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Beatlemania is born

In August they recorded their fourth single, "She Loves You", and thatīs when the world first heard what I would call the most famous and well known line of lyrics, that would be screamed out for several years all over the world; "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah"

And Beatlemania was born. It had started to spread out in Britain in October 1963. It took three years before it slowed down and by that time the hysteria had spread all over the world. In evey country people became hysteical about them, screaming, crying and fainting when seeing them. Today it sounds like a saga even though it happened so recently. Personally, I believe that it is impossible to exaggerate the Beatlemania, because it itself was such an extreme exaggeration. It ended around 1967 and by then everyone was exhausted or just tired of it.

It all started suddenly and dramaticly in Britain in October 1963. Brian Epstein was not at all prepared for it, he was expecting fame but not hysteria. It was the evening of October 13th, the evening when the Beatles went from successful pop group to first page news in all papers.

That night the Beatles were the leading act on a show in London that would be broadcasted all over the country. The number of viewers was estemated to fifteen million.

The street outside was filled with fans all day long and the door to the building was blocked with letters and gifts. When the Beatles left the building for their car they were nearly squeezed to death by hysterical fans. From that day on everything was different. Every show in Britain resulted in hysteria, and every day the newspapers had more or less the same story to tell about it.

Conquering the new world
Making movies...and touring again
Separation, reunion, drugs and more records
Breaking up is hard to do

John grows up
Paul's youth
George as a boy
Theur first shot at success
John at the school of art
Finding THE name
Pete Best and Hamburg
Ringos early years
Ringo joins, the Beatles get bigger and John gets married
Meeting George Martin and making a single
Getting bigger....
Tours...and more tours
Beatlemania is born

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