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President..Pat Gwinnup
Secretary..Rachel Fritz
Treasurer..Doris Swanson

Program..Pat Gwinnup
Certification..Raejean Bear

DM/Ankeny..Tim LaFleur
Suburbs..Suzanne Torkelson

DM/Ankeny..Pam Prouty
Suburbs..Jan Johnson

Yearbook..Tim LaFleur
Librarian..Judith Dixon

Web Site Overseer:
David Piersel
Des Moines Music Teachers Association

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The Des Moines Music Teachers Association was organized May 9, 1975, through the efforts of Mrs. Thelma Clark and Mrs. Eleanor Stromberg. The local association is affiliated with the Music Teachers National Association and Iowa Music Teachers Association. These are nonprofit organizations representing music teachers in studios, conservatories, music schools, and institutions of higher learning.

We are organized for the purpose of raising the standards of music teaching and performing.

No organization is better than the quality of its teachers. We must, therefore, be willing to prepare ourselves by filling in the gaps of our own musical education, and put in the necessary "sweat and tears" to teach a total program as it should be taught. If we are not ready to do this, then we must be willing to find some other occupation where our conviction inspires us to make that effort.