This is a picture of the first 427 produced by Chevrolet.

The Z-11 Impala was based on a standard 1963 Impala 2 door hardtop body with the exception of a few weight saving aluminum body parts. The hood, front fenders, front and rear bumpers including brackets were all aluminum.

The engine was based on a standard 409 block but it was fitted with a stroked crankshaft. The heads were unique in that they had large, oval shaped intake ports that were taller than the hi-po 409 heads. The intake was a two piece design that was all aluminum. The carburetors were the same units that were used on the dual-quad 409s. The air cleaner was totaly unique to the W-motor Z-11 Impalas. It was a form of early "cowl-induction." The "arm" that goes to the fire wall had a rubber boot attatched to the air cleaner housing and the rubber boot fit over an oval shaped duct that drew air from that cowl area. Other differences to the W-motor Z-11 engine was the usage of a deep sump oil pan. The pans had a deeper sump welded to the pan. The pans look homemade but that is how the factory modified them. Also there was a push rod guide plate used on the heads and the valve covers had special corners to clear the guide plate.

On the inside of the car it was standard Impala trim with no radio and no heater. The stock "dog-leg" shifter was standard as was the Delco electric tachometer. No sound deadening was used under the carpet.

The exteriors were very unasuming as there was no identificaton as to the 427 engine. Stock 327 emblems were used and only black wall tires mounted on 15 inch rims with standard hub caps made up the rolling stock.

As mentioned earlier the bodies were stock 1963 Impala 2dr. hardtop bodies. The rear end was the stock unit with 4.88 gears, they had the standard two-piece drive shaft, the transmission was the Borg-Warner T-10, close ratio four-speed, the shifter for the T-10 was the stock "dog-leg" or bench seat shifter, the bellhousing was the 409 style all aluminum "553" casting.

Malcolm the "DC Lip" Durhams 63 "Strip Blazer" Z-11

The above pictures are recent photos of the restored Malcolm Durham car.

VIN 31847F171189

unknown VINs - 31847F133840, VIN - 31847F177714

These are three pictures that are courtesy of Raj Reddy via Bob Delia. Mr. Delia was the original owner of a 63 Z-11. He bought his car from Nelson Chevrolet in Libertyville Illinois. This car is still alive....more to come!

These three pictures are also courtesy of Raj Reddy who obtained them from Dick Milner, the driver of the Alan Green 63 Z-11. This car is currently restored and safely resides in a collection in PA.

These pictures are courtesy of Hank Gabbert. He has purchased the "Goog Ole' Mr. Wilson" car and is currently restoring it. Check out Hank's web page for the full story!

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