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Discostud's Simpsons Trivia

Welcome to Discostud's Simpsons Trivia. Copy the quiz and send it to my e-mail by clicking on the top mailbox. I will check it and send you the results. The scoring system is at the bottom of the page. You can take all 3 at once, or take only one of the three. The scoring will be adjusted to match what you choose to do.

Easy (one point each)

1. How old are Bart and Lisa??

2. What is Krusty the Clowns real name??

3. What is Granpa's first name??

4. How old is Mr. Burns??

5. What's Smithers' first name??

Medium (2 points each)

1. What's Lisa's middle name?? Bart's??

2. What is Principal Seymore Skinner's real name??

3. What nationality are the people who bought the Nuclear Plant??

4. How old is Homer??

5. What did the Shelbyville Elementary students steal from Springfield??

6. What is Bart's locker combination?

Hard (3 points each)

1. What did Homer want instead of $20??

2. How long did the Prohibition law last in Springfield??

3. What is the video arcade in Springfield called??

4. What is McBain's real name??

5. What's Krusty's name when he fakes his death?

6. What is the name of Krusty's airplane?

The Flanders Family Tree- (Strange, 4 points each)

1. Name the members of the Flanders Family.

2. Who is Juan Flanders, and what is his only line?

3. Who is Baron von Flanders, and what does he say?

4. What brand is the Flander's car?

5. What business does Ned own, and what does it specialize in?


What year was Mr. Smithers born???

Click on the mailbox to mail your answers.

Scoring: Out of 27.

55- you are my intellectual equivalent. 40- A+: you know who Baron Von Flanders is.

36-39- A: you've been watching, good job.

32-35- B: you're only slightly stupider than me.

28-31- C: aye, no es bueno!!

24-27- D: ha ha

23-less F: thats S-I-M-P-S-O-N-S

You are the th person to take this quiz.

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