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Sailor Moon SuperS Orgel Fantasia

1. Moonlight Densetsu/Moonlight Legend~SM~~

2. Heart Moving~SM~

3. Otome no Policy/A Maiden's Policy~SMR~

4. Koibito ni Hanarenai Kedo/Sharing The Same Tears~SMR~

5. Starlight ni Kiss Shite/Kissing The Starlgiht~SMR~

6. Onaji Namida o Wakeatte/But You're Not Sperated From Your Lover~SMR~

7. Ai no Senshi/Soldiers Of Love~SMR~

8. Princess Moon~SM~

9. I Am Sailor Moon~SMR~

10. Tuxedo Mirage~SMS~

11. La Soldier(Memorial of the Musical:Sailor Moon)

12. Watashitachi ni Naritakute/Wanting To Be Together With You~SMSS~

13. Epilogue (Short Version of Moonlight Densetsu)/Moonlight Legend

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