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Sailor Moon Complete Vocal Collection I

1. Watashitachi ni Naritakute/Wanting To Be Together With You~SMSS~

2. Moonlight Densetsu/Moonlight Legend~SM-SMSS~

3. Sho Hi Ai/Fire Soul Love(Mars)~SMR~

4. Starlight ni Kiss Shite/Kissing In The Starlight(Jupiter)~SMR~

5. Route Venus(Venus)~SMR~

6. Otome no Policy/A Maiden's Policy~SMR~

7. Wasureru Tameni Koi wo Shinaide~?~

8. Watashitachi ni Naritakute-Original Karaoke Version-~SMSS~

9. Moonlight Destiny~SMS~

10. Tuxedo Mirage~SMS~

11. Overture: Fantasy (Love is Energy, Moonlight Densetsu, Princess Moon)

12. Finale: Desire (Moon Revenge, Tuxedo Mirage, Because We Are Born On The Same World)

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