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Books I used:
Beatles Beatles, C M Palm 1996, by Tiden
Beatles Hunter Davies 1968, by Bonniers
Beatles, from Cavern to Starclub, H O Gottfridsson, 1997, by Premium Publishing
Beatles, A Celebration (author Unknown) 1992, by Sunburst Books
Paul McCartney, behind the myth Ross Benson 1992, Nordstedts förlag

Movies and docummentaries:
Beatles Anthology, part 1-6, 1995, Apple
A Hard Day´s Night, 1995, Egmont film (originally 64)
Help! 1965
Various Paul McCartney documentaries from the ´90s

Special thanks to Sarah Olsson who lent me all of the videos. I couldn´t have done it without you. Thanks a million!

John grows up
Paul's youth
George as a boy
Their first shot at success
John at the school of art
Finding THE name
Pete Best and Hamburg
Ringos early years
Ringo joins, the Beatles get bigger and John gets married
Meeting George Martin and making a single
Getting bigger....
Tours...and more tours
Beatlemania is born
Conquering the new world
Making movies...and touring again
Separation, reunion, drugs and more records
Breaking up is hard to do

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