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Sailor Moon Complete Vocal Collection II

1. Ai wa Energy/Love Is Energy(Sailor Moon)~SM~

2. Unmei wa Utsukushiku/Fate Is So Beautiful(Neptune)~SMS~

3. Yume wo Ijimenaide/Don't Tease My Dreams(Chibi Moon)~SMS~

4. Ai no Etude/Study Of Love~SM~

5. Ai Dake ga Dakiru Koto/Only Love Can Be Done~SM~

6. Moon Revenge~SMR~

7. Suki to Itte/Say You Love Me~SMR~

8. Ai no Senshi/Soldiers Of Love~SMR~

9. Overture-Moon Heart Sequence-~SM~

10. Sailor Team no Theme/Sailor Team's Theme~SMS~

11. Kazeni Naritai/I Want To Be The Wind(Uranus)~SMS~

12. I Am Sailor Moon~SMR~

13. Heart Moving~SM~

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