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Separation, reunion, drugs and more records

When they returned to England rumours started to spread that they were fighting and wanted to go separate ways. But none of this was true, they had only decided to stop touring. Now they had no idea what they were going to do. They had shared each others lives for the past ten years, now theyīd have to find their own identities.

George and Pattie went off to India. John accepted a part in the movie "How I Won the War". Ringo began to spend more time with his family. The only one that felt left out was Paul. He did some painting, but didnīt really get into it. So he decided to to write the soundtrack to "The Family Way" to see if he liked to write film music. He didnīt, so when he was done he took a long journey through Africa. George became more and more fascinated by India and John found out he didnīt like acting or actors. He and Paul were now looking for some way to find themselves.

And this is where the drugs come into the picture, as a way for them to find and get to know themselves. They had smoked some marijuana but that was all. Now they started using acid (LSD). All together now again they started to work on their most ambitious album so far; "Sgt. Pepperīs Lonely Hearts Club Band". No one has been able to prove to what extents there are traces of acid and other drugs in the music, but there is something there. In my opinion this is one of the Beatlesī very best albums and the songs are brilliant. Iīm not in any way justifying their use of drugs, but it must have brought something out that made the music so wonderful.

At the same time they got an idea for a TV film. But they didnīt do anything about it until much later.

In August 1967 they had quit drugs, probably after discovering that they were no good. They had now become more fascinated by religion, spiritual things and meditation. They met a man, Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi, who held lectures about meditation and invited the Beatles to one of his meetings when he was in England. The meeting was held in Bangor, Wales and it was during this ten days meeting that they and the world heard about Brian Epsteinīs death.

In December they started to make their TV film "Magical Mystery Tour". This is a very weird film and the making of it was strange. They had no scripts just ideas so they drove away in a bus with fourty three people without anyone knowing what would happen. The actual filming took two weeks, but the editing took eleven weeks, much longer than they had expected. It was a completely new experience for them, it was the first time they did anything on their own without Brian or George Martin there to give advice. The film got terrible reviews, but they thought theyīd learnd enough to make a movie sometime later on.

Breaking up is hard to do

John grows up
Paul's youth
George as a boy
Their first shot at success
John at the school of art
Finding THE name
Pete Best and Hamburg
Ringos early years
Ringo joins, the Beatles get bigger and John gets married
Meeting George Martin and making a single
Getting bigger....
Tours...and more tours
Beatlemania is born
Conquering the new world
Making movies...and touring again
Separation, reunion, drugs and more records

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