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In the Light


Spiritual Ascension

Each and
every soul born
from earth are on various
levels of spiritual ascension.
Each eventually rises up away
from this birth star to inherit the
emancipated ethereal heavens above.
Know this and know that we are
all one family among the stars.
Let us join together to help
raise each other and all
other Earth Children
in our Cosmic


From the Light of Spiritual Ascension
Comes the Illumination of the Soul.



Revelation 1

...As the Living Light from the Higher Heavens penetrate the corporeal reality of this universe, all life is structured, developed and formed by the Living Laws of the Ever Presence of our Creator. This Living Law creates all there is and all that is within it. Our earth and mankind have been created by the same Universal Intelligence that directs a destined path to be traveled by all that is in Creation.

...The Creator of All is beyond all and beyond the boundaries of All Light. The Living Light that is created by the Ever Present is but the result of the His Presence in this corporeal reality. The All Life is the reason for all there is, and in retrospect, all that there is, is in fact the Creator in all the different manifesting expressions of His Being. Life created is for lifeís sake. Our Creator lives through and expresses all that He is through His many different creations Our Creator perpetuates His own life by the life He creates that is everlasting and ascentiant. We, the human race are His Children, given our birth on this nursery planet, destined at some future time, to once again become one with the One that created us. Our Creator is forever and everlasting and so are we, His Children.


Revelation 2

...In the shadowy darkened plateaus of earth where mankind is born and lives a mortal existence, the Light from etherea filters into manís surroundings and into his being. This Living Light structures his intelligence and awareness and enlightens him to the Higher Laws of Truth as far as his interpretation, understanding and spiritual grade level will allow.

...There are those who live within the higher light of heaven that need no written laws to live by. They are in the way of the direct inspiration of our Creator, living life in a pure, higher, holier intelligence and unconditional universal love. They are unencumbered by the lower vortexian currents of the earth, its material structure and their deceptive illusionary influences.

...Those that are born deeper into the earthís influence are farther away from the Lightís Truth and have a harder time discerning and interpreting what the Higher Living Laws of Life are. Those at the extremes away from the Living Light live a life in the shadows of corpor and abide in confusion, chaos, darkness and death. It is no fault but for the limitations of the Lightís penetration into the substance of mass in the physical universe.

...If there is to be life in this universe and on this planet as well, a balance of light and mass must be achieved. If the intensity of light is too great on the corporeal plateau, it separates and voids its adherence to form structure. In retrospect, if the concentration of mass is too great for the light to penetrate, the radiance of life cannot occupy and produce the living we perceive here on this world. Thus, there are different degrees of life that occupy the living zone between the two extremes of light and darkness on this earth. Some are at the extremes of light and life. Some occupy the many different degrees of gray, while others reach into the extremes of darkness and death.

...In this understanding, those closer to the Light must interpret and discern the Living Laws for those closer to and deeper within the earth. Down through mankindís time, the higher, holier angels have passed down and established written laws through various prophets, so those who reside in the darker plateaus of earth can separate themselves from the chaos, darkness and death that lie within the physical realm. In this separation, each soul must ascend into the higher vibrations of the Living Light through the Living Laws of Life by treading a straight and narrow path that lead up through the darkness with its many deceptions and illusions.


Revelation 3

...Through time the written laws of the prophets have become obscure by the darkness of this corporeal reality and have lost their true meaning. The written symbols have been kept and adhered to , while the Light within the written laws has been forgotten and perverted. The higher Laws of Light have been compounded by the lesser laws of darkness and have lost their intent. Redemption and resurrection have been given over for the punishment of some and for the glory of others who revel in self righteousness.

...God of this earth and its heavens has seen these deviations from the Light of All and has renewed the understanding of the Living Laws for mankindís judgment. The severityís of these judgments are of manís own doing. God has mearley reflected manís actions in the Living Light which flows from our Creator. It is left up to man to turn in on his own soul and judge himself accordingly.

