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The new Ford Excursion, 19 feet long, and the largest SUV ever. One question, is an SUV a sport-utility vehicle, or a STUPID, USELESS VEHICLE??? I'm inclined to say the second. They are pointless. The small ones aren't bad, but the latest automotive trend is to make it larger. Notice I said 19 feet long. Guess what the length of a parking space is?? Give up??

18 feet.

Should a car company release a vehicle that is too big to fit into even a parking space?? Of course not. It is a danger to drivers in accidents. According to Ford, it is the safest vehicle on the roads. Yes, it is. To the people in the "car". What about the other people in their small cars? Should they sacrifice safety so someone in downtown L.A. can own a car built for off road use?? I know our American urban roads aren't in the best condition, but these things were never intended to be city cars. So why when I was in Chicago last year did I see more SUVs than I've seen total in my life in the midwest, a farm area???? Good question.

So if a big vehicle isn't a problem, what about the emessions. This ugly tub gets as low as 10 miles per gallon. The EPA rates it at 12. And they usually rate it based on the best possible gas mileage for the car. And the best they can do is 12? Are we forgetting that gas isn't always going to be there?? Of course we are. Gas is cheap now, what about if prices go up? Then where will the owners of these giant SUVs be? Whining about gas prices of course. And I will have a small car getting 50 MPG, and I will laugh...... hard.

I just think the future of the world is more important than having the biggest car on the road. Future, or life?? Sure, the bad pollutants over large cities might be natural, but not likely. So even though emessions aren't proven to be a problem, they've shown enough evidence to suggest strongly that cars create harmfull emessions. Of course, low gas mileage makes even more emissions.

So don't people care about destroying the world, of course not, as long as their car can run over an average dump truck. I just question if the Excursion will be the largest. What's next?? The Ford Cruise Ship??? Never know.

In conclusion, if it's worth $50,000 to buy a huge SUV, then buy the Excursion, or one of those other giants. Just don't complain about high gas bills..... and small parking spaces..... and the smog covering our world.

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So if you've read all of that, you deserved some facts I received from a person who read my site. These statistics are from all cars, including SUVs. Take note that a new car is less pollutant, but gas mileage to total pollution is an inverse relationship. Sure, cars produce less pollutants, but a 12 mpg truck will put out 4 times the amount of pollutants than a 48 mpg car.

New cars contribute to less than 30% of automobile pollution

The other 70% comes from the few older cars

New cars today are 90-97 % less pollutant than cars built in the 70's.