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This page contains photo's of the wind turbines that are being istalled near Port Alma, located on Lake Erie a short distance from Chatham.

The turbines were built in Denmark and shipped to Windsor, then trucked to their final destination. The length of each blade is about 165ft, so it was a big job just moving the blades from ship to building site.

On July 4th, Carol and I decided to drive down to Port Alma to see how the project was progressing. To our amazement, just as we arrived, we could see that one set of blades was being prepared to lift into place on the tower. If you look real close, you will see a speck or bump on top of the tower. That is a person. There are steps from the ground to the top on the inside of the tower. That person on top is waiting to guide the blades into place and secure it to the tower.