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ThE AlTeRnAtIvE WeB PaGe

Welcome to the #Alternative Homepage.

#Alternative is a channel on DALnet founded by MIKE (GoNaDz)and NOLAN (ReLiGiOuS_CaNcEr).

The #alternative channel was founded two years ago, when we used to all go online, out of boredom and having nuthin better to do.

It was kewl chatting to people from different places and we all made a few friends we've kept in touch with. But now we all got other stuff to do, like jobs and cruising around, visiting freinds. So rarely anyone goes online

Anyways, those of us that were in the channel all listen to metal. I (Rainey7) decided to keep the page up.. just cuz I worked so hard on making it dammit!.. So check out the page, and if you ever do chat on mIRC, drop in the channel.

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    ~* Under Construction *~ This page is currently under construction, my bad! But it takes me a while to figure stuff out!.. by the way..Metal Kix ASs!!!

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