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Making movies...and touring again

In March they started making their first movie, "A Hard Day´s Night". That was when George met Pattie Boyd, his future wife. I´ve seen several of the Beatles´ movies and I like this one the best. It´s such a great description of the Beatles just as they become famous. It´s a comedy, but still it gives you so much more than just a few laughs. And if you didn´t like Ringo before, you definitely will after seeing him here. The touring started again in the summer of ´64, starting in Europe and making their way all over the world. And "A Hard Day´s Night" premiered in July that summer and the soundtrack was released a month later.

In August they began their first big American tour. It was the biggest, the longest and the most tiresome tour they ever made. It lasted for thirety two days, during which they went to twenty four different cities in USA and Canada and gave thirty shows plus one charity show.

Everywhere they went they had hysterical fans all around but for the Beatles everything became meaningless. Every day was the same as the day before, even the questions at the press conferences were the same. I believe it made them very tired of their lives as superstars, always being followed, asked questions and not having a personal life. That is why they went to a little town to rest for a while, and the people there were kind and left them alone. But eventually they had to, of course, return to "the real world" and the touring.

For a long time they enjoyed it, writing new songs for the audience. But it seemed to them as if the touring would never stop. Ringo once said: "We had our good nights and our bad nights, but they were all the same. The only fun part was the hotels after the show when we were to ourselves smoking hash and stuff."

The following two years the Beatles lives were totally dominated by tours, which was in my opinion basically the same thing as no life at all. Making three tours a year, three singles and one album a year plus some movies. They did their fourth and last American tour in August ´66. Just before the tour the Americans found out about John´s little remark that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. People began burning the Beatles´ records and dolls. But the Beatles still did the whole tour.

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Making movies...and touring again

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