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Every so often Circle Square is going to have some sort of contest that all the members can participate in. The winners of these contests will be posted on the winners page. Our first one will be at the Haunted Mansion.

Saturday August 29th at Midnight Eastern Time to Sunday August 30th * P.M. Eastern Time - Murder Mystery Weekend
All of the members of Circle Square will come together for a weekend for what seems like a calm weekend. Little do they know that things are about to go haywire and that only one person can come out a winner.....

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And the winner of the weekend is.... ::drumroll please:: Kaitlyn Fairchild.... So this is for you Kait, the Fluffy Seal Of Excellence:

An LJS murder mystery weekend is copyrighted by Circle Square and cannot be used
without Mary-Lynnette's and Maya's permission. If you want to use this idea, most likely Maya and Mary-Lynnette will not object, as long as you ask for permission and give us the credit. Between the two of us, we're involved in every LJS mailing list there is, so believe us, we'll know if it's being used. Just ask, it never hurts:)

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