beast said
To killing and war he gave up his life
Of dissipation and drunkenness he existed in strife

The Father of All then called out unto Man
“Desist from the Evil come away from the Beast's plan”
But Man heard Him not for the cunning of the Beast
Had clouded Man's soul, from sin he wouldn’t release

"This is not the first planet or the last I have planned
This is not the first Beast or creation of the first man
The paths of planets are planned before seen
The path that Man walks is designed in My Dream"

So the Father called out to His angels once again
"Go down to the Earth and say unto Man
From your carnivorous ways I command you to release
Come away from contention be an herbivorous man of peace”

“No more will Man worship any less than I Am
Sufficient to My creations am I and My plans
Those that choose Me with covenants in their hearts
I give them the foundation of My Kingdom to start”

“For they are My chosen and Faithists I they name
All others are Uzians as the Beast they're the same
Prepare and reveal in My name unto Man
My Heavenly Kingdoms and the Dreams I have planned”

And the angels went forth with the message at hand
Descending to the Earth delivering it unto Man
By the hundreds of thousands they covered the and
Revealing the truth of the Father's redeeming plan

That Beast was finally put away
And the air did start to clear
With peace spreading around this star
After too many centuries of darkness and war

“But the remnents remain from where you came
And there is yet a Heaven on Earth
Man hasn’t turned from his carnivorous ways
And the ancient doctrines he still lives in this day”

“They take away from the farmers
So the lands will not be tilled
They’re building up their arsenals
So more of my Dream will be killed”

“They cut back on education
To separate and caste all men
No longer will they feel as brothers
And share my Dream with others”

“The cycles are the same
As in time they've been before
Taking from charity and kindness
Giving to greed, hate and war”

“They will try to stop Me
As they have before
Stop Me from opening
Up MY Heaven's Door”

“But My everlasting love for them
Will open their empty hearts
My light will touch their spirit
A new life they will begin to start”

“For all are my children
In time they will understand
The Dream I Dream, I Dream for them
They are all apart of My Heavenly Plan”

“I call out to Man
Come away from the past
This is the dawn of a new era
When My Heavenly Secrets are cast”

“Look to the Heavens
From where the All Light comes
Look unto your Everpresent
Where just a matter of time,
.......again will become as one”

“For I Am that which is All
My child that I have dreamed
I fill with life and motion
All that's hidden and seen”

“I am the Quickener, the Mover
First and the Last
I create and dissipate
The future and the past”

“Chief over all
Am I upon the Earth
By the virtue of My Presence
Is the Universe given birth”

“The planets, the moons,
The stars and the suns
I‘ve placed in My firmament
With their orbits to run”

“My Emancipated Heavens
I've created of Ethe
It permeates the highest
And everything beneath”

“I give to Man death
That one day you'll rise
Into My Etherean Worlds
With everlasting life”

“As one of My children
You are as I am
For I am as you
Soon you will understand”

“That all I create
Has a place in My plan
All things I create
For My children called Man”

“That you may distinguish
Who that I am
By My will you shall name Me
After the sounds of the wind”

“For the wind is ever-present
Just as My plan
E-0-Ih, now Jehovih
Is My name known by Man”

“Your need for these answers
Has brought you to this plane
But your time hasn't ended
On the planet from where you came”

“If you’re in need of my presence
By My name I shall be brought
I’m farther than the deepest star
Yet closer than your nearest thought.”

At that moment the warp in time
Arced and the vision disappeared
The destiny of Man’s existence remained
In his memory so crystal clear

As Children of the Universe
Forever together we'll stand
Sharing the dream and the vision
And the life of the Father's plan

For we are just one family
With others among the stars
Traveling through this galaxy
A circuit that orbits far

The Earth is just our birthplace
The Heavens are our goal
To become one with the Dreamer
And His eternal Soul

As he finds himself reappearing
Beneath the skys of the Earth
Awakened to the new realities
As that of a new found birth

Forever shall he remember
The vision he had today
For he had journeyed through the dream
Along the Cosmic Pathway.