...In our Creatorís infinite wisdom, He has given mankind total liberty in his thoughts, words, actions and deeds. In this liberty, He has also given man full responsibility for all he is and all he does. For man to start his ascension into the higher realms of life, he must first be judged worthy of its path. Judgment, therefor has been, ultimately, left up to manís own undertaking. Manís final judgment, must be through Godís judgment, in the reflection of the Light and Presence of the Creator of All. It is left up to man to accept or reject this judgment and then judge himself. Better is it for man to judge himself by his own discission, inspiration and interpretation of the Light than to read and follow judgments blindly that are decreed and written in books of corpor. To be forced to act according to a set of rules does not change the man within. Each must judge their own thoughts, words, actions and deeds in the reflection of the Light of our Creator. In doing so the change is made within at the discretion and liberty of each soul. It is a change of permanence. This becomes the final judgment of man. It is within his own soul for his own redemption and resurrection. The Light has created such judgment in manís soul and sooner or later will triumph in truth and power.

...Once man has set judgment on himself, any harm he has inflicted on others, be it in thought, word, action or deed, must be atoned for. It is easier to accomplish this while on earth as a mortal than in the intermediate heavens as a spirit after mortal death.

...The plan is simple in its complexity. Mankind is born of his Creator through the earth. He lives on his world in a progressive manner, aiding and adding to the earth as a procreator. He helps others to live, be joyous, and to be healthy. He adds to the Light of others and learns of his Creator through His creations. After his mortal demise, he grows up into the heavens and assists those around him to do the same. In the heavens he learns to be one with the Living Universe, adding to and aiding its life and the Ever Present Living Light.

...At the extremes of Light and Darkness mankind comes forward to take his place in the Grand Universal Design. In the balance between these two forces judgment is rendered. Man, as a new creation grows as a child from the womb of Mother Earth. His judgment, being the same as an infantís and with no experience, must grow from this point of light.

...As God of the Earth oversees mankindís development, he directs the earth children on the up- ward path. When mankind veers off the path and falls into darkness, God and his angel emissaries intercede and stand man upright once more and put his feet back on the road to everlasting spirit- ual ascension. Godís judgment is for manís own good, not as a punishment, but to correct the flaws mankind has accumulated since his birth in creation. By amending such imperfections the earth child will become acceptable as a Universal Citizen as he grows up into the never-ending heavens of the Ever Present Living Light.

...Within Godís judgment of mankind, man may reflect and judge himself accordingly, and in judging his own thoughts, words, actions and deeds he begins his eternal spiritual ascension. As man ascends into the higher light of spiritual revelation, the higher realms of reality will illuminate his soul. The higher the rise, the more brilliant the illumination.

...So, hear the judgment of God according to our Creator, the Great Spirit and All Living Light, rendered for this time of mankind, for his own resurrection and for the resurrection of the spirits of the dead in the lower intermediate heavens.


Revelation 4

...Man of the Earth has the capacity to receive inspiration from all things and thus manifest good or evil. According to his birth and surroundings is a man inspired to be good or bad. Man was created to comprehend these things also, so he may work his way up to the Godhead and under- stand all things below him.

...God has sent his angels to teach mankind to distinguish the different inspirations that are upon him, so he may govern himself accordingly. These angels have given to man these inspirations as a guideline. These are the direct inspirations of goodness and Light upon man from his Creator:
Love thy Creator above all else and thy neighbor as thyself.
To give delights only and not pain.
To kill not.
To do no violence against the Creatorís creations.
Be considerate of the liberty of all the living.
Do not interfere with the happiness and hope of others unless you can replace them with a higher transcendent glory and hope in its place.

...As there are inspirations of Light on mankind, so are these inspirations of darkness which lead to chaos and death. They also are the result of oneís birth and surroundings and separates the soul from the higher Light, resulting in the degeneration of the holy spirit within. These then are thus:
To kill.
To slander.
To punish.
To destroy the Light and creation.
To strive for self above all others.
To gratify the flesh at the expense of purity and wisdom.
To be false to oneís Creator.
To be false to oneís own inner light.
To speak falsely.
To covet or steal what is anothers.
To co-habit in the gestative period.
To engage in contention and strife and to participate in, aid and abet conflicts and wars which are all the results of a carnivorous lifestyle and transmitted from one generation to the next through birth.

