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Please Excuse any mess. I am redecorating everything and until I find the perfect webset to use in honor of my little girl, it will be staying like this.

On December 11, 2002 our sweet Marci crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. I still can't believe she is gone. It just seems like yesterday we brought her home from the shelter. I miss her so much and wanted so much more for her. I had hoped there would come a day where she would be a happy and carefree kitty. I had hoped that one day she would not want to hide and would want to be a lap kitty. I realize now she was never any of these things and no amount of time or love would have changed that, that just wasn't who she was. I just hate that she had such a terrible life and finally when she found a forever home, she was only here for a short time and was sick a lot of the time. It just doesn't seem fair for her. She deserved so much more.

I know that she is in a wonderful place and now is finally truly happy and at peace. But I wanted to witness it and see that happen to her while she was still here on Earth.

Marci came into our lives September 27, 2001. We adopted her at the Humane Society of North Iowa in Mason City. She was there for a really LONG time for almost 2 years! All the other kitties got up and tried so hard to get our attention but Marci (she was called Kringle there, but that sounds like a boys name!) just laid there like she never figured anyone would want her!

After a couple of hours with all the cats we decided we wanted to save Marci from her sadness and depression. She deserved to be in a loving home. They all did but she seemed like she had the least chance of finding a home. She also was so depressed she needed out of there desperately!

She was with us for a year and two months and it was tough for her. I've never had a cat that has taken so long to adjust. I hate to think of what her life was like before? Before she died I had on this site "I just hope I can make her last few years happy and comfortable!"...never did I think I would only get a year with her.

Things started out really rocky with Marci. She didn't trust anyone and she hated other animals. Still to this day I believe that if I didn't have any other pets she would have been a whole lot happier and wouldn't have taken so long to adjust. But I'm glad that I got the chance to earn her trust. I'm glad that she found someone who did not give up on her and that was with her to the end.

This adorable webset is from Graphic Garden!