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Conquering the New World

They released their fifth single in November, "I Want To Hold Your Hand", and a few days earlier they had released their second album, "With the Beatles".

Their next move was to cross the Atlantic Ocean. No British pop music had been popular in the US before. Brian had been working on getting the Beatles to USA ever since the summer 1963. At first they had no success, two albums were released but neither of them went very far. But Brian kept trying, he got them on the Ed Sullivan show, even though Ed wasn´t very positive about it.

In January "I Want To Hold Your Hand" made the American lists, as number 83. But it kept on climbing higher, and ended up as number 1. And on the album lists "Please Please Me" was near the top.

When the Beatles arrived at Kennedy Airport they got the welcome of their lives. More than 10,000 screaming fans had invaded the airport. The Beatles made their way to the biggest press conference they´d ever experienced.

The Ed Sullivan show went well, it was estimated to seventy three million viewers. They even got a congratulations tellegram from Elvis.

Making movies...and touring again
Separation, reunion, drugs and more records
Breaking up is hard to do

John grows up
Paul's youth
George as a boy
Their first shot at success
John at the school of art
Finding THE name
Pete Best and Hamburg
Ringos early years
Ringo joins, the Beatles get bigger and John gets married
Meeting George Martin and making a single
Getting bigger....
Tours...and more tours
Beatlemania is born
Conquering the new world

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