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Fort Dodge Senior High Class of '73

Welcome to the Class of '73 Web Home

Below are links to places of interest to classmates.

Visit the 30th REUNION 7/19/2003

Visit the Pictures from 2003 Friday Night Reunion
Pictures 2003 Reunion, Chris (Carlson) McGinley: Click here to see pics sent by Chris

Saturday Night Pictures 2003: Click here to see pics from Sat. Night
Friday Night Pictures 2003: Click here to see pics from Fri. Night
A view from Gary Uecke former FD classmate Review of 30th by Gary Uecke
Letter sent to all classmate Emails after 35th 35th Reunion Email letter review
1998 25th Photo 25th H.S. Reunion photo
1993 20th Photo 20th H.S. Reunion photo

Contact a class of 1973 classmate Our Emails
Please if you are a classmate and your name is not here, send an email and give
us your email address to publish for others, and so we can contact you for the next reunion.
Classmates Memorial Classmate who have passed away.
FDSH 1973 H.S. Yearbook 1973 FDSH Yearbook

Next Reunion countdown:

Class of 1973 - 35th REUNION HERE
Useful Links: Click here to visit Classmates.
Fort Dodge Home Page Click here to visit Fort Dodge online.

Class Officers:
President: Jeff Carlson
Vice Pres: Lenny Jonas
Secretary: Diane Rupp
Treasurer: Laurie Sears

Student Body President: Monty Kersten

Class Colors: Royal Purple, Orchid and White

Class Motto: It's not how long we live but how.

Anyone wanting to contribute to this page should contact
David Cady at email ''
If you have any pictures of the 1993, 1998, or 2003 reunion, please send me a JPG or otherwise
and we will put the picture(s) up here somewhere!