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Take Chibi Crystal Tokyo's Quiz!

Okay, guys, here's the deal with this quiz. Fill it out, and send it in. Get an award, garenteed. Here's the grading scale:
10 of 10: A+ award
7-10: Good job award
6 and down: I tried really hard award.
Now here's the quiz...

So, you want to test your knowledge....

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Who was the first Sailor?   Sailor Moon   Sailor Pluto   Sailor Venus
How many senshi have control over water?   3   2   5
Who is it forbidden to know about?   Sailor Pluto   Sailor Hotaru   Sailor Aluminum Siren
Which senshis have turned evil? (manga)   Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto.   Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.   The outers and Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.
How many senshi are there?   10   9   5
Which one of these are not correct?   Usagi is Serena.   Usagi is Reenie.   Haruka is Sailor Neptune.
Which one of these is not Usagi?   Serena   Chibi-chibi   Queen Serenity
Michiru is Haruka's...   Lover   Sister   Best Friend
Who do the Star Lights protect?   Galactica   Princess Fireball   Princess Serenity
In which season of the anime does Chibi-Usa become Sailor Chibi Moon while upside down?   Sailor Moon R   Sailor Moon Stars   Sailor Moon Stunning, fast, FREE!    
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