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Andrew's Page I was born May 18th 1982 in Clinton IA. I grew up in a neighboring town called Camanche where I attended all 12 years of school. Camanche is a community where everybody knows everyone and everything about them; the same goes for the school there. I knew many people, but had few real close friends. One of my best friends growing up was Chad Anderson. He and I had a similar sense of humor and we built our friendship on that. My cousin Sam, who grew up in Clinton, has always been a great friend as well. Our family has owned many cats but I was always closest with the two pug dogs I grew up with, Otis and Gretta. I will never forget them. My parents Ken and Joellyn are still happily married after 25 blissful years. My older sister Bridget and I have always looked out for one another; she is now a mother two times over. There is quite and age gap between my younger brothers and I....10 years; my how they are growing up fast. My family has always been real close; even our cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. After working at a grocery store for nearly two years as a peon bag boy and graduating high school, I wasn't sure where I wanted to go to college and what I wanted to major in SO...I joined the Air Force. Long story short, I ended up in South Dakota at Ellsworth AFB. That's where I met some more friends I'll never forget. Jacob Ferger was and still probably is the best friend I've met while being in. He and I have been on two deployments together; the first being a small country called Qatar and the second....drumroll please....Iraq! Iraq was a shithole but I'm glad I was there; something to tell my grandkids about one day. My third and final deployment was back to Qatar, only it was nothing like it was the first time I visited. Well, I'm out of the Air Force now and ready for whatever life has to throw me. That's basically my life in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed reading this.
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