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Sounds from Other Characters

The COMPLETE UNCUT Simpsons music!!!! (not the fake internet version, the actual show version!!!)


Flanders is mad

Krusty the Clown

Awww crap

Krusty not liking his show

Other Sounds

Cheif-"you've got the wrong number, this is 91...2

Beeguy-"Aye, no es bueno!

Skinner checking his independent thought alarms

McBain suggesting the crowd is gay

Nelson's "haha"

Dr Nick's "Hi Everybody!!"

Otto talking like only Otto can

The nerds getting robbed by the "Wallet Inspector"

Moe talking to the drunk drivers at his bar.

Discostu talking to Homer about Disco Music.

Discostu-"Discostu likes disco music."

Ralph breaking his Wookie.

Willy-"Here comes Willy!"

Apu asking if the shopper would like some vodka.

Apu requesting his gods not be fed peanuts.

Ralph being smart in science class.

Captain Pete

Moe's lie detector test.

The official beginning of Springfield's Whacking Day

Simpsons Songs

Mr. Skinner's Song

The Stonecutter's Song

Ned Flanders' Song

The Itchy & Scratchy Song

The Washington Bullets