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DISCLAIMER: Even though it's pretty obvious I didn't write these lyrics, there's always some stupid idiot who would try to get me for plagiarism. So like I said, I DID NOT write any of these songs/lyrics. They are held Copywrite 1995 by Jonathan Larson.

Click on a song to see the lyrics. All Italicized words are spoken...not sung.
All Bold-Italicized words are not included in the recording of the sound-track.
Anything in [] (Brackets) are actions that happen


Tune Up #1 Seasons Of Love
Voice Mail #1 Happy New Year
Tune Up #2 Voice Mail #3
Rent Happy New Year B
You Okay Honey? Take Me Or Leave Me
Tune Up #3 Seasons Of Love B
One Song Glory Without You
Light My Candle Voice Mail #4
Voice Mail #2 Contact
Today 4 U I'll Cover You - Reprise
You'll See Halloween
Tango: Maureen Goodbye Love
Life Support What You Own
Out Tonight Voice Mail #5
Another Day Finale
Will I? Your Eyes
On The Street Finale B
Santa Fe
I'll Cover You
We're Okay
Christmas Bells
Over The Moon
La Vie Boheme
I Should Tell You
La Vie Boheme B

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