...As these inspirations are upon mankind at all times, the path to salvation, to say the least, is not an easy one. It can be quite confusing at times. With the help of the higher holy angelic family we are able to keep a balance and walk the path of redemption and resurrection. With the help of Godís judgment, we may reflect our lives in the Light of the Great Creating Spirit and open our- selves to ascension and receive the illumination of truth.


Revelation 5

...The highest truth that opens wide the door to ascension is that there is but one Creator of All, who is beyond conception and without limits. Our Creator lives through all things created and is inexhaustible. All life and light and structure are the manifestations of His being. He has given away His very Person to each and every thing and every living being, so all may have life. In this we are all interconnected with all things and one another through the Living Source from which we are all created.

...In Light, the plan of the Universe is life itself. The life in all things is the Life of our Creator. It springs forth and gives life to all without measure or prejudice. The flow from the Fountain of Life fills the Universe with Light and all the living. To be one with the Creator, everlastingly, is to become one in lifeís progression in its abundance. The Earth in all its years has yet to fill itself to the fullest in life and children of the Creator. Let those who see, aid in the progression of lifeís plan. For as wide and vast as the heavens are, they are but sparcely inhabited. Look into the infinite firmament and find that life is scarce and precious and must be nurtured. To stop, hinder or go against the flow of life is contradictory and opposite to the Creatorís plan. To do so brings about darkness, disease and death. One is of love, joy, goodness and growth while the other is chaos, confusion, pain and dissolution.

...By the ebb and flow of the Universal Life Force is all life brought forth. By the Life that flows from our Creator is the Universe filled with the Living Light. By the inspiration of the All Intelligence does the Creator form the Universal Sculpture. The Dreams and Visions of the All One manifests expressions in all Life and lives through all the living created. For our Creator is All and the All are One in the Same.


Revelation 6

...In truth, the Light of Spiritual Ascension has revealed that there is but One worshipful above all else, Our Creator, the giver of all life. Worshipping any less than the All Highest cuts short manís rise into the higher heavens. To worship less than the Creator will hinder oneís growth in spirit. The highest conception one has opens a door of perception to a path of ascension that leads one to that particular destination. Our Creator is beyond any conception and without end. The growth that one acquires from worshipping only the Creator is a never ending ascension and flows endlessly through eternity. By worshipping and loving the Creator above all else, having faith in Him, and through righteousness and good works is the path of ascension opened and made clear. Through this worship and focus of awareness is life everlasting made a reality.

...In worshipping less than the Universal Creator of All, one is cut short of the ascension and continuous growth into the Light and the ever increasing higher heavens above. By setting up lesser idols of worship one will rise no higher than that perceived. By setting up lesser gods, lords, angels, saviors, idols, mortals and philosophies as the All Highest, to that level of ascension will the worshipper rise. Since through time, there have been too many different ideals of who or what should be worshipped, it has factioned the family of mankind. It has brought about great turmoil and deadly disputes of who has the True Higher Light. By the many races and cultures who have set up the countless lesser religions of darkness, the competition for the control of souls born of the Creator become heated. Mortals on the earth and their counterpart spirits in the lower intermediate heavens control these lesser false religions. They become entangled in its wealth and power and begin expanding their philosophies by force to established their false idols of worship. In their dictatorship of hypocrisy, they have contrived a scheme to live in worthlessness on the contribution of their fellows. They go about the world preaching their doctrine, setting up their missions and temples and establishing their false religions. Where their mortal priests go, so do their evil spirits of darkness, and where mortals canít be converted or obsessed, war, misery and death ensue to promote and establish their idol-god/s. Through time and even now are they known, not by their teachings and words but by their actions. They enslave and control all they can for selfish gain. They contribute not to the Light of Truth, mankindís comfort, joy in life and to his resurrection into the higher heavens.

