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Their first shot at success...

The name "The Quarry Men" had disappeared by the end of 1959. They now performed under several different names. John, Paul and George entered themselves in a contest and made it to the finals in Manchester. They called themselves "Johnny and the Moondogs". But the finals went on for a long time and "Johnny and the Moondogs" were poor Liverpool kids. They had no money for a motel so they had to take the train home before their final performance. This was a great disappointment for them, their first shot at getting themselves a name in the music business had come and gone.

John at the school of art
Finding THE name
Pete Best and Hamburg
Ringos early years
Ringo joins, the Beatles get bigger and John gets married
Meeting George Martin and making a single
Getting bigger....
Tours...and more tours
Beatlemania is born
Conquering the new world
Making movies...and touring again
Separation, reunion, drugs and more records
Breaking up is hard to do

John grows up
Paul's youth
George as a boy
Theur first shot at success

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