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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my vast lonely site...It itself is forgotten, I'm afraid! Even worse, by me! I'm starting to show it a little more love, but I've been busy lately and it's hard to keep up!

So anyways, I'm Nicky (regardless of the "Where You Been", for all of you who know me) and I'm not all the best at making webpages with HTML yet, just because I'm starting to get more comfortable with it (with the help of Lauryn). Thank you much! So just be very patient with me, and if something doesn't work...chances are it was my fault, and I'll be working my butt off to get it fixed. Once I get done getting these lyrics straightened out, I'll be adding some extra things like more poems some of my friends and I have written and links to other sites. So now you have something to look forward to (I hope)!

If the song you are looking for is not here, and it fits in one of the categories, please notify me by clicking on my e-mail address and I will put it on here as soon as I can. Also, if you have the lyrics to a song that's not on here or a correction, e-mail them to me with the type of song in the subject line.

I'm sorry, but as of now some of the artists and songs will not be in alphabetical order, as I've recently added alot of new things. Please come and visit my page again! I'll hopefully be adding a lot of new things as the days go by!

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