...In the Presence and Protection of the Creator of All there is an inherent peace and spiritual ascension into the higher spheres of reality. Joy and life are the results. Eternal unfoldment of the soul is the blessing within the worship of our Creator. Except no less.


Revelation 7

...In the Light of Spiritual Ascension it has also been revealed that, according to oneís thoughts, words, actions and deeds, it shall be known as to what type of angels or spirits are associating with and inspiring mortals, and from what level of ascension and heaven they originate.

...The angelic associations of the higher heavens, the second resurrection and higher, work with affiliated associations of mortals on the earth, for the advancement of all mankind. Individual spirits of the lower haden heavens, the first resurrection and below, inspire and guide mortals on the earth towards self gain and self glory.

...Those who are good, compassionate and giving, working in associations to promote manís condition towards his redemption and resurrection are being administered to by the organized, organic angelic associations from the second resurrection. When people abnegate self and affiliate in a communal association after the manner of the higher heavens, the angels from the second resurrection will guide, direct and protect them in their efforts. They will be surrounded by the light from the higher realms and this will control the spiritual intercourse between them and the different degrees of spirits and angels around them. The lower spirits of chaos and darkness cannot withstand this higher light and will be kept at a distance. They will not be able to get close enough to molest or deceive the members being protected.

...It has been advised by the laws of the prophets not to call on the spirits of the dead for council on the acquisition of earthly gains. It has been advised to reverently call upon the Creator of All for wisdom, light, truth and purity. By doing such, the Ever Present will send to you such angels as are best adapted to you, your circumstance and your resurrection.

...Whoever consults the spirits of the dead as to earthly things, profit, great undertakings, marriage, war, riches or other self absorbed wants will be influence and ministered to by the lower haden spirits of the first resurrection or below. Unless they change and start their rise into the higher realms of ascension, woe be unto them at the hour of their death. For they will be under the obligation of the spirits who had given them their asking. The spirits will seek reimbursement for their services and make slaves of the ones they have helped.

...Beware of those who are mediums, channelers, and those of entrancement that allow the spirits of the lower inorganic haden heavens to speak through them. They will profess any name that will please their audience. Judge them on their merit only as to wisdom, truth and of such doctrines that will lift mankind up, out and away from darkness, crime, poverty and misery. Some spirits will preach the doctrines of re-incarnation through their hosts. Know that these spirits are in darkness, for they are engraphters, fetals and vampires. They are the thieves of life and live on the living substance of mortals. They are a pestilence and disease upon the life-force of all humankind.

...For those who worship less than the Creator, there are deceivers who will profess to be any god, lord, savior, angel, or any other heavenly spirit or deity with a great sounding name. They dwell in churches, temples and oracle houses where mortals worship, pray or do sacrifice. Some mortals spend most of their lives attending services in these buildings, and when they die, the spirits who have previously taken up residence there are the first spirits seen by the mortal after their death. These newly dead mistakenly judge these spirits to be the angels of, or even the very god they had been worshipping all their lives. They are then taken as slaves by these deceiving spirits and reside in a false heaven of that church or temple, thinking they are in the very heaven they had desired to be in while on earth.

...Be aware, there are those who have gone on before us into the spirit world, that have risen to the high angelic ranks of marshall, sub-lord, lord and sub-god. They have learned the ways of the heavens and of the physical elements, both corporeal and atmospheric. Even at such a high status some eventually fell in their grades for selfish gain. They wanted a kingdom of their own, not to help educate and raise up their younger kin in the ways of the eternal heavens but to enslave the newly dead from the earth, to build and maintain their false kingdoms and do their bidding.

...Use your own higher judgment in discerning what angels and spirits are ministering to you and others. Judge not by their words but by the fruit therein and the actions they manifest. What is manifesting on the earth has its counterpart in the spirit world. Determine from which realm of heaven it comes. That which gives to and supports all is from the All High, that which is self- serving and absorbent is from the darkness below. The balance is evident.